Henry // Nine Months

Man oh man, are we really already halfway through September?! That’s just craziness…

Henry actually turned nine months old a week ago (on 9/8) and I really wanted to post this update a little sooner, but held off due to the fact that I was still having some major technical issues with my blog. I actually wasn’t even able to access the site for a few days and so I didn’t want to bother with putting a post up if no one would be able to see it. But thanks to my IT guy (aka Cameron…ha) I think that the problem has been resolved and hopefully things should be good from here on out! (If not, definitely leave a comment for me on social media letting me know!)

And if I’m being honest, I was just not super motivated to write this update this month. Not because this past month wasn’t fun, but it’s just that I have a list of other posts I want to write and sometimes writing these updates can get a little tedious. But then I started looking back through some of my updates from earlier this year and it’s just amazing how much Henry has changed! So I’m really hoping I can stick it out just a few more months with writing these because I’d really like to have one from each month of his first year to look back on.

 Henry these days is a boy on the move! He finally started crawling and it’s like he learns something new every day. He is so much fun and he just has the sweetest personality. He’s always smiling and laughing and is just such a joy. Cameron and I are both so in love with him and are trying to really cherish each day because it seems like it’s going by way too quickly. And even though he obviously isn’t talking yet, I swear it’s like he understands what’s going on and has such a good sense of humor. He’s constantly making eye contact with Cam and I and raising his eyebrows and smiling with his eyes and it’s like the three of have some hilarious inside joke going on 🙂

Also, getting these pictures was basically impossible and the ones I included in this post are not the best. Henry did not want to sit still at all, plus I waited until after his second nap to take them and so his room was super dark. Whoops! So ignore the sub-par photos, here is what Henry is up to at nine months old…



Henry had his 9 month appointment last week and he weighed 20lbs 6oz and measured 29 inches long. I can’t remember exactly but I think he was around the 65th percentile for weight and around the 75-80th for length. (And then he was in the 97th percentile for head circumference…taking after his mama with a big noggin!) His hair is still a sandy blonde and it’s so long and wispy, definitely what people tend to comment on when we’re out! He still has a little bit of a bald spot in the back, but it’s starting to fill in, and then he still has some of the dark hair near his neck that is still the original color his hair was when he was born. His eyes seem to be turning more brown, but they still seem to have some grayish green around the edges? I feel like we need to give it another month or two before we can conclusively say what color they are. And he still has no teeth! He acts like he’s teething, but who knows? I am just hoping it’s not too rough if he ends up getting a bunch at the same time…
 Still really healthy thankfully! The doctor said he was growing right on track at his 9 month appointment and he had a great checkup. Our pediatrician does a blood test for lead exposure and iron level at the 9 month appointment and I was super surprised that when Henry got his finger poked, he did not cry at all! He seemed really interested in what the nurse was doing and just sat there like a champ! (And then proceeded to chew off the band-aid she put on his finger…ha!) The only incident from the past month is that he managed to poke himself in the eye with a straw while drinking a smoothie. Luckily though, it hit the skin right near his eye and he ended up being just fine. It definitely scared me a little though!

 His favorite thing in the world was the power strip in our family room and he always wanted to be playing with it and turning it on and off…so that had to be relocated 🙂 He still loves rolling his tongue and making all sorts of fun sounds. He gets a big kick out of other kids, both babies his own age and older kids that are like 3 or 4. He loves to laugh and he’ll crack up if another kid is doing anything he thinks is funny. He’s started to love pulling himself up on things (although that has definitely been a favorite this week so I’m sure I’ll be talking about it more in next month’s update!) He also seems to like the swings a lot and he’s enjoying reading books more and more.

Still hates the blender, which is super frustrating because he loves smoothies! He also really doesn’t like if you take something away from him and he is starting to voice his frustration more and more clearly these days. But other than that, he’s a pretty happy guy that doesn’t have too many dislikes!



He’s still wearing a few 9 month things, but for the most part he’s moved up to 12 month or 12-18 month, depending on the brand. He got some new fall clothes last week and everything is 12 months and up and I’m so excited for him to wear it all! Except it’s weird to have to think about putting socks and jackets and sweaters on him after the hot summer we’ve had! As for diapers, still using Honest Company in size 4,  and technically, he’s a little below the weight range listed for it. But I think the 4s fit him better than the 3s did so we’re going to keep using those. 

I went into more detail last month about what he’s eating, and it’s still pretty much the same thing this month. I’m still nursing him and things are going great! Even though it’s still quite a few months away, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about weaning this month. I definitely want to continue nursing until he’s at least a year, but after that, I don’t have a hard end date in mind. I’m sure we’ll figure out when the time is right for both of us for it to be done, but I’m already a little sad thinking about it! He’s still nursing four times a day and eating solids three times a day and he seems to be doing great with that schedule. I’m trying to introduce more finger foods, and I’m thinking about doing a whole post with some of my favorite things to feed him so stay tuned for that!

Things have been going very well in this department and I’m thankful he’s a good sleeper because it’s definitely a blessing! He usually wakes up around 7:30am, takes a morning and an afternoon nap, and then goes to bed between 8-9. I’m hoping as the days get shorter we can start to transition him to a slightly earlier bedtime, but it’s been nice to have him up when Cam is home from work and just enjoy time together as a family in the evenings.

Favorite Things:

I posted last week about our favorite things from 6-9 months and that pretty much covers most of the things that we’ve been using recently. One toy I forgot to mention that he seems to really like is this one; I’m not a huge fan of toys that make noise but it’s pretty cute and keeps him entertained. He also has a mini beach ball and a set of maracas that he really likes to play with as well 🙂  


-The biggest milestone is that he finally started crawling! He had been sitting up, as well as pushing up to his hands and knees, for a couple months already and although he was rolling and moving all over, he hadn’t been crawling at all, including army crawling. Sure enough, two days before he turned 9 months old (so on 9/6), all the sudden he just started army crawling across the family room. It was so funny because he would start to army crawl and then he would try to push up to his knees while he was moving forward so he was sort of half army crawling, half normal crawling. After a day or two, he improved a lot on his normal crawling and has been doing that pretty consistently now! It’s kind of bittersweet that he won’t just sit still and play with a toy in one spot anymore, but it’s also really neat to see him finally reach this milestone after months of build-up to it!
-He’s also started saying ‘mama’ finally! He babbles mamamama and dadadada all the time, along with other consonant syllables. (We think he’s trying to work on saying Lola next…) He does seem to start saying mama a lot if he’s tired or distressed…then when he’s happy is when he says dada…ha!
-He had a busy month of visitors! My parents came out to Portland in mid-August and my sister and brother-in-law came out over Labor Day weekend, so it was nice for them to see how much he’s changed this summer!
-He’s also had a lot of play dates over the past month and he’s quite the little social guy! It’s so much fun to see him interact with other babies and he seems to really enjoy it.
-He completed the Summer Reading Program at the library…and yes, I realize he can’t actually read, but still it was fun! Basically I just marked down every time I read to him on this game board and he got a few fun little prizes including a reading onesie.
-He went to the Oregon Coast, and although it wasn’t his first time, it was his first time actually getting to splash in the ocean and play in the sand there. He loved it!
-We started the Hike It Baby 30 Challenge which is basically me saying that I’m going to hike with him for at least 30 miles in the month of September. (You can read more about it here) I plan on posting more about this next month once we (hopefully) reach our goal!
-He’s starting to pull himself up on things a lot more and I’m sure it’s only going to continue in the months to come…

Oh Henry, you are going to keep us on our toes in the months to come! I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store 🙂  We love you so much!