Bumpdate // 30-32 Weeks

I love this shirt! 🙂

How far along:
32 Weeks, 6 days…which mean I’m officially 33 weeks tomorrow!

(Seriously SO crazy!!)
Baby’s size: 
According to my app, he weighs over 4 pounds already and is over 17 inches long.

Weight gain: 
At my 32 week appointment, I was 21 pounds above my average pre-pregnancy weight…but I’m pretty sure that number has already gone up thanks to all the cake and donuts from this weekend
Gender: Baby boy!
Still feeling lots of big movements and they’re pretty visible from the outside too. When I was in New York, I was getting a pedicure and the baby was moving around and the person doing my nails could see my stomach moving – it’s still really freaky to me! At my 32 week appointment, the midwife said that he’s currently in a breech position (which I had a feeling was the case because I can see/feel that his head is up near the top of my belly) but that I shouldn’t be concerned at this point because there is still plenty of time for him to turn over the next few weeks.
Food cravings: 
I’ve definitely been eating my fair share of fall treats like candy corn and cinnamon sugar donuts over the past few weeks, but not necessarily because of any sort of pregnancy craving. Honestly, it’s more just because it’s fall and that stuff is around and I feel like I have a good excuse to indulge a little 🙂
Sleep has been hit or miss lately. Thankfully, I can sleep through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom, but I still just randomly wake up on the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep. I’ve heard that’s pretty common though, as it’s sort of your body’s way of getting you ready to get up with the baby. I’ve always been a person who can get by on not much sleep, and I’m hoping that all those all-nighters I pulled in college will help me in the months to come…ha!
Miss anything?
Although I do love having a bump, there are days that I do miss having my “normal” body and being able to do things like bend over to put on my shoes without it being annoying. Now that we’re getting closer to the due date, I feel like time is sort of running out a little and so I miss just being able to do what I want without feeling like there is a constant to-do list hanging over my head. I’m working on prioritizing what actually has to get done before the baby arrives (aka installing our carseat, setting up the crib, etc.) vs. things that would just be nice to do but aren’t necessary.

I walked a ton when I was in New York City, but I’ve definitely been slacking on walking since I’ve been back home. I did go back to prenatal yoga though, and I’m hoping to keep that up until the baby comes!

Maternity Clothes?
Pretty much all I’m wearing these days – I’ll be sharing a post with some of my favorites next week!

Overall, I’ve still felt really really good and I’m so thankful for that! The only weird symptom I had this week is some acid reflux/heartburn – I haven’t had that at all during my pregnancy (or ever in my life really) so it was a little weird, but it was really only one day and then it disappeared.

Overall, I’m feeling really good! It’s definitely a mix of emotions right now though as I do feel really excited and eager for the baby to get here, but at the same time I’m also feeling a little bit of wistfulness every now and then over the fact that this chapter of just me, Cam, and Lola is coming to an end. I’m not really feeling too anxious about labor (yet…ha) but I suppose I am feeling a little uncertainty just over the fact that we’re about to embark on an experience that is totally foreign territory and there is no way of truly knowing what it will be like until it happens.

Best moment from weeks 30-32:
I was in either Michigan or New York for pretty much this entire chunk of my pregnancy, and it was really great to spend a lot of time with family and friends. (I’m hoping to share some more photos this week!) My baby shower in Michigan was definitely the highlight for me though!

Looking forward to: 
I’m actually having another baby shower here in Portland this weekend and I can’t wait!!