Greetings from America’s High Five!

 Hi everyone! Hope that y’all (I’m going to keep awkwardly saying that wherever I go ps) had a great weekend. I’m currently chilling at my parents house in Michigan! I’m so glad that Cam and I decided to come visit for a few days before heading west to Colorado.

Despite my early morning blog sesh, we were able to get packed up and on the road early on Saturday morning, but I think it still hasn’t hit me that we’re not going back to our apartment in Greenville. The drive from South Carolina went really well; Cam drove the whole way…not that I didn’t offer to drive, but I think it’s more relaxing for him when I’m the passenger because I know the way I drive stresses him out!) Lola did really well on the 11 hour car trip; being her typical snoozy self she slept for most of the drive. (We actually only made 2 stops the entire drive!) My parents live out in the woods on about 3 acres, and so Lola has been having the time of her life getting to run and play and explore everything from the second she got out of the car. Here are some pictures that Cam took with our new DSLR camera that we just got…and are still learning how to use…

I love this action shot…this is what happens after you put a dog in the car for 11 hrs!

Anyhoo, we arrived in Michigan on Saturday evening a little before 7pm, after making great time on our drive. After having dinner with my mom and dad out on our deck, Cam and I went to a bonfire/out to the bar with some of my friends from high school. It was really  great to see everyone and catch up!

Mike I stole this from your FB 🙂

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, so we took Lola to the dog park in my town. I had never been there before, but I was pleasantly surprised by how great it was. The dog park in Greenville is more of a smaller, fenced in area inside Cleveland Park, where as the Bark Park here in Lake Orion was huge! There were tons of trees, lots of space for the dogs to run, and there was even a separate little fenced off area for dogs under 15lbs. (Not Lola anymore…even though she thinks she still only weighs 3 lbs)

She loves standing by the door and being prez of the welcoming committee
Hey where are you going?!
Kisses! (aka our dog is kind of a floozy)

A face only a mother could love 🙂

 The best part about the Bark Park was that they had a “Dog Dock” area where the dogs could swim. It was hilarious watching all the different types of dogs around the water, some dogs just love to swim. Lola, however, does not. This was our third attempt to try to get her in the water, and she just does not like it. She’ll get really excited and run to the edge like she’s going to in, then just doesn’t…and just wait for all the other dogs who did go in to come back with the ball that was thrown in the water. (Such a baby!) At one point, I gave her a little nudge into the water and she started frantically dog paddling and didn’t understand how to get on the ramp to get back on the dock and I thought she was going to drown so I started freaking out and Cam had to reach down in the water and scoop her up. Ridiculous. Oh well, maybe one day she’ll learn to love the water, and all in all, it was still a really fun day!

Thinking about taking the plunge…

Last night, my parents had a BBQ for my family and so it was great to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. We sat around visiting for hours and I’m happy that they all got to meet Lola! (I know, I’m obsessed with my dog, it’s fine.) I’m so blessed to have such wonderful relatives 🙂 AND my sweet grandma got Cam and I matching Michigan Snuggies (except she thinks they are called Snuggles…I didn’t correct her…I love that lady 🙂 )

So in continuing the theme of our visit to Michigan basically revolving around Lola, today my mom, Cam, and I went to this mall called Partridge Creek which is really nice outdoor mall that allows dogs to go in all the stores! Really. As pathetic as this sounds, it’s been my dream to take Lola here since we got her back in December, so I was having the best time ever today. Shopping + my mom + Lolz = fabulous. Lola seemed to have a great time socializing with all the other dogs, and everyone kept stopping us to comment on her ears! All the stores were having great sales, and I picked up some really cute things! (They actually may warrant their own separate post tomorrow…we’ll see how much time I have between getting pedis with my momma and going out to the best Mexican restaurant ever that  just happens to be in my town…I love being home…)

Lola even got a treat here for being so good 🙂

The rest of today consisted of more visiting with the family and introducing Lola to her dog cousin Max. (That didn’t go so well, Max was a little frightened of Lolz’s eager advances to kiss him right in the face!) Now it’s time for sleepy sleeps, I need to rest up for the long drive that’s coming later this week!