Travel // Seattle: Chihuly Garden + Glass

Last week, I shared some photos from our recent trip to Seattle and I mentioned that I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition. I was originally planning on just including some photos with that post, but after looking back through how many I took, I figured that it deserved it’s own post!

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is located right next to the Space Needle, and it definitely seems to be a popular tourist attraction in Seattle. After asking for recommendations on Instagram on what to see in Seattle, I had a few people say this was definitely something worth checking out. It worked out that on one particular day of our trip, I happened to be near the Space Needle and had some time to kill. The weather was gorgeous, so I debated between going up in the Space Needle and going to Chihuly…but since I wasn’t sure about navigating the Space Needle with my stroller, the later won out.

The admission is a little pricey (and I think it’s actually a better deal if you buy a combo ticket for Chihuly and the Space Needle) but I really enjoyed it! I am a big fan of glass art and I was really blown away by seeing all these incredible installations in person. Photos really don’t do them justice! 

This giant tower was inspired by the sea and it was one of my favorites. All the gorgeous swirling glass in varying shades of blue was reminiscent of waves, and the gold sea creatures were stunning. 

I was hoping that Henry would be awake since he is really starting to become so aware of the world and I thought he would like all the bright colors. But my visit ended up lining up with his nap time 🙂

He passed out pretty quickly after we got there and slept the whole time! So as much as I wish he could have seen more of it, it was nice to be able to enjoy it in peace 🙂 Also, I realized I definitely made the right choice picking Chihuly over the Space Needle on the this particular trip…I figure we can take Henry to the Space Needle when he’s a little older, whereas the thought of bringing an energetic toddler into an exhibition filled with tons of breakable glass is slightly terrifying.

The exhibition showcased what a versatile artist Dale Chihuly is as it featured a wide variety of his blown glass pieces. Everything was beautifully displayed and really quite breathtaking!

One of my favorite parts of the exhibition was the Glasshouse; the vibrant floral sculpture hanging from the ceiling was absolutely stunning, plus you could see the Space Needle. I imagine it gets booked up really far in advance, but man, how awesome would this space be for a wedding reception?

After finishing up inside, I headed out into the garden…which was filled with even more beautiful glass! I loved how they had flowers and plants that coordinated with the glass, it really added to the overall effect! And the fact that the sun was shining made it that much better 🙂
As I was taking photos in the garden, I saw someone have the ultimate selfie fail…
This girl literally fell into the flowers trying to take a selfie. LOL. Granted I’m in no position to make fun of anyone for taking selfies, but I’m sorry, this was hilarious 🙂 

If you’re visiting Seattle, I’d highly suggest checking out the Chihuly Garden and Glass! It’s very stroller friendly, and although I’m guessing it may get busy on the weekends, during the week it wasn’t crowded. I really enjoyed it and although the exhibit isn’t super huge, I thought it was well worth it.