Oregon // Henry’s First Visit to the Coast

I’m sure that all my friends and family back in Michigan are getting really sick of me talking about this but…the winter in Oregon this year has been AMAZING! We have had so many sunny and 50+ degree days, and I have been absolutely loving it. I honestly attribute a big part of the confidence I have with the baby at this point to the fact that the weather here has been so nice. Because we’ve been able to get out of the house a lot, it’s allowed me to get really comfortable with taking Henry places, plus regular fresh air and sunshine have done such wonders for my mental state. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better winter to have a new baby!

Last weekend, we had some gorgeous weather and so we decided to take Henry on his first trip to the Oregon Coast! This wasn’t actually his first time at the ocean since we did go to San Diego earlier this month (post coming soon!) but it was his first visit to the beach here in his home state, which is still pretty special. Being from Michigan, this whole concept of going to the beach in the winter is still pretty novel to me, but I absolutely love it! (You may remember we had a similarly sunny beach day last winter, but the thrill still hasn’t worn off yet) We went to Cannon Beach…along with a million other people, thanks to the nice weather. But despite the crowds, we still had a fantastic day – we walked on the sand, ate saltwater taffy, had a delicious meal outside at the Wayfarer, and caught a beautiful sunset before driving the 90 minutes home to Portland. Here’s a glimpse of our day…

I had Henry in my Modern Wrap pretty much all day and it was perfect for the beach. Definitely easier than dealing with a stroller on the sand! Be sure to check out the end of this post for more info and a discount code 🙂
Trying to get a picture with Lola…ha 🙂
Handsome boys at lunch 🙂
He looks a little unsure about his hat…but I just love it!
Haystack Rock!
Still working on selfies as a party of 3…practice makes perfect 🙂

I’m so thankful that we live so close to the ocean!
Looking forward to lots more trips here with our little guy 🙂

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