Henry at 21 Months

Hello, hello! We are home from our trip to NYC and we had the best time. I am planning on (hopefully) putting up a post with some more pictures and details, but that will have to wait until next week because mama is a little tired from traveling at the moment! However, before we went to New York, I started putting together an update post on Henry and never had a chance to share it before we left…so I wanted to do that ASAP! Henry turned 21 months old a week ago today (9/8) and it’s crazy to me just how close I am to having a TWO year old! In his first year, I felt like I was really on top of noticing all the small changes from month to month, but now it seems like time is going by so much faster. I think it’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun because the ages he’s at now is really a blast! Granted, it’s incredibly busy too because he’s so active, but I’m really loving it. We had a really fantastic summer and I feel like he’s definitely grown a lot since the last update I shared at 18 months. I snapped a few pictures of him last week on the day he turned 21 months, so I thought it would be fun to share those along with the details on what he’s been up to lately!

 Not sure since he doesn’t go to the doctor until his 2 year well check up in December. I’m guessing he’s getting close to 30 lbs now though, and I feel like he’s gotten quite a bit taller this summer! He has 16 teeth including his canines, which have all poked through, but aren’t completely in yet.

 Overall, he’s been very healthy this summer with the exception of a really nasty summer virus he had at the end of July when we got back from our trip to Michigan. He was SO congested and there were a few mornings where he woke up and his eyes were completely crusted shut so he couldn’t even open them. SO AWFUL. We took him to the doctor and they said it was just a virus and thankfully he got over it relatively quickly. However, I’m bracing to head back into the fall/winter months where toddlers seem to pass illnesses back and forth like wildfire – fingers crossed it won’t be too horrible for us this year with a newborn in the house!

I feel like many of his likes are still the same from his 18 month post! He still loves to run/jump/climb, he loves the beach/water/sand, and he’s still obsessed with books. More recently, he seems to have taken a liking to ice – ha! Being pregnant, I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water and I always put ice in mine; he always points at my cup and says “Ice! Ice!” and points at the freezer and wants me to get him some. (One of my friends came over with her son for a play date last week and Henry actually reached his hand into her glass and grabbed out a piece of ice before I could stop him!  But luckily she wasn’t too shocked since she has a toddler too!) He really likes Sesame Street; he will grab the remote and say “Mo! Mo!” because he wants to watch Elmo. And after hating baths for the past few months, he is finally back to loving them again thankfully! He was refusing to sit down in the bath tub and he just didn’t want to be in the bath for most of the summer. I used to just put water and his toys in the tub and I’d just wash him down with his body wash, but I recently started adding tons of bubbles to the tub and that did the trick!

He hates showers or getting rinsed off after a bubble bath! When we did swim lessons earlier this summer, he loved being in the pool but would scream when I would shower him off after. In our tub at home, we have a moveable shower head that I use to spray him off and he cries and cries when I do it, which I hate, so I just try to do it as fast as possible. He also seems to be pretty sensitive to getting things in his eyes and his eyelashes are the worst with this! There’s been a few times lately where he’ll wake up and rub his eyes and somehow, some of his eyelashes get turned inward and poke him in the eye. He then screams bloody murder and squeezes his eyes shut, making it slightly difficult to resolve the situation.

 He’s been wearing size 18-24 month stuff for awhile now, but some of it is starting to get a little small so I’m getting him 2T in everything for fall/winter. He got some cute clothes handed down from his older cousin that should work great for the coming cooler weather, and then I found a few things from the new Cat & Jack line at Target. But I definitely need to hit up Old Navy/Baby Gap/HM/Oshkosh B’gosh (aka my normal go-to stores for his clothes) over the next few weeks to get him some more fall things! He’s been wearing a size 6 shoe pretty much all summer, but some of those seemed a little small so we recently transitioned over to his size 7s. He’s still wearing a size 5 in diapers, and we’ve been alternating between Honest, Huggies Overnights, and Kirkland, which I think is actually our new favorite! Since we’re going to have two in diapers soon, the Kirkland brand from Costco is definitely a little more budget-friendly and it’s nice not to have to constantly be buying diapers since they come in such a huge quantity.


Still pretty hit or miss, but nothing out of the ordinary for the age he’s at or so I’m told! Some days, he’ll eat everything I put in front of him and other days, I feel like he barely eats at all. He still LOVES anything dairy – milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. Although his favorite thing ever is ice cream! Anytime he sees a picture of ice cream or looks at a book where there’s a picture of kids eating ice cream he always says “ice keem! ice keem!” and then he immediately follows it up with saying “Good!”…ha! While we don’t give it to him too often, he’s definitely had it a few times this summer and loves it, just like his parents. He basically rejects any vegetable we try and feed him unless it’s sweet potatoes or squash, so I need to keep finding ways to get creative and sneak them in to his food. He is better with meat, although he has some days where he’ll eat it and then others where he wants nothing to do with it. He loves hot dogs, sausage, and salmon but is more cautious about other meats. Apples and watermelons are his favorite fruits, although it seems like that changes depending on the day. He is obsessed with “bars” and literally asks for “bar! bar!” every single day. I don’t typically feed him bars when we’re at home, but when we’re on the go, I’ll give him Lara bars, PB&J bars from Trader Joes, or some other type of granola bar and he loves anything that comes in bar form. He still loves PB&J sandwiches, oatmeal, and sweet potato pancakes, and I keep trying to give him different foods in hopes we’ll discover some new favorites! He does love sweets though, that is for sure! I try not to give him that type of thing too often, but when we’re out or traveling sometimes it happens and now he’s started to ask for things like cake when we’re at home. So definitely trying to work on helping him understand that those things are only for special occasions, which is extra hard when I’m pregnant and want to eat that type of thing all the time…ha!


 His sleep schedule has been a little out of whack this summer, but we’ve just been going with the flow and it’s been fine. He still sleeps 11-12 hours consistently at night, but some days, he just hasn’t been wanting to nap during the day. He used to pretty consistently go to bed around 8:30pm and then wake up around 8am, which worked out well if we had morning plans between 9-10am. But this summer, between traveling, camping, and just being out enjoying the weather, some nights he’d get in bed way late. As a result, he’d end up sleeping in super late (sometimes until almost 10am!) and if we didn’t have any plans, I wouldn’t want to wake him. As a result, he’d go down for a later nap (usually around 2:30pm) but there were many days where he wouldn’t fall asleep at all, or if he did, he’d fall asleep around 4-4:30pm, and then not wake up until 6 or 6:30pm! The thing with Henry is that he likes his crib and so he’s perfectly happy to stay in there even if he’s not asleep. He’ll sit there and play with his stuffed animals, jump up and down (but not cry), or just lay there and talk to himself. There were days I’d watch him on the monitor and think, “OK, it’s 4pm, he’s not going to fall asleep, I’ll just go up there and get him”…so of course right then is when he’d finally lay down and fall asleep, ha! And being tired and pregnant, I figured that if he wanted to sleep, I’d just let him sleep 🙂 I just chalked it all up to summer and since I’m home with him and we’re not on a super strict schedule, I just went with it. But now that the weather outside is more fall-like, he seems to have just naturally transitioned back to his 8:30pm bedtime, 8am wakeup, with one mid-afternoon nap so that’s good as that seems to be the best schedule for everyone. He is still sleeping in his crib for naps and at night and we’re planning on keeping it that way as long as possible since he’s shown no signs of trying to climb out. Also, he does still always sleep in a sleep sack, both at night and for his nap. I realize he’s kind of getting a little old for doing that, but I don’t care in the slightest! (I actually just got him this sleep sack the other day in XL and he has plenty of room to grow!) Any time I put blankets in the crib with him, he just throws them out and at least with the sleep sack, I know he has a little something covering him! Plus, when I put the sleep sack on him, I feel like it’s a good mental cue for him that it’s time for sleep and it discourages him from climbing out of the crib. Basically, we’ve been doing the sleep sack every since we stopped swaddling him and I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


This summer, his language really seems to have taken off and now he says so many words that I’ve lost track! Some words he does just say the first syllable, where as other words he’s actually getting better at pronouncing the whole thing. He’s still primarily still saying single words at this point, but has started to put some two word combinations together, mainly things involving directions like “in there” or “up here.” And I think he’s right on the verge of starting to put more phrases together because a lot of times, he’ll say one thing like “plane” or “kite” and then like two seconds later he’ll say “sky!” so I think he’s starting to get the idea of putting words together. He loves enthusiastically saying “Hi!” – he says it when I go get him out of his crib in the morning and then about 100 times a day after that. He’s getting really good on identifying colors and body parts, so he says those words very frequently. Basically any thing he sees that he knows the word for, he will point to it and keep saying it until we acknowledge it 🙂 He also loves to point out any objects he knows the words for when we’re reading books, so as soon as we turn the page, he’ll start pointing to and rattling off the names for anything he recognizes. He’s starting to gain a better understand the difference between pronouns like “me vs. you” although his favorite pronoun seems to be “him.” For example, when we’re walking in a parking lot, I’ll ask him where our car is and when we get close to it, he’ll point and say “him!” Ha! I don’t think he really understands that his name is Henry yet, but he started saying “Cam!” (because he hears me saying that one a lot, ha!) and then he sometimes will say “Jane” now too if he hears Cam say it. He also says words twice quite often like “Run, run!” or “Spin, spin!” Another one that he always says twice is “tent, tent!” and he started doing that when we were camping, but now does it for his teepee and any time he sees a picture of a tent. I feel like he says new words all the time so it’s hard to keep track at this point, but some newer ones that he’s been saying a lot lately are “gear” (I got him some gear bath toys and I think that’s why he’s been saying this one so much), “engine” (he used to just say truck if he saw a fire truck, but  now it’s always “engine”), “tunnel” (any time we go through a tunnel in the car), and “throw!” (right before he chucks something across the room – ha!). However, he does still always call milk “goo goo,” he calls diapers “bapas,” and when he points to a light he still always says “na!” He also says “Kay!” when he really means “cozy” which is what I say when I put him in his sleep sack at night or put a blanket on him. He’s also started to say words that I say a lot, like when he sees something he’ll say that it’s “Cute!” or “Cool!” and then I guess I must say to him a lot “How about we do x, y, z…” because he ends up repeating “How about!” He also loves telling us to “Come!” when he runs off to look at something. I can’t wait to see what additional words he learns over the next few months!

Favorite Things:
 This summer, he got a lot of use out of this “duck pond” water table and although it’s fairly simple compared to some other water tables out there, he seems to really like it! I got him these gear toys for the bath tub and seems to be a big fan. We’ve been trying to have him use a plate and utensils more lately vs. just putting food directly on his high chair tray, and I’ve really been liking these plates because they’re really deep and almost bowl-like, so they’re good for holding things of varying textures. (I also found utensils of the same brand at Target that we’ve been using too, but didn’t see them online.)  I also did a post earlier this summer about some of our favorite toddler travel items and I have to give an extra shout out to the Camelback water bottles and the Melissa and Doug Water Wow, both are favorites for sure! I also got him some letter magnets from Target (from the dollar spot, so I can’t find them online), and he’s very into those at the moment. As for books, we are big fans of any by the brand Priddy Books; he has quite a few and they all seem to really hold his attention. I ordered him these counting bears after seeing another mom blogger had them on Snapchat, and he seems to really like playing with them, even though he doesn’t always get the concept of sorting them by color and he usually just wants to stick the bears in whatever cup he wants – ha! I also recently got him this balance bike (which is the one in the photos) and since I just got it I can’t say that it’s a favorite quite yet, but it seems to be perfect for his age!

Things I Want to Remember:
 -Henry is such a sweet boy and there is something so innocent about the age he’s at that it’s almost heartbreaking. He loves watching older kids and a lot of times kids at the park will think he’s older than he is since he is pretty big for his age. Sometimes there have been instances where older kids will be sort of bossy or mean to him (which I realize is also a phase that he will probably go through eventually too) and they’ll do things like take a toy from him or just kind of yell at him, and he’ll just stand there with these big eyes like he’s not really sure what’s going on. I know that this kind of stuff is going to happen, but I hope that he can retain the sweetness he has now as he gets bigger 🙂
-He’s still very happy and joyful, to the point where he frequently jumps with excitement when we’re out doing something. He is pretty good about going with the flow and even if we’re traveling or he doesn’t get a nap or whatever, he is still usually pretty pleasant the majority of the time!
-That’s not to say he doesn’t have his moments where he’s moody or throws toddler tantrums because he definitely does. I think it’s starting to help that he’s able to communicate a little more when he gets upset about something, but in some ways it also makes it harder too? Sometimes he’ll get upset and tell me that he wants something that he can’t have in that moment (like to get out of his stroller or to have ice cream or whatever) and then when I try to tell him, I understand what you’re asking me but we’re not having that right now, it usually doesn’t go over well…ha!
-He was going through a major phase this summer where he was pretending everything was a phone and he’d basically pick up any object and hold it to his ear and say “hello?” So funny! He’s also starting to use his imagination more and pretend things are other things, like for example, he’ll pick up his plate (or any round object) and pretend it’s a steering wheel and say “Drive, drive!”
-Speaking of driving, one of his favorite things to do is when we let him sit in the parked car and pretend to drive. He loves playing with all the buttons and pretending he’s really driving.
-I know I’ve said it a million times, but he really does love books! Whenever we go anywhere, I need to have at least three books with me to give to him to keep him occupied and they really seem to hold his attention. He does like when we read to him, which we do every day, but it seems like he prefers just sitting and reading books on his own most of the time so he does a lot of that too when we’re home. We are constantly going to the library to get new books, and he even completed the summer reading program at our library and got a little t-shirt! Also, when we get to the end of reading him a book, he usually says “Amen!” which is so cute. (I usually say “The End” but will say “Amen” when we say prayers before bed, and so he gets the two mixed up)
-He seems to be fairly extroverted and enjoys being out around a lot of people, and he constantly grabs his shoes and goes to the front door and says “Go, go?” But he really seems to like having time to play alone too. He’s still really good at playing independently in his play area, which I know will be super helpful when the baby comes!
-It’s interesting to see little things that he picks up on throughout the day and he seems to be a pretty observant kid. The other day I was cooking at using tomato paste and I use the kind from Trader Joe’s that comes in a tube that looks like a tube of tooth paste. He saw me using it and started saying “Paste? Paste” as if he was very concerned that I was putting tooth paste in the food, ha!
-If I ask him if he wants to do something like take a nap or eat a particular food, he’ll often respond with “I don’t!” and then immediately follow that by saying “I won’t!” I don’t know why, but this cracks me up, which is probably why he keeps doing it, ha! But he just sounds so emphatic about it when he says “I don’t! I won’t!” and I find it hilarious.
-He is also very in to saying “Mine!” or “All mine!” lately, but mainly just at home as opposed to other kids. He’ll be playing with one of his toys at home and I won’t even be trying to take it from him and out of the blue he’ll just say “Mine!” just so he knows that I’m sure it’s his I guess…ha!
-He’s gotten to the point with knowing his colors that now if I ask him about what color something is, he will purposely say the wrong color as joke. I’ll point to something like his red car and say “What color is this?” and he’ll say “Blue? Blue? Blue?” with a big smile on his face like it’s hilarious.
-Henry used to say “No” constantly, but now that he can talk more, he only says no when he really means it. But it’s funny because we’ll ask him questions on whether he wants to do something and he’ll think about it and say “No?” with sort of a question mark at the end. He has also mastered the art of fake crying and sometimes he will even start to laugh because it’s so obvious that he’s faking.
-All summer, whenever I’d get him up in the morning and ask him what he wanted to do that day, he’d always say “Pool? Pool?” and he really loves being around water!
 -He’s recently been much more aware of his…anatomy, as well as the similarities and differences between his parents. If he’s around when one of us is getting in the shower or using the bathroom, he’ll always point and he seems very confused about the fact that I seem to be missing a body part…ha! We try to just respond to him matter of factly about it and since he is just learning to talk, it’s not like he’s asking too many in-depth questions yet. He’s also started to get more interested in the potty, but we haven’t made any push at all to really encourage it. A lot of my friends have bought their kids little potties already, but basically I don’t want to deal with that at all once we bring a newborn into the house…ha! Once he turns two and we start to get in more of a rhythm with life with two kids, I’ll probably encourage it more if he seems interested, but he’s definitely going to be in diapers for awhile if I can help it.
-He’s always been super into lights of any kind and always points them out when he sees them. He’s understood the concept of on and off for awhile, but recently he’s started saying “dark” when a light is off. A light bulb burned out in the light fixture over our kitchen table and he immediately was pointing at it and saying “dark! dark!”
-He’s getting really good at identifying letters and numbers and if we’re out and see them on signs. It’s really amazing how quickly he’s starting to recognize them!
-He loves to “Climb, climb!” and is constantly trying to climb on anything he can, especially our coffee table and end table. He also loves to bang on things and whenever I ask him what he’s doing, he always says “Paying!” (aka Playing!) When we’ve taken him to music class and he uses a mallet to play the drum or xylophone, we say oh good job playing that instrument, so I think that’s where he gets it.
-He also loves saying “Spill, spill” and “Mess!” whenever he’s in his high chair, so that’s really fun…not, ha! He thinks it’s really funny to take a big sip of his water bottle and then squirt it all out of his mouth so his shirt gets soaked. I don’t find it quite as hilarious as he does 🙂
-He hasn’t been as into giving kisses lately which is kind of a bummer 🙁 When I ask him for a smooch during the day now, he almost always says “No!” (Usually with a big grin on his face) I’ve seen lots of articles online about how to protect kids from possible sexual predators (which is so disturbing to think about) and I know they always suggest not to force little kids to show physical affection if they don’t want to. So if he says no when I ask him for a kiss, I always try to say, “That’s ok!” so that way he starts to understand that if he says no to something like that, that his no should be respected. Something like that might seem kind of silly or paranoid since he is so little, but I figure that it’s good to lay the groundwork now for him to understand that it’s not OK for someone to try and coerce him into to showing physical affection. (He does still always give me a kiss before he goes to bed though, thank goodness!)
-His other new thing is coming up to me and saying “Cuddle, cuddle!” and
it is my favorite. He’ll usually only snuggle for a minute or two before
he wants to run off and do something else, but it’s the sweetest thing
-We’ve been talking A LOT about the new baby coming the past couple of months, and although I don’t think he necessarily “gets it” yet, he is aware that there is a baby in my belly and he’s very interested in all things baby. We’ve read tons of books about having a new baby in the house and being a big brother and he seems to love them. He always points out babies whenever we’re out and we see them, and he loves the little baby doll I got for him. The real test was this weekend when we were in NYC and he got to see his newborn cousin and thankfully, it went great! He was very interested in looking at him and pointing out his body parts, and he was fairly gentle interacting with him. Granted newborns sleep a ton, and so once the baby would fall asleep, he’d kind of lose interest and start playing with other things, but overall, I think it’s going to be just fine when he becomes a big brother next month!
-Going to New York meant that Henry went on another flight, only this was his last official trip as a lap infant! So next time we fly, we’ll have to pay for him to have his own seat…whomp whomp. Granted we lucked out this trip and there was an empty seat in our row on our flight to NYC and our the first leg of our trip home, so that helped a lot. I haven’t added up how many flights he’s been on, but I should do that before he turns two because he’s definitely flown many, many miles at this point!

I know that this post was pretty long and I included a lot of details, but it’s really more for me so I don’t forget them than anything else! I’m so thankful for this sweet boy and am soaking up all the one on one time we have left over the next month. However, I am SO EXCITED to see him with his baby brother, I feel like my heart might literally burst when that happens 🙂