Shopping & Staying in Shape

Happy Tuesday Y’all! I feel like time is just flying by this month, I really can’t believe that it’s almost Memorial Day! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we had the chance to go to Savannah over the weekend and we had a fabulous time. During our trip I was able to break away and do a little shopping, and I snagged these beautiful suede open-toe wedge booties from Banana Republic. The picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are gorgeous! I think they’re very versatile and will look good with all sorts of outfits well into the fall. I’m especially excited about this purchase because they were marked down from $140 to $50, and then when I bought them on Saturday, Banana was having a sale to take an additional 25% off all sale items, so I snagged them for only $38! Score!

Hello pretty 🙂
Another recent purchase of mine was a new pair of shades. I am notorious for losing/scratching/breaking sunglasses, so I never really like to spend a lot on them because I know that something will happen to them. I was in the market for a new pair when I came across these cute cat-eye frames at Target for only $12.99. I’ve been noticing a lot of celebs rocking this retro-glam look, and even though Cam says that I remind him of his grandma when I’m wearing them, I still think they are awesome 🙂 And I’m not alone, a lot of celebrities having been getting in on this trend as well, and I’ve seen lots of buzz in the blogosphere about this hot accessory. 

My cat-eye sunglasses that I wore all weekend 🙂

Speaking of sunglasses, how adorable is this sunglass case that I got at Swoozie’s yesterday?! (Also, if you don’t know what Swoozie’s is, it’s basically my dream store. It’s the epitome of the Southern to me; you can get anything monogramed their and they’ve got lots of stationary and cute little gifts.) As I said, my sunglasses are constantly getting scratched because I just throw them in my purse, so hopefully this case will help me be a little more careful. It’s got bright pink lining and I just love the graphic aviator print. The case is made by Toss Designs, and after checking out their website, they have 2908317 cute preppy things that I want now. (Also, it’s only $16.00 from the Toss Designs website, but it was $20 when I bought it at the store, just fyi!) 

Seriously, how cute is this?!
Cam’s parents and brother and sister-in-law are still in South Carolina, and while it’s great having them down here, I am feeling (to quote my dear friend Wendi) fat as a tick right now. When you have out of town company, inevitably it makes it harder to get to the gym and you tend to go out to eat more. So while I’m super appreciative that Cam’s parents have taken us out to so many nice dinners, I’m trying not to let myself go off the rails too much. They’re here until Friday, and I know we’re going out to dinner tonight and Thursday, so I’m really just going to try to enjoy it the fact that they’re here and not worry too much about going out to eat, as I know next week we’ll get back on track with healthy meals. At the same time, I’m really trying to make a point to stick to my workout schedule this week. I only got to the gym twice last week, and I feel like my energy really lags when I don’t work out. So here’s my workout schedule for this week, I’m putting it up here hoping that it will hold me accountable to sticking to it! (I’ve already done Monday and Tuesday’s workouts, only 3 more til the weekend!)

MondayBody Attack class (1 hr cardio/strength)
TuesdaySpin class (1 hr cardio)
Wednesday-Body Pump class (1 hr strength)
Thursday-Elliptical or Running/Walking (45 mins cardio)
Friday-Boot Camp class (1 hr cardio/strength)

***Also, stay tuned for some big news later this week…***