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Happy Monday everyone!

Things have been a little quiet here on the blog as of late because I was in Michigan all last week visiting my family, and now I’m actually in New York City visiting my sister! I have a lot of things I’m looking forward to posting about once I get home to Portland, but for now, I want to enjoy the time I have left with my family. (You can keep up with me on Instagram in the meantime though!)

However, I just wanted to pop in today to share some photos from the reason for our recent visit to Michigan – my baby shower! I had been looking forward to it for a long time, and the day turned out even better than I hoped. I’m so thankful for all my family and friends that helped us celebrate!

The shower was the perfect opportunity to come back to Michigan to visit one more time before the baby comes, and my sister even flew in for the weekend from NYC which was really great!

Although we took a few family pictures at the house before, the shower was actually at a restaurant near my parents’ house that I really like. My mom is the one who really took care of all the planning for putting the shower together, and I am really thankful for all that she did to make it a success!

I tried to snap a few pictures of the room before guests arrived because I loved the way everything turned out! I just wanted things pretty yet simple, and all the elements came together really nicely.

One of my absolute favorite things about the shower was the beautiful cake! Our local bakery did an awesome job on the design, and I absolutely loved it. Plus, it tasted even better than it looked!

Over the gifts table, we had a burlap banner which I loved (source) and it coordinated nicely with the burlap runners on the table. We also had a tassel garland that was actually a DIY that my sister and Cam helped me put together using this tutorial and I was really pleased with how it turned out!

On the gifts table, we also had some baby photos of Cam and I on display; the frame with the twine and the mini clothespins was actually another DIY project that I dreamed up and Cam put together.

Both of our moms actually had the similar cards from the hospital with all our stats on them, so I was able to put those out along with the photos which was really fun! (We were both big babies – ha!)

Our beautiful invites which we also displayed were actually courtesy of Minted and I love the way they turned out. The modern carriage design was beautiful and helped set the tone for the day!

The favors for the shower were actually my sister’s idea; we had vanilla and white chocolate macarons shipped in from her favorite macaron place in NYC and they were so good! Personalized silver labels (source) made them even cuter and they were a great way to thank everyone for coming.

At the shower, we had a great lunch and it was really nice to see a lot of family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Thanks again to my mom for putting everything together!

My mom’s good friend/college roommate came to my shower with her mom, and she’s actually the one who threw the baby shower for my mom when she was pregnant with me, so that was cute 🙂

My grandma looking snazzy as always 🙂

We had a menu of a few different choices for lunch, but I can never resist mac & cheese!

Some of the people who were invited to my shower sent gifts directly to my house in Oregon, which was super thoughtful. However, I still had a lot of really adorable things to open at the shower too 🙂

Getting ready to start opening gifts…and definitely looking pregnant…ha.

One of the first things I opened was this amazing ABC photo book from my Aunt Donna; she is an avid reader of my blog and actually took photos from some of my past posts (like our trip to Thailand and going on a glider ride!) and used them to put together an alphabet book. It was seriously such a creative and thoughtful idea, and it’s definitely something I can’t wait to show our little guy!

Originally the plan was that Cameron was just going to come by the shower near the end and say hello and thanks to everyone…but the shower ended up being a little longer than anticipated, and so he ended up being there to open most of the gifts with me, which was really fun!

Baby’s first baseball glove & Detroit Tigers hat!

We also got a bunch of U of M stuff that I absolutely love!

We got some really thoughtful handmade gifts as well including a super soft knitted blanket and this beautiful hand-painted measuring stick to keep track of our little guy’s height as he grows (when he visits my parents’ house though, since it’s a little big for us to take home to Oregon!)

It was so wonderful to see so many good friends at the shower; I really appreciate everyone who came and am so thankful for all the generous and thoughtful gifts for our baby boy!

And of course, it was awesome that my family could be there as well, including all of my wonderful aunts! They definitely spoiled our little guy with generous gifts and it was great to see them.

My Aunt Donna lives a little farther away so I’m really happy she could make the trip for my shower and I’m especially thankful for the beautiful photo book that she made!

I had fun catching up with my cousins, and was so glad my sister could be there too!

Me and my sweet grandma – can’t wait for her to meet our baby boy! 🙂

I’m so thankful to have had such a beautiful shower, and I’m really glad that Cameron and I were able to celebrate this time with all our family and friends in Michigan. Opening all the adorable little clothes definitely made it seem a lot more real that we’re going to have a baby in (hopefully) less than two months! It’s really special knowing how much he is already loved by so many people 🙂


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