Travel // Spending Time in Seattle

Earlier this month, we took a little trip to Seattle and today I thought I’d share some highlights!

Even though it’s only three hour drive from Portland, I had only been to Seattle once before…so this trip was very overdue! The reason we went is because Cameron had a work training in the Seattle area, and so Henry and I ended up tagging along. I was able to explore the city during the day, and it worked out perfectly that one of my best friends from high school was in town for work. We got to hang out quite a bit which was awesome, and then I also had the chance to see a few other friends that live in the city while I was there as well. It was a fun few days; here are some photos, if you’d like to see…

Henry did really well on the trip and slept in the pack & play provided by the hotel while we were away from home. I think he may have been experiencing a little of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression because he woke up a little earlier/more frequently than normal. However, I almost felt it was easier to deal with it because we were off our usual schedule anyway since we were out of town. I thought that ‘Mommy’s Alarm Clock’ shirt was very fitting though 🙂

 My first day out and about I ended up just having Henry in the Ergo 360 all day and he did great in there! We ended up stopping at Nordstrom every day because their lovely bathroom lounges are the best nursing spot. I also couldn’t resist imagining what it would look like if I chopped my hair…I think it would be cute, but no imminent plans for that yet! The other days I did bring my stroller with me, and that worked great too, plus it was nice to have a way to schlep our stuff around while out and about.

I did have a chance to try Top Pot Doughnuts...and I was very impressed! Although I love Blue Star Donuts and Pip’s Original here in Portland, those are both very different styles. The donuts at Top Pot were much heavier and more cake like, which I actually prefer. If you’re a donut lover, definitely put this place on your list of places to visit in Seattle!

The weather on my first day in the city was a little rainy but not too bad. My friend Katie had an awesome view from her hotel room though and it was the perfect place to watch the rain 🙂

Since Seattle is so close to Portland, I wasn’t too set on trying to pack in seeing too many of the tourist sites this trip because I know we’ll be coming back again in the future. I just wanted to get a better feel for the city and see as much as possible with a 4 month old baby in tow! We ended up lucking out and had gorgeous sunny weather which was perfect for walking around — it was a little chilly in the mornings though, but (as you’ll see) Henry was prepared for the elements 🙂

We didn’t end up going up in the Space Needle this time as I figured we’d save that for another trip when Henry is a little bit older. I did end up going to the Chihuly Glass Museum though, but I decided I’m going to put those pictures in a separate post because I took a bunch. There are a couple other museums right near the Space Needle so it’s definitely an area of town with quite a bit to do. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is near there as well, and so I ended up going to meet a friend who works there for coffee. There is a free visitors center that you can check out as well, and I thought it was really interesting and worth stopping in if you’re in the area. (I know a few people left some negative comments regarding the Gates Foundation on my Instagram and yes, I get that people may not agree with every single issue they support. However, the way I see it is they are private individuals not politicians, and they are choosing to give away large sums of money to try and make positive changes in our world. Even if you don’t agree with all of their views, I feel that their commitment to philanthropy is really admirable and at the very least, I feel like the exhibits in the visitors center are thought provoking and really make you appreciate just how good we have things here in the US.)

 I received a few recommendations to try Macrina Bakery and I’m so glad I did! It’s a really cute spot and this chocolate almond cake was divine! As far as other restaurants we tried, I’ll be 100% honest and say that living in Portland has completely spoiled me and definitely raised my standards when it comes to food. I felt like a lot of the food we had in Seattle was just more normal, if that makes sense? It wasn’t bad by any means, but here in Portland chefs are so fanatical about their food and restaurants list where they source all their ingredients, and I just didn’t see that level of obsessive detail in Seattle with the meals that we had. One place that did impress me though was Molly Moon’s ice cream, it was excellent! I’d definitely suggest trying that for sure while you’re in Seattle.

I feel like you can’t go to Seattle and not go to Pike Place Market; it’s so iconic and definitely worth checking out. They have tons of fresh flowers for sale, and although I was a little bit early to catch my favorite flower (peonies), I was able to see all the beautiful spring tulips! There are so many different varieties, apparently there is even a type of tulip called a peony tulip? They were all beautiful though and I couldn’t resist taking 1723894 pictures…

One day, my friend Katie and I ended up walking all the way up to Queen Anne/Kerry Park from downtown. It was definitely a hike (especially with the stroller) but it was so so worth it. This part of town has incredible views and so many gorgeous homes! Definitely worth checking out.

Cam met up with us after his training just in time to see the sunset 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed Seattle! It definitely feels like a much bigger city than Portland and it seemed like people were more dressed up and it’s not quite as hipster. There are a ton of different neighborhoods, and I know that we barely scratched the surface this time. I am looking forward to going back again and getting to know it even better in the future!

(For additional photos/details on places we went, check out my Instagram! @inthepinkandgreen)