Colorado Hike #3: Blue Lake

Happy Friday everyone! Seriously, sometimes I feel like all I do is put up pictures of/talk about my weekend until the following weekend, then just repeat the cycle! (I swear, we do actually do things during the week…just not as many blog worthy things, unless you want me to take pictures of myself walking Lola and browsing Pinterest/foodgawker for recipe ideas…yeah, I didn’t think so!) Anyway, this past weekend, Cam and I woke up super duper early on Sunday to do a hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, which is fairly close to our house. We did the Blue Lake Hike in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, and although it SUCKED wasn’t so great getting up at 5:45 am to leave for our hike, I’m really glad we did this hike and I’m especially glad we did it in the morning because it was absolutely beautiful! It was actually a really easy hike in comparison to some others we’ve done (aka this one), and there was a lot of really pretty scenery the entire way. We thought that the hike was 5.1 miles, however, the signs at the trailhead said that it was actually 6 miles roundtrip. Cam and I reached Blue Lake fairly quickly and then hiked around the lake, climbed up and found a cozy rock ledge, and took a little cat nap. Seriously. It was so awesome to just relax in the sun and soak up the pristine beauty of the lake and the mountains! Here are some of my snaps 🙂

Starting the hike aka Lola pouting that we made her get up so early

Mitchell’s Lake

Gorgeous day

Thirsty pup
Finally made it to Blue Lake…so beautiful 🙂

Lola loving the snow near the lake…


This weekend, we also discovered that Lola hates the new Jeep…she doesn’t like how windy it is when the top is off…it started to rain on the way home so we pulled over to put the top on, but she was still pissed.
Hating her life.
Seriously, she’s f-ing miserable.
Emo Lola strapped in by her dog seat belt…such a joke.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic week! 🙂