Henry // Three Months

Happy Monday everyone! How’s the “Spring Forward” time change treating you?

So I really do plan on writing other posts besides these monthly updates for Henry! I actually have a bunch of different posts about all sorts of topics that I’m hoping to share soon, but things have just been a little busy lately. And the baby isn’t even the reason I haven’t been posting much, it’s honestly just been because the weather has been SO nice in Portland lately and so my spare time has been spent outside enjoying it. And then on top of that, last week I was also getting ready for our trip to Michigan to visit my family since traveling with a baby requires a little more effort vs. just packing for myself. So now we’re here and having a great time so far! You can keep up with me on Instagram (@inthepinkandgreen) and I’m hoping that I’ll have some time to get a few more posts up here soon!

 But on to today’s update…can Henry really be THREE months old already?! He officially turned three months old yesterday (3/8) but in a way it feels like it was just yesterday that he was born! At the same time though, I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to remember what life was like before he was here, and so it’s weird that it’s only been three months since he became part of our family.

I felt like things were really good at two months, but I feel like they’ve gotten even better this past month! Just when I think that it’s not possible that I can love this little boy any more than I already do, every morning I see his cute little face and it’s like my heart expands even farther than I thought possible. I am absolutely loving this stage with him and really trying to soak up every minute. I feel like we’re in a really good groove right now; we’re passed the hard newborn stage but we haven’t hit teething or sleep regression or any of that stuff yet. We’re just in this sweet spot where he’s smiling and laughing all the time but is still a cuddly little baby who still sleeps a lot and so it’s easy to take him to restaurants and other places. He is such a little doll with the cutest personality and it’s really sort of bittersweet to realize that he’s growing before my eyes!

Here’s what he’s up to at three months old…

Henry went to the doctor for just a shot appointment on 3/3 and he weighed in at 13lbs 14.5oz (on an empty stomach) and so he’s definitely in the 14lb range by now. (Also, his chunky little thighs in this month’s photos are my favorite thing ever) I won’t get his official length until his next well check visit at 4 months but he seems super long. I’ll bet he is at least 26 inches or so!


Overall, Henry seems to be a healthy little guy! He is spitting up a little bit more now after nursing, but I think this is due to the fact that he seems to be eating more at each feeding. He does sneeze from time to time and sometimes does this weird little cough, but it’s only very occasionally. He also has been getting some dry crusty boogers in his nose (gross) this past month, but I think it’s due to the fact that it seems kind of dry in our house sometimes and so we may need to get some sort of humidifier. But other than that, he seems just fine!

His new obsession this month is definitely chewing on his hands! It’s like he just discovered them one day and he can’t get enough. He’ll literally stick his whole fist in his mouth sometimes and it’s kind of hilarious. He’s still liking most of the stuff that he did at two months, including staring at the black and white curtains in our office, riding in the car, going for walks in his stroller, and “talking” up a storm. He is SO smiley and he loves making eye contact with anyone and flashing them a grin. He’s also been laughing and giggling a lot more this month which is AMAZING. He used to hate getting his diaper changed but now he seems to really like it, so that’s nice too. But he’s also developed a new fondness for peeing up into the air when we take his diaper off…baby boys keep you on your toes, ha! He also seems to love white noise and being swaddled now, which helps him sleep so much better!

Being too hot in his car seat, being hungry (oh does he hate being hungry), when I switch him from one side to the other when he’s nursing, and being overly tired. But overall, Henry doesn’t seem to have too many dislikes at this point in his life, which is good!

He is still wearing 0-3 month or 3 month clothing (depending on the brand) but a lot of it seems to be getting pretty small/too short on him. I’ve incorporated some 3-6 month sleepers but we’re definitely going to need to start transitioning him to that size in this upcoming month as we put some of his current clothing into storage. As for diapers, we switched him from size 1 to size 2 during the last week of February and they fit so much better!

He’s still exclusively breastfed right now and I am so thankful that nursing is going really well and I’m actually really enjoying it! I have pumped a few times this past month and put bottles in the fridge for Cam to feed him if I need to leave the house for a bit, but other than that, I am his food source 24/7. However, his feedings are starting to get more efficient and usually take around a half hour, whereas before it could take 45 minutes to an hour for him to nurse! He’s also going longer stretches (3-4 hours) during the day between feedings, and that’s really helpful!

We have made some major progress in the sleeping department this month! Since we brought Henry home from the hospital, he has not been a fan of sleeping in his Bassinest and he slept in our bed almost every single night of the first two months of his life. But this past month, he totally turned a corner and all the sudden he finally likes sleeping in the Bassinest at night! Before we’d put him in there and he’d sleep for like 15 minutes and then have gas and wake up and we’d put him in our bed. However, our pediatrician told me at his two month appointment that gas tends to peak around two months and then it starts to get better, and that’s definitely been the case for us. Now, Henry will sleep a six hour stretch in his bassinet pretty much every single night and it’s amazing! I usually feed him one final time before bed and put him down in his bassinet around 11:30pm and he’ll sleep until around 5:30am. Then I’ll feed him in bed and try to either lay him back down in his bassinet or sometimes I’ll lay him in our bed at that point 🙂 He’ll usually sleep a few more hours, until around 8-9am, and then I’ll feed him again and we’ll get up for the day. He’s great about always taking two really solid long naps during the day, and then will tend to take a shorter nap in the evening as well. He will nap in his car seat if we’re out running errands or he’s in the stroller, but if we’re home, I have started laying him down for a nap if he’s looking tired and he’s been up for awhile. He’s even started taking some naps in his crib during the day and it’s gone just fine, so I’m hoping that will help the transition to his crib at night go more smoothly down the road. So overall, he’s a good little sleeper and I’m so thankful we’ve made some progress in this area!

Favorite Things: 
After trying a few different brands of diapers and wipes, I really love the Honest Company diapers the best and for wipes, I’m a huge fan of Water Wipes! We are still loving his swing/bouncy seat, his play mat, and the BOB stroller. After not using my Boppy for nursing at all, I’m finally starting to use it to help prop him up and he loves it! I am also still really enjoying wearing him as much as possible and the wrap is definitely my preferred method at this age. I’ve been enjoying using the Modern Wrap this past month, and if you’re interested, you can use the code ‘JANE15’ at checkout for 15% off your purchase!

-He’s getting much stronger at holding his head up during tummy time and he seems like he’s just on the verge of rolling over!
-He’s super alert and really curious, always looking around trying to figure out the world around him
-He celebrated his first Valentine’s Day and had his first trip to the Oregon Coast
-We had our “reunion” with all the moms who were in my prenatal group with the midwives and it was so much fun to see everyone’s babies
-Cameron and I went out for our first official date night and my friend Meredith watched him for us
-I also had few different events this month (girls’ night out with my friends, blogger events, etc.) where I went out for a few hours in the evening and left him home with Cam and he did great!
-We took his passport photos (hilarious) and applied for his passport
-He took his second trip on a plane and did awesome on the long flight to Michigan
-He met his Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ben who flew in to Michigan from New York to see him
-He met a bunch of my extended family, including his great grandparents here in Michigan

I happened to take these pictures late in the day when the light wasn’t so good and he was in a more serious mood, so they don’t really capture what a happy boy he’s been lately. (Plus I use my cell phone to take pictures of him 90% of the time so most of the smiley pictures are on my Instagram!) But he’s really such a good-natured, easygoing baby and I’m thankful he’s made this transition to parenthood so easy on Cameron and I! We are so looking forward to see what the next few months bring, although I just want to freeze all these sweet baby cuddles forever 🙂

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