Henry // Seven Months

Hello, hello! I know, I know…long time, no blog! 
If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, you’ll know the reason for my lack of posting recently has been due to our trip to Europe! We had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to share more about it soon. I am planning on putting together a couple posts about the places we went along with a post about our experience traveling internationally with a baby, so if you have any specific questions on that, definitely leave them for me in the comments and I’ll be sure to include them! I’ve also got a few other posts in the works about topics that I’ve been wanting to talk about for awhile now (breastfeeding stuff, capsule wardrobe, book reviews to name a few!) but it’s just a matter of finding the time to sit down and write them while also trying to get back in the groove of our day-to-day life now that we’re home. So bear with me as I readjust and I’m looking forward to getting back to a more regular blogging routine here in the weeks to come!
Before I share any posts about our trip, I finally have to share Henry’s SEVEN month update today! (A little late, but oh well!) No joke, I have been meaning to get this post up ever since we got home last week but I have been majorly jet lagged! I am a night owl and the evenings are usually my time where I’ll blog and/or Cam and I will watch TV, however this past week, we have both been falling asleep on the couch as soon as we sit down to watch a show! Now that Seinfeld is on Hulu, we wanted to go back and watch it from the beginning (which by the way, the first season? Super weird!) and it honestly took us three nights to finish one half hour episode because we both kept falling asleep. (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here) But thankfully, I think we’re all finally getting back to normal in terms of our sleep schedule! The first few nights back with Henry were a little dicey and he was waking up super early, but within a few days he adjusted back to Pacific Time 🙂

 Anyway, on to the update! I know every parent always says this, but seriously, how is the time going so fast?? I know that his first birthday will be here before I turn around, and so I’m trying my best to soak up every single day with my sweet little man! And as much as it’s kind of sad to see how fast he’s growing, it’s also so amazing to watch him learn new things and really develop a personality. And although I have enjoyed every month so far, I think this past one was probably my favorite, he’s just so much fun now! He turned seven months last Wednesday (7/8…which was also the day we got home from our trip!) and here’s what he’s been up to since last month


I’m not sure his exact weight/length right now, but I’m thinking he has to be around 20 lbs or so? He also seems like he’s getting a lot longer too; it’s just wild to me to see how much bigger he looks when he’s in his stroller or when I’m holding him in photos vs a few months ago. As for his hair, it’s lightened up so much in the past month and it’s even lighter in person than it looks in these pictures! It was really thinning out for awhile, but now there are all these short little hairs growing in all over the top of his head that are super blonde, so I imagine it will really start getting thicker in the months to come and I think he may end up being a little blondie! And then he still has some really long, wispy pieces of hair in the center of his head, along with still having a bald spot in the back of his head and then some darker hair down by his neck…so basically his hair is a little crazy 🙂 His eyes are still a toss up though; some days I’m convinced they are turning brown, some days they look more green/hazel, and then other days they look really blue around the edges? They’re definitely still pretty dark and gray-ish looking though, so we’ll wait to see what color they’ll end up! He’s still got his adorable dimples though, but I feel like his face is starting to look older now? Although, when we were traveling, we had no less than 7 people mistake him for a girl…ha! To be fair, I did have him dressed in gray/white all those times and honestly, I take it as a compliment because he’s just such a pretty baby 🙂 Also, he still has NO teeth! He’s chews on everything and drools a lot, but no teeth yet!


He’s our healthy little guy! I feel like his spitting up has gone way down in the past month, and now he only does it every once and awhile, so that’s really nice. He has very fair, sensitive skin though and occasionally on the trip, he’d get some red bumps around his eyes or on his neck or other parts of his body. But they’d seem to come and go and I think they may just have been the result of him getting a little overheated while we were out walking around. Other than that though, he’s been perfectly fine!


Honestly, for this section I feel like I should just write “being alive” because that’s really the most accurate way to describe Henry. He’s such a happy baby and there isn’t much he doesn’t like! He’s still obsessed with sticking his tongue out (clearly) but this past month, he’s been all about discovering the new noises he can make with his tongue. He’s been doing lots of sticking out his tongue and blowing to make fart-type sounds (really adorable haha) but he’s also been rolling his tongue a ton this month, which is pretty cute! It sounds like a little bird call or like he’s purring or something and it’s pretty hilarious. He is extremely social and loves being out around people, which was great on our trip because he just eats it up when he gets attention! He’s been getting more in to toys and stuffed animals and he loves drinking water from our cup or water bottle when we let him. He enjoys being around other babies/little kids, he’s still very interested in Lola, and he loves laughing and being silly with Cameron and I around the house. Anything (and I mean literally anything…including Lola’s ears…) that comes near his face are going straight into his mouth for him to gnaw on! Overall, he’s just much more active and wants to move…getting these pictures was a struggle because if I put him down on his back, he instantly wants to roll over to his stomach!

He has the fairly normal baby dislikes of being overly tired/hungry, but I feel like no one likes those things, right? On the trip, the only thing that could be a little challenging was that if he was tired and ready to take a nap in the stroller and the timing happened to work out that we weren’t moving (say if we were stopped for lunch or whatever) he wasn’t too thrilled with trying to fall asleep when his stroller wasn’t moving. He also didn’t love being overly hot, which he was quite a bit on the trip thanks to the heat wave in Europe while we were there, but he handled it probably better than Cam and I did, ha! He really doesn’t like being alone or feeling ignored, so if I have him in his little piano and am doing something in the kitchen, he can start to get fussy if he knows no one is paying attention to him. On the trip, if there was someone near us that wouldn’t engage with him, he would literally smile at them and try to make eye contact with them and he seemed to get frustrated if they wouldn’t pay attention to him…but for the most part, this isn’t too much of a problem because no one can resist his smiles!

Still wearing anything from 6 month to 12 month clothing, depending on the brand. Even though he’s a pretty big baby, I feel like some of the 6-12 month stuff from places like Old Navy/Gap is still a little roomy, but we make it work! He’s also still in size 3 diapers but I don’t think it will be too much longer before we move up with those.

 Still nursing and loving it! At this point, I really don’t pump much any more unless I know I’m going somewhere and he’ll need to get a bottle, but that’s honestly pretty rare as I can usually time leaving the house between feedings. He typically goes 4 hours between feedings and so it usually works out that I only nurse him about 4-5 times total in a day, which our pediatrician said was fine as he’s staying right on his growth curve. On our trip, I didn’t bring any bottles for him and it was so so convenient to be able to just nurse him whenever he needed it! As for solids, before we left for our trip we were pretty much just feeding him things like mashed banana or sweet potato, along with some of the organic purees that come in pouches. However, once we got to Europe, we were a lot more adventurous with the foods we gave to him. (I asked our pediatrician about this at his 6 month appt before we left and she said that was fine so I just went with it!) If we were eating something and he seemed interested, we’d let him try a little bit of it if it was soft, and then we gave him things like pasta and bread to gnaw on to keep him busy while at restaurants. (And then of course we couldn’t not let him try a little taste of our gelato while in Europe and he lovedddd that) He seemed to enjoy everything he tried and didn’t seem to have allergies to anything, so I’m looking forward to continuing to let him try more “real” food in addition to purees! I also need to get a little bit more creative when it comes to purees because I feel like I’m feeding him the same things (squash, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc.) and I’d love some ideas for some homemade baby food!

Still sleeping really well in his crib, and overall, he’s a great sleeper! This past month we were putting him down around 9pm and he’d wake up anywhere between 6-8 am. Still taking two naps a day and with one usually being home in his crib and the other being while we’re out and about, although ideally he would take both naps in his crib because he does tend to sleep better there these days. On the trip, his sleep schedule was a little all over the place, but honestly, it was much easier than I thought it would be having him adjust to the nine hour (!) time difference. We didn’t do anything special to prepare him, but he’s just a pretty easygoing little guy and he is great at going with the flow! Our flight over was a red-eye so he did sleep some on that, and then by that first night he was ready to go to sleep when we were. He had a few nights over there where he slept 11-12 hours straight at night, which was amazing! We didn’t aim to put him to bed by a particular time over there, we’d just put him to bed when Cam and I were going to bed and it worked out fine. We also tried to make sure he’d get a few naps in during the day when we were out; we’d try to notice if he was getting tired and we’d flip his stroller from facing out to facing in towards us and that seemed to help him fall asleep. (If anyone has more specific questions on traveling/sleep, I’m happy to answer them when I do my travel post!)

Favorite Things:
By far, his favorite thing this month is his door jumper! He loves to bounce but he doesn’t have a jumperoo because we have this thing instead, and although he loves it, he can’t jump in it. A friend of mine had the door jumper and I put Henry in there just to see if he’d like it and he LOVED it. I literally went home and ordered one from Amazon that night and two days later, it arrived at our house and he has been obsessed with it ever since! As for other favorites, there are some items that were helpful on our trip, but I’ll save those for their own post!
-He’s been sitting up for longer and longer periods of time unassisted and he seems much more able to correct himself if he starts to lose his balance now.
-It seems like he’s not necessarily army crawling or anything yet, but he definitely has the ability to move around like crazy these days. He rolls all over, arches his back and uses his legs to propel himself in the direction he’s trying to go, and sort of just has the ability to move himself around pretty well without crawling, per se. But while we were on our trip, he did start to push himself onto his knees so I don’t think it will be too much longer!
-Henry went in the big pool for the first time this past month, and he also got to go swimming in the lake on our trip as well. He doesn’t like if the water is too cold when we first get in, but once he gets used to it, he really seems to love it!
-He started sitting in high chairs at restaurants the past month and he went in the front of the shopping cart for the first time at Target (He was a little wobbly in that one but we’re working on it!)
-He went for his first hike in the frame pack and loved it – I think he really enjoyed being up high and being able to see everything so I’m looking forward to lots more hikes with him this summer!
-He went on his first international flight, as well as his first boat, while on our trip to Europe! He did so great on the plane, as well as being a real trooper on all the forms of public transportation we went on during the trip (many trains, buses, subways, etc.)
-He also went to his first wedding (my sister’s!) when we were in France and thankfully, he did great! He was a little fussy during the ceremony, but he fell asleep halfway through. As for the reception, he took a nap for part of it, but was mainly up wanting to party for most of the time 🙂
-As for his biggest milestone this past month, he said his first word! Which, of course, was “Dada!” It’s fine Henry, hours of painful labor and spending the last seven months nursing you, but by all means, say ‘dada’ first. I’m kidding…I know that syllable is usually one babies learn first and so it’s pretty common that they say “dada” before “mama” and I’m not taking it personally by any means, plus Henry has the best daddy and so it warms my heart that he said dada!  He started really saying “dadadadada” a lot on our trip so we weren’t really sure if that technically counted as his first word since he was just babbling the same syllable over and over. But then on the plane coming home, Cam was holding him and he was very clearly saying “Dada! Dada!” so much so that the flight attendant was even like “OMG he’s saying ‘dada!’ That’s so adorable!” and so I think that definitely counts! Cameron was obviously super excited about this new development, which is really cute and I’m happy that Henry loves his daddy so much 🙂 (But we are definitely working on ‘mama’ now…ha!)

I know that I’m (extremely) biased in saying this, but I swear, he just gets cuter and cuter every day! I know all parents think their baby is the greatest…but I’m pretty sure ours actually is? 🙂 Cam and I just love him so much and I literally have to pinch myself that we get the privilege of being his parents…it’s the best! We love you Henry boy, can’t wait to see what fun the next month brings!