Currently: September

A few favorites from Instagram so far this month 🙂

Feeling: LARGE. Thankfully, I’m feeling good overall, but this belly just seems so huge and in the way these days! (Especially when I’m trying to put Henry in his car seat or put on my shoes, ha!) I had a midwife appointment yesterday and she reminded me that with a second pregnancy, usually you get bigger faster and you start to feel the annoying end of pregnancy symptoms sooner than you do the first time around. But I’m 36 weeks tomorrow, so the end is in sight!

Watching: Over the past couple of weeks, we burned through the first four seasons of Homeland. We were planning on taking a break and watching Stranger Things, but after watching one episode, it wasn’t really our cup of tea and so we just started season 5 of Homeland. But I’m excited that all the fall shows are starting up again! We watched the first episode of the Voice, time will tell if we end up getting into this season or not. It does always amaze me though how many talented people they’re able to find for each season, like how do that many people have awesome voices? It’s crazy! I’m not super intrigued by the ads for most of the new fall shows premiering this year, but maybe some of them will turn out to be good?

Enjoying: That Portland (well, one of the suburbs) has a 365 by WFM! I went there for the first time yesterday, and overall, I liked it! I know that Whole Foods is trying to appeal to Millennials with this store, but it really feels like they’re just trying to compete with Trader Joe’s. The store was a lot more bare bones than a normal Whole Foods and not quite as warm and friendly (for lack of a better word) as my beloved TJ’s. There were things I didn’t like (limited product selection, only the 365 brand in a lot of items, no conveyor belt for groceries, you have to bag your own stuff) but overall, I though the prices for organic produce and meat were pretty good and definitely better than Whole Foods. I don’t think I would shop there all the time, but it’s definitely good for certain things.  

Making: A very Pinterest-y project combining an old window and an engineer print from Staples to make something like this. Now that Cameron has finished the basement and moved his office down there, we’re in the process of getting his old office converted into our new master bedroom! He just finished re-painting that room and we have an old window that I think would be perfect to hang in there! Just one of the 3209813 projects I want to get done before my due date – ha!

Cooking: Lots of meals in the crock pot! I’m obsessed with my slow cooker and use it at least once a week, it’s just so convenient! Typically, I do meal plan each week and I like to try and include at least one new recipe in the rotation. Sometimes it gets annoying because I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel each week trying to decide what to make for dinner, but it’s worth it when I try a new recipe that we end up loving! Last night, we had these buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes and they were really good, definitely something I’d make again! This weekend, I made this crock pot white chicken chili and it was so yummy, perfect for fall! Speaking of all recipes, I recently made this one pan autumn chicken dinner; it’s not crock pot but it’s super easy and so good – it’s definitely a staple in our house! Also, all three of these recipes are chicken, so I guess that’s what I’m cooking right now…ha! I am always on the hunt for new recipes for dinner, especially for crock pot meals since I feel like I’ll be using it even more than I already do once baby #2 arrives! (Also, you can see the dinner recipes I’ve pinned here!)
Reading: The packet of info my midwife gave me about getting an epidural…ha! I’m delivering with midwives at a hospital and they’re super supportive of whatever an expectant mother wants out of her birth. With Henry, while I wasn’t dead set on having a natural birth, I really wanted to try and have one if possible. And while it was definitely painful, I’m thankful I ended up having that experience…but this time around, let’s just say that I’m very open to having a different experience 🙂 Obviously, I have no idea how this birth will go and if things progress quickly, I may not end up getting one. But if the baby is in a position where it seems like it may be a more lengthy labor, then I’ll most likely opt for the epidural – we’ll just have to wait and see!
Wanting: To get an SNS dipping powder manicure – has anyone tried one? I just recently heard about it and am intrigued by the fact that it’s supposed to last longer than shellac and not be as hard on your nails. I found a salon here in Portland that does it so I think I’m going to get one next week!

Looking: For a Halloween costume for Henry! I don’t necessarily know how much we’ll actually be doing much this year considering my due date, but I still want him to be able to dress up as something! We’re headed to Target today so I’m hoping I’ll find something there…

Wishing: New York wasn’t so far away! We had such a great time last week visiting my sister and brother in law and new nephew, and although I don’t think I could live there full-time, I do wish we could visit way more often. I wish it didn’t take so long to get there from the West Coast 🙁 But hopefully I’ll have a little blog post about our trip coming soon!

Eating: Australian style black licorice (one of my favorite and I got a giant bag from Costco the other day that I’m burning through at an alarming rate), apples (love this time of year, the apples are SO good right now!), ginger molasses cookies (I love them, but never make them at home so if I see one when we’re out, I just can’t resist) and ice cream (this flavor has been my favorite recently)

Needing: To decide on a “theme” for the nursery! (I use the word theme loosely. LOL.) When we found out we were having a boy, I told Cameron he could choose the direction we go for the nursery and he immediately said cars, which is fine with me. But as the project of finishing the basement started to consume the summer, he decided that his choice was minimalist/no theme. Ha. Well now that the basement is done and our new master bedroom is almost done, we can finally start thinking about the nursery! It’s definitely not going to be finished before baby boy arrives (which is fine since he’ll be in our room for the first couple of months anyway) but I would like to at least agree on the direction we’re headed. I’m pretty sure we’re planning on painting the walls a light gray and we’ve picked out the crib that we’re planning to get. So now we’ve (ok, I’ve) narrowed it down to a few different options – 1) We hang the vintage US map we have in the nursery and go with a travel theme, so for this we’d probably incorporate some more bright colors from the map into the room like this. 2) Go completely neutral, so basically all gray and white, and maybe some animal prints, something like this. 3) Go with Cameron’s original choice of cars, which I think would mean we’d be incorporating some more red and black into the room? I told him he could choose, so we’ll see what we he decides 🙂

Wearing: This vest that I got during the Nordstrom anniversary sale last month and this navy Essie nail polish, I’ve had it on for over 5 days with minimal chips!

Hoping: That can go apple picking and to the pumpkin patch before I give birth. I feel like I need to squeeze in any sort of fall fun thing now because I know November is going to be a month where we’re primarily at home adjusting to life with two kids. And then it’s the holidays…eek!

Loving: All things fall! I know, I know, so basic but whatever 🙂 And I realize that technically fall doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but here in Portland, the leaves are already changing and we’ve been having some awesome fall-ish weather already and I’m soaking it up! Oh, and I posted about this on Instagram earlier this week, but I recently got this new floral print wrap that is a collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and Solly Baby and I’m obsessed. It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to use it!