Henry // His First Fall

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty low key with Saturday’s Michigan game vs. Michigan State being a low point. (If you saw SportsCenter at all this weekend, you probably heard about it. Basically we lost at the very end on a crazy play and it was super disappointing.) We did end up going on a hike in the Gorge yesterday though and that was great! I shared a few pictures on Instagram, but the fall colors were out and it was so beautiful. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) getting in quite a few more hikes before the weather really starts to cool off! Today though, I wanted to share a few photos from last weekend/this past week from my “real” camera; I have seriously been terrible about taking pictures with anything but my phone this past year since it’s a lot easier not to worry about lugging along with camera when I’m dealing with Henry. But I whenever I do take the extra time to take photos with the actual camera, I’m always happy I did. So in the spirit of fall, here are some recent snaps…

Before having a baby, I always really enjoyed doing seasonal things…but now that we have Henry, it is a million times better! Fall is my favorite time of year and he is at such a sweet age right now so I’m really loving being able to do all these fun things with him. Growing up in Michigan, the big thing to do in the fall is go to the cider mill and get cider and donuts. When we were in Michigan last month, we were able to do that (I posted some pictures on Instagram) and it’s special to think about carrying on these seasonal traditions my parents did with my sister and I with my own son. For Cam’s family, their tradition is going to the pumpkin patch and so it was really exciting to be able to take Henry for the first time last weekend. My husband’s birthday, his brother’s birthday, and my niece’s birthday are all within a few days of each other so that’s when we usually go. (I’ve posted about it before here, here, and here) I completely blanked on getting any pictures of Cam with his chocolate cake because I was too focused on taking 384952 pictures of Henry, but it was a really fun day!

Henry borrowed the hat from his cousin Lucas for a few pictures 🙂
Cousins, who are all getting big so fast!
We had a warm sunny day for our visit!
Cameron is having so much fun with Henry these days, seeing them together is the best 🙂
Cam and his brothers
Pumpkin chunkin’ canons…I have a feeling Henry will probably get a kick out of it in a few years
First patch picture as a family of three!
I wear the baby, he does the heavy lifting 🙂
Cam’s parents love getting lots of pumpkins 🙂
These pumpkin pants kill me…I couldn’t resist!
He’s was having a lot of fun checking out the pumpkins…
…until his mom wanted to take too many pictures and then he was done. Ha.
Last week, I went to check out some of the pumpkin patches a little closer to Portland with one of my friends and her little boy, who is conveniently also named Henry. We had hoped to beat some of the crowds by going during the week…but it was actually super empty and they weren’t serving any food, so that was a little bit of a bummer! But we still had fun and I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of my little pumpkin in the patch 🙂

Henry is normally super happy but he was not in the mood to give me smiles…

 Such a little stinker!

We tried getting some pictures of the two Henries together and that didn’t go much better. Both boys were so distracted by everything in the pumpkin patch plus it was super sunny and warm (seriously this is the summer that will not end out here on the West Coast!) and so it was hard to get a picture of them both. I tip my hat to children’s photographers because it is definitely not easy to get two babies to look at the camera at once!
I think this is the best once I got and my Henry looks super pissed off. Ha.
Crazy to think that next year they will be running around the pumpkin patch!
My friend Amanda did get some cute pictures of me and my boy though, so that’s always appreciated!

 Brace yourself kid, you’ve got many years of pumpkin patch photo sessions ahead. 

 This is his new favorite expression lately and it cracks me up 🙂

Pumpkin drum!

 He was super intrigued by the whole pumpkin stem situation

For reference for Portland folks, we went to Kruger’s out on Sauvie’s Island and they had great pumpkins…just don’t expect much else if you come during the week! (Although the grounds are pretty and Sauvie’s Island is just a generally beautiful spot) I also happened to swing by Bella Organic as well just to compare and that was really nice as well!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful October!