Life // Summer 2015

Happy Monday and hello June! I know that summer doesn’t technically start for a few more weeks, but after a warm and sunny weekend here in Portland, it definitely feels like summer is here already! 
In the past, I’ve enjoyed putting together posts with a list of things I’d like to do for that particular season. I haven’t had a chance to do one since Henry was born and so today seemed like the perfect time! The summer always seems to fly (and I’m sure it’s going to go by even more quickly this year with a baby!) and so taking the time to write down the things I’d like to do seems to help. I know that we might not get to everything on this list, but here are a few things that I’d love to do this summer…
+Go camping at least twice

+Read at least 3 non-baby related books 
(I’m setting the bar kind of low because I haven’t been the best about reading since Henry was born!)

+Hike Oneonta Gorge
+Finalize the details for our trip to Europe
(My sister is getting married in France in July and so we’re taking Henry across the pond for the wedding and making a family vacation of it…definitely the highlight of this summer for sure! I’m super excited but there are quite a few loose ends I need to tie up before we leave, not to mention traveling internationally with a baby takes a bit more preparation!)

+Go to Astoria, OR

+Make homemade ice cream
(I have to do this at least once during the summer!)
+Go to the zoo
+Go to Tahoe for a long weekend
(This is probably a stretch with our Europe trip but I’d love to make it happen!)

+Sign Henry up for swim class
+Outfit our backyard for entertaining
(Cameron built a deck over Memorial Day weekend which is awesome, and now he just needs to add some finishing touches. Once that’s done, then we’re planning to get some furniture for it along with a grill. We’re also want to get a fire pit for the yard and I’m looking forward to having people over!)

+Go to Bend, OR

+Get down to the wineries at least twice
(We haven’t been since before Henry was born and I know quite a few of the wineries are pretty kid-friendly and good for picnics!) 

+Do at least 3 day hikes with Henry

+De-clutter the house
(I’ve got this book on my Kindle and I’m looking forward to purging a lot of our junk this summer)

+Go to Cannon Beach, OR

+Have family photos taken
(After all, Henry has changed a little bit since we had these done!)

+Cook with the veggies from our garden

+Get a better cleaning schedule in place
(Right now I feel like I don’t have a good system of breaking things up into a few tasks each day and instead a whole day ends up getting devoted to cleaning…and ain’t nobody got time for that in the summer!)

+Take Henry to Book Babies at the library

+Do a capsule wardrobe for the summer
(This is definitely happening and the wheels are already in motion…excited to share more soon!)

+Go to an outdoor concert

+Blog more!
(This post is a start and I’ve got a fun giveaway coming tomorrow!)

In addition to the stuff on this list, I’m excited for all our usual summer activities – getting together with friends, going on walks, dining al fresco, going to the farmer’s market, and just spending as much time outside as possible. And now that Henry is here, I know this summer will be the most fun one yet!

What about you? What are you looking forward to this summer?