Bumpdate // 21-23 Weeks


How far along:
As of today, I’m 23 weeks and 6 days aka I’m 6 months pregnant!

Baby’s size:
According to my app, baby is just over a pound and about a foot long, and in produce terms, supposedly baby is about the size of a mango…crazy!

Weight gain: 
I’ll have an official weigh in at my appointment next week, but according to the bathroom scale I’ve gained about 12lbs at this point, which I think is pretty much right on track!

Gender: BOY!

Yes, lots of it! It’s such a cool feeling, and Cam has been able to feel it quite a few times as well lately which is really fun. I think I’m still at that point in my pregnancy where the baby’s movements are still small enough to be exciting without being so intense that they’re painful…but I know it’s only a matter of time as he continues to grow!
Food cravings: 
With the hot weather, I’ve been craving lots of stone fruit and watermelon 🙂
But other than that, no really weird cravings to speak of! Occasionally, I’ll get an urge for something random (like Starbursts) but it’s more of a passing thing and not like I have to have it.
Anything making you queasy or sick:

Nope, thankfully! It’s been a really hot summer here in Portland, but it hasn’t been bothering me much at all. However, this week it got up to 100 degrees and I could definitely do without that!

Good overall…the only time it’s not so good is when Cam’s traveling for work, but that’s not pregnancy related and instead it’s due to the fact that I’m just more on edge at night when he’s not here.

Miss anything?

Not to sound like a broken record, but with the weather being so hot a glass of white wine/a cold beer/a margarita sounds pretty awesome. Also, as more fall clothes come into the stores, I am missing just being able to shop like normal. I’ll see something cute and realize there is no point in even looking at it because it’s not going to fit…ha!

I’ve been busy the past couple weeks and haven’t made it to yoga, but I have been trying to walk as much as possible!
Maternity Clothes?
Starting to wear more pieces here and there. A lot of my regular summer dresses still fit fine, and then I’ve been using my BeBand to wear my regular shorts. I have bought a few maternity tops/tanks, and probably need to pick up a couple more as the bump continues to grow! I also said I wasn’t going to buy maternity shorts because I feel like there is such a limited amount of times that I wear shorts, and it seemed kind of like a waste…but I ended up caving and buying a pair at Destination Maternity last weekend and they are super comfortable so that was a good buy 🙂

No real physical symptoms to speak of at this point, I feel really good overall. It’s just still very surreal to have this growing belly! Sometimes when I’m out, I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or mirror and think “Geez, I really look pregnant!” – it’s a strange feeling!
This is one area that has definitely been more up and down for me lately, which has been a little tough. Before getting pregnant, I feel like I pretty much had two emotions (and Cam would agree) – happiness and anger…ha! Generally, I’m a very positive, happy person and most of the time I would say that I’m in a good mood. I do have kind of a short temper though, so sometimes things would upset me and make me mad, but then I’d get over it and go back to being happy. Rarely did I ever feel sad. I just wasn’t ever really a big crier or someone who felt down or depressed for the most part. However, these past couple weeks I feel like my emotions have definitely been a little more out of whack and I find myself feeling sad here and there. Not because I really am sad about anything in particular, but it’s more like I’ll feel a combination of being overwhelmed/defeated about certain things, plus I’ve been tired from not getting enough sleep as Cam’s been traveling quite a bit, and I’ll just let something small get to me and I’ll start crying at the drop of a hat! For example, when Cam and I were camping in Olympic National Park, we went out to breakfast and the waitress brought me the wrong kind of pancakes and I started crying at our table…so embarrassing, ha! It’s super weird and I don’t like it…but I just keep telling myself that it has to be hormones because this is very out of character for me. I’m not trying make things worse by worrying about feeling sad, instead I just keep trying to remind myself that it’s normal to feel very emotional and not over analyze it. And for the most part, I’ve still been feeling super happy most of the time and those more emotional, sad days are fairly sporadic 🙂

Best moment from weeks 21-23:

Our camping trip last month was great and very relaxing!
Sharing these photos from earlier this summer was really fun too 🙂
We’ve also started looking at baby stuff and that’s been exciting! We went to a store here in Portland this past weekend to look at some things for our registry, and Cam insisted on trying on all the baby carriers. He was putting this toy weighted baby they had on display in all the carriers and it was so adorable. (He forbid me from taking any photos of this though…ha!) It’s just very surreal and awesome that next summer we’ll have a real baby to carry around 🙂

Looking forward to: 
Lots of things…
The weather cooling down a little 🙂
Visiting my sister and Ben in NYC this week
(which by the time this post goes live, we should have already landed!)
Seeing my college friends at the wedding we’re going to in Philadelphia this weekend
Decorating our nursery – we picked out our crib and I’m excited to see the room come together!
Our little babymoon trip we’ve got planned for the end of this month
My shower in Michigan next month!

Also, I am excited to meet our son (of course) but I’m also not in a huge rush for December to get here yet. I’m really enjoying being pregnant…plus there is a lot I’d like to get done before the baby comes! So I’m hoping that the next month or two just slows down a little so I can enjoy it!
(Although I’m sure I will be changing my tune later this fall when I’m larger and more uncomfortable and eager for the baby to just get out already…ha!)

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