Henry // Two Months


I know I am probably going to sound like a broken record with these monthly posts, but I seriously can’t believe that my baby is already two months old! (He was officially two months on Sunday 2/8)

And although his first month was really special because he was so sweet and brand-new, I have to admit that I enjoyed this second month so much more. Right around when Henry was a month old, I feel like we really started to hit our stride and everything just felt so much more comfortable when it came to taking care of the baby. Plus, his little personality has really started to shine through this month and it’s been so much fun to watch! So here’s what Henry is up to at two months old…

At his two month doctor’s appointment yesterday, he measured 23.75” inches long and weighed 12lbs 14oz. Our pediatrician said he was right around the 75th percentile for weight, length, and head circumference. He also said that his height and length are in perfect proportion to one another so it’s very reassuring to know that he’s growing right on track!

Overall, Henry seems to be a pretty healthy little guy! His right eye was sort of goopy for the past few weeks, but it seems like it’s just recently gotten better on its own, most likely as a result of his tear duct finally opening. He has had a little diaper rash here and there, but nothing too bad thankfully. He does seem like he gets gas fairly often, especially at night, and it seems like it does make him uncomfortable to the point where it will wake him up if he’s sleeping. However, it typically doesn’t last too long and our pediatrician said that gas is at it’s worst right around 2 months and so I’m hoping he’ll start to grow out of it in the months to come. He does sneeze and cough sometimes after feedings as well, usually after feedings, but again I think it’s pretty normal and our doctor said his lungs sound perfectly clear. He’s still having lots of wet and dirty diapers each day and seems to be quite the strong little boy!

Smiling: This kid is like Buddy the Elf and smiling is definitely his favorite. He smiles pretty frequently throughout the day, and it seriously melts my heart. He is such a little charmer too; if someone comes over to visit, even if he’s been fussy, he seems like he always manages to bust out a few big smiles. It’s pretty adorable. Staring at colored/contrasting/hanging objects: We have a little lion toy clipped to his car seat and he loves staring at it, and sometimes will go so far as to laugh at it. He also loves staring at the black and white curtains in our guest room, as well as the mobile on his pack and play and his swing. Using his voice: He has been cooing and making all sorts of sounds this month days and it’s really fun to hear him discover that he can use his voice for other things besides crying, ha! His dad: In the beginning, Henry was pretty much all about eating and so he wanted me nonstop and Cam couldn’t really compete with that. But this month, it’s obvious that Henry can see so much more, especially when it comes to faces. He seems to smile at Cam so much these days and was even smiling at him via FaceTime when he was out of town. Going for walks in the stroller: We’ve had some really nice weather in January and he seemed to really enjoy being outside! Bathtime: We are still not bathing him too frequently based on the information we received in the baby care class we took before he was born which said that really frequent baths can dry out a baby’s skin easily when they’re this young. But when we do give him a bath, he seems to really like it! Listening to music: Whether we’re in the car or around the house, he loves hearing music and it seems like it really calms him. Sitting in his bouncy seat: I usually set him in here while I’m cooking or taking a shower and he seems to really enjoy it!

Being hungry, especially when he wakes up after a nap. Getting his diaper changed. Having gas. Sleeping in his bassinet…still. 

He is wearing either size 0-3 months or 3 months depending on the brand. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with how he looks in his little overalls (which are a tad big, but oh well) so that’s why I put him in those for this months photos 🙂 As far as diapers, he’s still in size 1 right now, but I have a feeling we’ll be transitioning to size 2 soon!

This month, I took a break from pumping and so he’s received nothing but breastmilk straight from the source the entire month. I am planning to start pumping again and incorporating bottles more, but honestly I have enjoyed nursing so much more this month, so it’s been nice!
Still a major work in progress. He will nap in his swing during the day if we’re home, and if we’re out he’ll nap in either the wrap (if I’m wearing him) or in his carseat. At night, Cam and I still haven’t gotten into any big bedtime schedule or routine with him yet. We usually keep him downstairs with us until we go up to go to bed (and the time varies from night to night). We have been trying to get him to sleep in his bassinet, but he seems to only want to sleep an hour or so max in there before he starts crying and we just end up bringing him in our bed. He seems like he’ll nurse for frequent short periods throughout the night, but since I have been doing side-lying nursing at night, I barely wake up at all. I was told by the lactation consultant (as well as read lots of info) that having the baby in bed and doing side-lying nursing is really the best way to get the most sleep in these early days of breastfeeding. However, we would like to really try to work on transitioning him to his bassinet this month as we do plan to transition him to his crib down the road, and the pediatrician suggested that it might be time to stop the side-lying nursing throughout the night. He’s still pretty young so I’m not expecting him to sleep too long yet, but I’m going to try to see if sitting up to give him a more full feed in the night helps him to be able to go for longer stretches between feedings and to hopefully get him to stay in his bassinet.

Favorite Things: 
I’ve got a post in the works with our 0-2 month favorites, but this month he’s been loving his Skip Hop play mat, his Solly Baby wrap, his swing/bouncy seat, my nursing cover/scarf, his Jellycat fox stuffed animal (which was a gift from his grandma and the one in these photos), and although he’s not super interested in a pacifier at this point, he’s really starting to like his Wubanubs.

 -His biggest milestone this past month is that he went on his first flight! We flew to San Diego and he did so great. I was a little nervous about taking a baby who was only 8 weeks old on a plane, but he was a total champ! (And I am planning on doing a post about traveling with baby, but thought we should get a few more flights under our belt first!)
-In addition to his first flight, it was his first time in a hotel and first time at the ocean – I’ll have a San Diego post coming soon!
-We’ve taken some Mama/Baby yoga classes and those have been so much fun!
-I had my 6 week postpartum appointment with the midwife who delivered him and so it was awesome to see her again and for her to get to hold Henry! (He gave her a big smile, of course…ha!)
-He’s really started grabbing for my hair more and more, and I’m sure that’s only going to get more intense in the months to come. But it’s actually pretty sweet when he just gently holds onto it like a security blanket when nursing.
-In addition to this being a month full of smiles, he’s also started being able to make eye contact with us in the mirror too which is really fun.
-He’s loving his playmat and has started reaching for the animals hanging down above his head and is able to grab onto them.
-Despite not doing as much tummy time as we’re “supposed” to, he seems like he has really awesome head strength and is starting to hold it up really well on his own. He also loves “standing” in one of our laps and seems like he’s ready to start running!
-I’ve connected with a few moms in Portland that have babies who are
really close in age to him and so he’s already had his first few
-He’s also gone to a few blogger/social type events as well as a
bunch of different restaurants here in Portland! (I’ve got a recent
restaurant post coming soon too!)
-He got his first shots at his two month appointment yesterday, and although it was not fun for me to see him cry, he calmed down right away and was totally fine. I think it’s true what they say about it being harder on the mom than the baby!

Henry at two months is just the happiest little guy, and Cam and I still can’t believe he’s ours. He is really such a good baby and seems to be very go with the flow and good at sleeping out and about. He is just so sweet and when he smiles, he really smiles with his eyes and it’s so, so cute. And those dimples? I’m so in love with him it’s just not even funny. And while he does have his fussy moments, nursing quiets him down 99% of the time.

I haven’t taken many pictures of him with my regular camera, mainly because I really need to learn how to use it better. Let’s just say there is a huge difference in taking a good picture of a plate of cookies vs. trying to get a non-blurry photo of a wiggly baby! (Plus the lighting in his nursery is kind of funky and I still haven’t quite figured it out yet) And honestly, he really doesn’t look half as cute in these pictures as he does in person, especially when he’s in one of his really smiley moods. I know that a photo can’t really capture just how adorable he is so instead of having a camera in his face all the time, I’m really just trying to be in the moment and soak up each minute with my sweet little boy!