Breaking News-The Graybeals’ are moving to Greenville, South Carolina!!

After many months of waiting, we finally found out where Cameron’s first rotation for his job with GE will be–Greenville, SC! This was where we had suspected/hoped that we would be placed all along, but we knew that we also had the possibility to be put in upstate NY, Houston, or Atlanta, so we weren’t positive where we’d be ending up. However, we jsut found out for sure, and we’re thrilled! I’ve heard a lot of great things about Greenville, SC and after 23 years of living in freezing cold Michigan, I’m so pumped to live somewhere semi-warm!! Since we just found out, we haven’t worked out to many of the details yet, I just know that we’re going to be moving there at the beginning of July. Life has been so chaotic recently with quitting work/Cam’s graduation, and now traveling around Europe at a pretty intense pace, I honestly haven’t even wrapped my mind around the fact that we’re going to have to pack up our little apartment in Ann Arbor as soon as we get home. But it’s nice to finally know where we’re going, and we’re both so glad that Cam was given his first choice of location of the 4 places we had to choose from. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing life in the South, and while Cam isn’t looking forward to the heat, he’s excited to live in a place that isn’t completely flat. We’ll most likely only be living in Greenville for a year, but I think it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity to experience life in a part of the country that is new for both of us. I’ll obviously be posting more about this as we progress through our move, but I just wanted to let everyone know! Yay for South Carolina and we would definitely love for people to come visit! 🙂