So Long, Summer // Our Family Photos

Hey friends, happy first (official) day of fall!

What feels like not that long ago (but it was actually months ago now!), I shared a list of a some fun things I had hoped to accomplish this summer. We managed to do quite a few of them including hike Oneonta Gorge (so amazing!), go to Astoria, the zoo, and many of the other things/places on the list. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to check off everything (sadly we didn’t go camping OR make homemade ice cream this summer…whoops) but for the most part, we did pretty good!

One of the things on that list that I’m so happy we made time for though was getting some family photos taken! I loved our newborn photos, but Henry has changed a lot since then obviously…ha! We had photos taken by Ashley (of Ashley D Scheider Photography) and she’s actually a fellow mama (and total sweetheart!) who I connected with through Hike It Baby. However, she did recently relocate from Portland to Tacoma, WA so I was glad we were able to have her capture these photos for us before she moved. (And if by chance you are in the Tacoma area, I highly recommend her!!)

This summer was such a sweet one, full of fun memories watching our baby boy grow and seeing his adorable little personality develop. I’m so thankful to have these photos because they perfectly capture this season of our lives. And as summer ends and fall begins, today seemed like a perfect time to finally share them! Per usual, I couldn’t narrow them down so prepare for photo overload…

I am obsessed with that fluffy little head of hair 🙂
So the day we did these photos, the weather was being super bipolar. Things started off sunny, but then it poured rain! (I think you can actually sort of see the rain in this one…) So we ended up getting a mix of some warmer, golden light type shots and then some more cloudy, PNW-looking shots 🙂 It was also awesome for my hair…not.
I’m obsessed with this picture of the two of them 🙂

So long summer, you’ve been good to us! Looking forward to see what fall has in store 🙂

(PS – I’m in Michigan visiting family right now so be sure to follow along on Instagram!)