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Happy Friday everyone!
I currently have a list of posts I’m working on but just haven’t had a chance to finish yet, as I still have pretty limited computer time these days. I’m hoping to get a lot of those posts up in March, but I thought I’d end this month with a post about one of my favorite topics to talk about – makeup!

Now that I’m a mom (which is still super weird to say…) I definitely don’t wear makeup every single day. However, I am still a total beauty junkie and I really appreciate how taking the time to put on makeup helps me feel more pulled together on the days that I do wear it. And as a new mom, my priorities when it comes to makeup have changed somewhat. Before, I liked to play around with a lot of different products and tended to experiment more with how I did my makeup from day to day. But now, my time is a much more limited commodity and so I find that having a consistent, foolproof routine is what works best for me. It’s extremely crucial that I only use products that do their job well and are easy to apply. And because diapers don’t grow on trees, cost is also a bigger factor these days when it comes to my makeup routine. I definitely try to seek out those gems from the drugstore that really offer a lot of bang for your buck, and if I am going to splurge on a more high-end product, I want to make sure that it’s actually worth it and not a waste of my money.

So after narrowing down my makeup collection, these are my go-to products, as well as my current routine to create a natural yet still polished look that works for me…

Mama Makeup Routine
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I start my makeup with either my Nars tinted moisturizer (I’m in the shade Alaska) or this Cover Girl ‘Ready, Set, Gorgeous’ foundation (in shade 115), depending on the level of coverage I’m looking for. The tinted moisturizer is more natural while still providing a good base, whereas the foundation is definitely more full-coverage. (Sometimes I’ll actually combine the two to get the best of both worlds!) Also, I’m not typically a big fan of Cover Girl products but I heard on one of the beauty You Tube channels I watch that this particular one was really good for oily skin, and it’s turned out to be one of the better drugstore foundations I’ve tried! Both the tinted moisturizer and the foundation can be applied with a brush, but they go on equally well with your fingers, which is super helpful when I only have a quick minute to spare.

After applying my base, the next step is under eye concealer…definitely a key step in a new mama’s makeup routine! The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles (I use the shade ‘Fair) is definitely my new ride or die concealer. It does a great job of covering dark circles and helping you look more awake, and so even if I’m not really doing a full face of makeup, I’ll often still swipe this on under my eyes. I’ll also usually tap a little on my eyelids as well to even out any veins/redness.

Once I’ve applied concealer, I’ll go ahead and set my makeup with powder. I’m currently using Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte & Poreless powder (in shade Buff Beige) and it works pretty well, given the price. However, I’m definitely not sold on it so any powder recommendations would be totally welcome!

After I’ve applied powder, I’ll go ahead and get out my Nars Blush/Bronzer palette. (I don’t have the exact palette pictured, but mine is very similar) I’ll typically take some of the Nars Laguna Bronzer on a fluffy eye shadow blending brush (I use a Sigma E40) and just swipe some of that in the crease of my eye. It really helps save time using bronzer as eye shadow, and I like how the color helps to make my eyes stand out but still looks very natural. After that, I’ll take some of the Laguna brozner and on a larger bronzer brush and apply it to slightly contour my cheeks as well as on my forehead/temples. Then I’ll apply one of my blushes from the Nars Palette to the apples of my cheeks and I feel that it goes a long way in perking up my face when I’m looking tired.

After I’m through with the Nars palette, I’ll apply mascara (Maybelline’s The Rocket in Blackest Black is still my go-to!) but I don’t typically have time for eye shadow (beyond putting a little bronzer in my crease) and I rarely wear eyeliner. And last but not least is my favorite product, eyebrow gel! I have pretty dark brows that can be kind of unruly and the clear brow gel from Anastasia is totally worth the splurge IMO as it’s better than anything I’ve tried. I feel like having tidy brows makes such a difference in how you look, so even if I’m not going to apply makeup, I’ll usually at least put on eyebrow gel!

Finally, I like having a good lip color because that really helps pull everything together. Plus, it’s typically the other product I’ll wear even if I’m not going to put on makeup that day. I really like lip products that are very moisturizing, offer some color, but are still sheer enough that I can apply them without a mirror. Almay has a new Butter Kiss Lipstick out that I’m loving (in the shade Light – Pink) and then I really like the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (in Pink Truffle) as well.

This is not a sponsored post, these are just the things that I’m really loving at the moment when it comes to my current quick and easy makeup routine! However, I’m still always on the hunt for new products and love trying out the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty. Plus I do tend to change things up with the change in seasons, and so I’ll most likely be doing some updated posts again down the road as I incorporate new products. But for now, this is what’s working for me!



  1. February 27, 2015 / 2:09 pm

    You may not like it because it may not "set" foundation enough on oily skin, but I use the covergirl translucent powder over my smashbox bb cream. It does a good job of not adding additional color or too much of a powdery look to my face which I love!

  2. February 27, 2015 / 6:14 pm

    I love love love this post. I'm always looking for ways to keep the makeup process quick and easy, but also good.
    I'm looking for a new foundation and I will try the CG one out. As for the concealer, I have this one too and I find that it really creases under my eyes. I put powder to set it but nothing seems to help the creasing.

  3. February 27, 2015 / 9:19 pm

    I don't know a lot about make-up, but I think you're beautiful without wearing any.

  4. February 28, 2015 / 12:10 am

    I am totally with you! When you become a mom time becomes super limited so having a quick makeup routine becomes a priority. I am on the hunt for an inexpensive fail-proof mascara that doesn't smudge as the day goes on. Does this Maybelline one last all day?

  5. July 15, 2016 / 9:32 am

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