Second Trimester // Favorites

Second Trimester Favorites

Later this week, I’ll officially enter the third trimester of my pregnancy!
It’s really hard to believe that I’m headed towards the home stretch, and it feels like the time is starting to fly now. The first trimester seemed like it went by really slowly (mainly because you can’t tell people for almost all of it!) whereas the second trimester passed much more quickly. Thankfully, I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and haven’t felt too different from my normal self, with the exception of the growing bump! But before I officially enter the last third of my pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to share some of things I’ve been loving over the past couple of months:

1. Be Maternity BeBand
I picked up one of these at Target because I had heard everyone rave about them, but I was surprised how much I liked it! It did a great job of helping me continue to wear my normal shorts throughout the summer, and it’s quite comfortable. Plus, I love that it’s very lightweight and doesn’t add bulk under your clothes or make you too hot when it’s 90 degrees out!

2. Tervis Tumblers
I’ve been trying my best to stay hydrated as much as possible this summer, and I have a couple of these 24oz tumblers that I’ve been using non stop. I keep one on my desk all day when I’m working and I like that they keep my ice from melting too quickly.

3. Smith’s Rosebud Salve
My lips have been really dry all summer, and so this stuff has been a lifesaver! I mentioned it in my August Favorites post, but I’ve been using it so much that I felt it was worth mentioning again.

4. What To Expect When You’re Expecting
I anticipated that I would have read more pregnancy books by now, but that hasn’t been the case – maybe that urge will kick in in the third trimester? Time will tell, but this has really been the only book I’ve read during my second trimester. And by read, I mean I’ve flipped through various sections here and there. I like that it’s not really the type of book you read cover to cover, rather, you can just read to the section that’s applicable to where you’re at in your pregnancy. And while I do have an app on my phone that has a lot of the same info, sometimes it’s nice to pick up an actual book!

5. A comfy robe
I picked up this black robe at Target earlier this summer and I’ve gotten a ton of wear out of it the past few months. It’s so soft, and I like that it’s not too thick or heavy. It’s definitely something that can be worn year round and it’s very stretchy to accommodate the growing bump!

6. Fage Total Greek Yogurt
Even though I haven’t been queasy or sick at all during the second trimester, veggies still don’t seem to appeal to me as much as they used to. However, I’ve been eating a ton of fruit this summer! To make myself a more filling snack, I’ve been trying to pair that fruit with some plain greek yogurt. I’ve tried a few different brands, but the Fage Total is definitely my favorite.

7. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
I didn’t really use anything to help prevent stretch marks at all during the beginning of my pregnancy, but I’ve definitely been trying to do what I can over the past few months as things continue…expand. I was a little hesitant to try this stuff because I thought a “butter” would be too heavy for the summer months, however, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it! It’s very moisturizing, yet it’s also very light too, almost like it has a sort of whipped consistency? Plus, it isn’t strongly fragranced (heavy scents really bother Cam’s allergies) and so I’ve been slathering it on all summer!

8. Maternity Shorts
So I originally told myself I wasn’t going to buy any maternity shorts because I felt like they were kind of a waste; I work from home so I usually wear workout clothes during the day and if I’m going out, I almost always wear a dress. However, I couldn’t resist getting one pair (these) and I’m so glad I did! As great as the BeBand is, these are definitely more comfortable and I’ve gotten a ton of use out of them this summer!

So there you have it, a few of my pregnancy “must-haves” from trimester #2!
Last to-do on my list before entering trimester #3? Taking the dreaded glucose test…ugh. That’s on the agenda for later this week, so wish me luck on that!


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