A few of my favorite (Christmas) things…

Now that I’m back in to the swing of work and everyday life, Christmas seems like somewhat of a distant memory. However, there are a few presents I got that I’m using on a regular basis/obsessed with, so I felt the need to share:

  • Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment: Love this stuff! Every time that I’ve been to Sephora in the past year (which apparently was many times because I just received VIB status at the end of 2010…oy vey) I’ve wanted to buy this lip balm, however, even with as many frivolous beauty purchases as I make, I had a very hard time justifying to myself spending $23 on lip balm. However, I was fortunate enough to receive it in my stocking, and it’s as awesome as I had hoped. It’s super moisturizing, gives the perfect hint of natural color, and it smells like a fabulous Ina Garten dessert aka sweet with a hint of lemon–perfect. 

  • Joby Gorilla Pod: We used this handy little tripod all the time on our Europe trip, but somewhere between Italy and Switzerland, we lost the piece that screws into the bottom of the camera. Thankfully Cam’s parents got me a new one for Christmas (pink of course!) and I’ve already used it a bunch of times taking pictures of the dog. It’s so easy to throw in a purse or take on a hike, and it wraps around anything to give you the perfect photo.
  • Kindle: My parents got me one of the new 3rd generation Kindles for Christmas and obsessed is an understatement. I love this thing. I’ll admit, I was initially against the idea of getting a Kindle because I love books-everything from going to bookstores, to the covers, to smell and feel of turning the pages (ok, that sounds a little weirdly obsessive, but I really do love books!). However, since we travel a lot, I started to see the value in being able to bring a lot of books with me in my carry-on without all the weight. The Kindle is awesome because it’s so light that I can just throw it in my purse and take it with me everywhere, and I got the model that has both 3G and Wifi, which is really handy for downloading books on the go. I also downloaded a Scrabble game, which has been super addicting, and I also got a really cute pink case as sort of late Christmas present to myself. Kindle = LOVE.