Olympic National Park // Lakes, Ocean, & Rainforest

Last week, I shared some photos from our recent camping trip to Olympic National Park, and so today I thought I’d share the rest!

Even though we only went for a few days, I took a bunch of photos a) because I always do that but b) because the diversity of the landscape within the park was really incredible! As you could see in my last post, Hurricane Ridge was an area of the park where there were snow-capped mountain peaks, however, the rest of the ONP was quite different. There were a variety of lakes, miles of coastline, and dense rainforest that  we got to explore, and they were all really beautiful in their own way.

Lake Crescent, on the north side of the park, is a narrow mountain lake that we stopped by after our hike. However, being in the mountains near the coast, the weather can definitely change pretty rapidly and it ended up being quite cool and cloudy when we were there. It’s still a gorgeous spot though, and the lodge that sits on the lake is really charming!

On the way back to our campsite, Cam and I wanted to get some seafood for dinner. I found a place on Yelp near Sequim, WA that had really good reviews and it said it was kind of a hole in the wall place, which is what we wanted since we were wearing hiking clothes. This is what we found:

This picture is kind of dark, but I couldn’t resist taking it. Basically there were lights and little antiques everywhere inside this restaurant. Once we walked in, it was immediately evident that it was very different than we anticipated but it was way too awkward to walk out so we just sat down and ate. We were the youngest people in the restaurant by about 40 years (and that’s not even an exaggeration) and it was also a much fancier place, menu-wise, then we were expecting. The food ended up being OK and the service was good, but it was just a little strange…ha!

The next day, we drove down the coast and made stops along the way at various beaches.

We then headed to check out the Hoh Rainforest, which is back in the inland part of the park, and did a little hiking. It’s a temperate rainforest that can get up to 14 feet of rain a year, and it was really amazing the wide variety of trees, ferns, mosses, and other plants all growing together!

This moss in the water was really pretty!

For our last night, we stayed at a campground located on the south side of ONP that we absolutely loved. Willaby Campground is on the shore of Lake Quinault, and it’s probably one of the best campgrounds I’ve ever stayed at. Our site was super secluded and we had a great view of the lake!
Props to Cam for finding this campground and making reservations here! 🙂

Right down the road from the campground is Lake Quinault Lodge; this place is so adorable! The lakeside setting was stunning and the wood shake siding, American flags, and adirondack chairs sort of gave it an east coast vibe, yet it was still very Pacific Northwest at the same time. I loved it so much that we ended up eating dinner and breakfast here!
This rain gauge shows how many feet of rain they’ve received over the years…pretty wild!

Our last day, we spent some time soaking up the sun by Lake Quinault – it’s such a relaxing place!

Eventually we had to get back to Portland, but it was a really fun weekend! I’m so glad we got to explore Olympic National Park, I’d definitely recommend visiting, especially if you’re in the Pacific Northwest and you haven’t!