Wake up Green Day, September’s over!

Happy October! I can’t belive that this time of the year is upon us once again, but it’s one of my very favorite seasons, so today, I just wanted to take the time to celebrate the all the great things, both big and small, that are coming in the month ahead:

  •  The re-release of Beauty and the Beast on DVD: This Tuesday, Oct. 5th, after years of waiting, my favorite Disney movie is finally being released from the vault! I have seriously been waiting for this for years, and I’m so excited to be able to finally add this classic to my Disney DVD collection. 

  • Crock-pot dinners: A fall chill in the air always makes me want to bring out my crock-pot and start cooking more hearty meals. If you work full time, you need to invest in a crock pot, as it will soon become your new best friend. During the fall and winter months, I use mine at least once a week. There is no bettter feeling then coming in from the cold after a long day of work, and having a warm dinner waiting for you. Lots of people will use their crock-pots to make chili or pot roast, but there are tons of recipes to make all sorts of tasty meals. Earlier this week, I made Black Bean Enchiladas (recipe compliments of one of my favorite food blogs, thekitchn) and they were a huge success. There were super easy, packed with veggies, and so yummy!! 

    • Visiting Michigan: At this time next weekend, I’ll be on my way to the airport for my first visit to Michigan since moving to South Carolina, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m really looking forward to see my friends and family, and going back to both Ann Arbor and Lake Orion. I’m also really pumped to be back for a game in the Big House, and to see the Wolverines beat the Spartans next Saturday. Plus, nothing beats Michigan in the fall–changing leaves, cider mills, and sunny weather with a chill in the air, which is perfect…
    This dog knows what time of year it is….
    • Sweater Weather: In the premiere of 30 Rock last week, Liz Lemon mentioned that one of the 3 things that she likes (besides Ina Garten and Muppets presenting at awards shows) is sweater weather…me too! There’s nothing better then pulling out your chunky knits that make you feel all cozy when the weather starts to cool down, especially when it’s the perfect temperature where you just need a sweater and you don’t need a jacket. It’s finally starting to feel a little more like fall in Greenville, so I’m looking forward to wearing my all my favorite sweaters.

    • Trader Joe’s: I am so excited that at the end of this month, Trader Joe’s is opening up in Greenville! I love their wide selection of products with natural ingredients, as well as their low prices. I’m really looking forward to having a Trader Joe’s so close to my apartment! 

      • Taylor Swift’s new CD: I love Tay Swift, and I don’t care who knows it. Does she have the world’s most amazing voice? No. But she writes her own songs, plays guitar, and plays light, frothy tunes that are just fun. I loved both of her first 2 CDs, and so I’m eagerly anticipating the release of her third album, Speak Now, on Oct. 25th

        • Candy: This one is pretty self-explanatory. I love candy during any time of the year, but October is a particularly good month for the sweet stuff thanks to Halloween. Now normally, I’m not going to go out to the store and buy like a whole regular size candy bar. But give me some chocolate in a bite-size package? Yes please! I’ll have one…or six. I also love all the seasonal candy like caramels for caramel apples, and best of all CANDY CORN. I loveee candy corn/mellowcreme pumpkins. I haven’t bought my first bag of the season yet, but I’m going to have to break down and do it soon I suppose!