Bumpdate // 24-26 Weeks

We took these the day we left NYC and while there were so many good backgrounds we could of used in the city we ended up just taking a few quick ones on the sidewalk, which ended up not being the best backdrop…oh well!

We took these photos in the front of our house because the sun was going down and there is the most light out there, so the background is not the greatest…also, I’m starting to laugh here because our next door neighbors were coming outside and I really did not want them to see us doing this, ha! #preggoproblems

How far along:

26 weeks, 6 days – time is flying!

Baby’s size:
About 14 inches long and approaching two pounds – so strange to think that he’s already over a foot long, and still has a lot more growing to do!

Weight gain: 
At my last appointment (which was at 25 weeks exactly), I had gained about 15 lbs from my starting weight…but I think that number may have been high since we had just come home from NYC 🙂 Now that we’ve been home for a bit and gone back to eating more healthy food, my weight gain has stayed stable at 15 lbs this week so I think I’m on track.

Gender: Baby boy!
And yes, I realize that my links show up pink so it doesn’t make sense…just go with it 🙂

Yep, lots of it! Usually in the morning/night but I feel him moving around here and there throughout the day. When we were in NYC, my sister and Ben actually got to feel him moving around, and then the other day, Cam and I actually saw my stomach moving right before our eyes which was really freaky!
Food cravings: 
Sprinkle donuts – I’ve definitely indulged that random craving a couple times over these past few weeks. But other than that, nothing too unusual – just eating lots of popsicles and fruit with the hot weather!

Anything making you queasy or sick:
My stomach was kind of upset this weekend, but I think that’s mainly due to my own poor food choices – aka eating Lucky Charms, random samples at Costco, and other random foods doesn’t make your stomach feel good, pregnant or not. So back on track with making better choices this week 🙂

We got just got a new mattress AND I got a Bump Nest pillow this past weekend, so I am good in the sleep department for now thankfully!
Miss anything?
I am starting to notice that’s it’s hard to do normal day to day things like put my shoes on, which is a little weird, but for the most part I’m really enjoying this part of my pregnancy. It’s just amazing to me what the human body is capable of!

I went back to prenatal yoga after taking a few weeks off and then I’ve still just been trying to walk as much as possible!

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, I’m definitely wearing more maternity stuff now! I am still wearing my regular workout clothes and I am still wearing some of my regular shorts with the BeBand, but other than that, a lot of my normal shirts/dresses are just too short to wear now. I’ve been wearing more of my maternity dresses lately, but it was cooler this weekend so I finally wore my maternity jeans!

Ugh, yes – swelling feet and ankles! I definitely can’t complain too much because I’ve had a really easy and problem-free pregnancy so far, but this is definitely not a fun side effect! During week 24, we were in NYC doing lots of walking and then we went to Philly for a wedding, where I wore heels all night aka something I’m not used to doing! Combine that with eating lots of salty food, heat, and a long flight home, and my feet/ankles were SO swollen/sore to the point I was having serious difficulty walking for a few days after. Not to mention it just looked really unattractive and gross.
But I’m back to normal now (thankfully) and feeling pretty good!
The whole “nesting” phase has set in like woah! When we first moved into the house, for whatever reason I just wasn’t all that interested in doing much for the house – in a way I think I was still mourning the loss of freedom that we had living in an apartment! But now all the sudden, I’ve just feeling crazy motivated regarding the house and want to get everything done ASAP. I had a feeling that this urge would kick in eventually, so it’s kind of exciting. Other than that, I’ve still been feeling really happy…with random bouts of bursting into tears over minor things here and there…pretty standard.

Also this is super random, but I feel like SO MANY bloggers I follow are pregnant right now, and so I love seeing people’s pregnancy related updates on Instagram/their blogs – it definitely makes this whole experience more fun knowing other people are going through it too! Speaking of which, Carrie Underwood just announced this weekend that she’s pregnant which made really excited. (I’m a dork, I know…ha) I just love her and think that she and her husband make such a cute couple…plus, I feel like she will have really fantastic maternity style!

Best moment from weeks 24-26:
So initially, I really wanted Cameron and I to take a “babymoon” trip somewhere. After all, it seems to be a very popular thing in the blogging world, and if I’m being honest, that’s probably a big part of the reason I wanted to do it. (For you non-bloggers, you might be thinking WTF is a babymoon…I was telling my sister about it and she’s like “You do know that’s not a real word, right?” Ha…) We were going to take an extra day off work and go to Vancouver, BC for a long weekend over Labor Day…but when push came to shove, we ended up deciding not to go. Cam has a lot of work travel coming up in September (and I’ll be doing some travel too!) and the fall is just going to be a really busy time for us. So even though I really wanted to go, I realized that trying to fit in another weekend away just so I could say we went on a “babymoon” really didn’t make sense for us. Plus, I feel like sometimes people want to take a babymoon trip because it’s a good excuse to travel, but we’ve been fortunate to travel a lot over the past five years…and we plan to continue traveling once the baby is here!

I was still a little disappointed about not going though, but Cam promised we’d get a lot of of stuff done on the house…and so that’s what we did! I have to give my husband major kudos because he has worked SO hard on a bunch of projects, and he really prioritized getting some of the more decorative things that I wanted to get done vs. the more practical stuff that he wanted to do. He knew that making some progress was really important to me, and so I really appreciate all the work he put in to make it happen. And while the house is not “done” yet (because I don’t think a house is every really done, as we’ll most likely always be updating/changing things) it looks a lot better now, and so I’ll definitely be sharing some photos soon! We may not have had the most exciting Labor Day weekend, but it feels so nice to have accomplished a few things and I’m really thankful for my husband making it happen!

Looking forward to: 
I’m really excited for fall and everything about it – cooler weather, good produce at the farmer’s market, being able to use my oven to bake (it’s been way to hot to bake anything this summer), and wearing cozy (and large) clothing 🙂 I’m also looking forward to getting our nursery all set up soon! We already have our dresser and our crib, we just need to decide on a paint color and put it all together! (And by we, I mean Cam…bless him, ha) Also, we might still go on a mini babymoon weekend some time later this fall – not to Vancouver (although I do still really want to go there and hopefully we’ll get there soon!) but likely somewhere really relaxing and closer to home just for a night or two 🙂 And then of course going to Michigan later this month to see my family and for my baby shower!