Motherhood // The Best Gift

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I haven’t had much time for blogging/social media this week as I’m still in Michigan spending time with family. It’s been really nice to relax and unplug a little bit, but I did want to pop in today and share some photos from my Mother’s Day weekend before too much more time passes 🙂

I told Cameron that the one thing I really wanted for Mother’s Day was just to get a few pictures of Henry and I together. I am constantly snapping pictures of the baby with my cell phone, but it’s somewhat rare that I actually get out the “real” camera these days, let alone actually have on makeup and something other than yoga pants and get in the picture with him…ha! He’s at such a sweet age right now though where he’s really smiley and I just wish I could freeze this moment in time. So the day before Mother’s Day, we went down to the Rhododendron Garden (which is also where we took our maternity photos!) and Cameron snapped a few pictures of me and our baby boy. There were tons of rhodies in bloom, we managed to get there during the golden hour, and Cameron did a great job getting some really lovely photos. Words can’t describe how much I love being Henry’s mama, and I’m so thankful to have these photos to look back on from my first year celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom!

His expressions kill me 🙂

Not too sure…

…but he can’t resist smiling for long 🙂

My laptop automatically makes GIFs when I upload photos and these were a few of my favorites 🙂

Gahhh, I just love him 🙂

Finally, I wanted to share a special offer with all of you that I think is pretty great. Rocksbox is kind of like Rent the Runway meets Stichfix…but for jewelry! For a low monthly fee, Rocksbox mails you a box of three pieces of jewelry that are hand selected to match your personal style. You can wear them as much as you’d like, then mail them back, and they’ll send you three new pieces. (You can also opt to buy pieces of jewelry that come in your box as well) It’s a great way to keep your accessories fresh without having to invest in a ton of different pieces of jewelry…pretty genius concept if you ask me!

In my first box, I received this gorgeous necklace, along with two pairs of earrings, and I’ve already returned it and received my second box. I realized I want to get more statement necklaces so I was able to go online to tailor my preferences and so my second box had two necklaces that I absolutely love. Plus, it’s just really fun getting a box full of pretty jewelry in the mail! If you’re interested in trying out Rocksbox, you can get your first month free by using the code ‘janemgrayxoxo’ at checkout!

Henry clearly approves 🙂 Hope everyone is having a good week!