My New Job

Happy Thursday everyone! Have y’all seen these videos that have been making their way around the blogosphere? Lots of my fellow bloggers/FB friends have already posted them, but I wanted to repost because I think they are just so neat! Plus they’re really short, so watch them now, kthanks.

Don’t they just make you want to pack your bags and jump on a plane to some far off destination? Me too. As evidenced by this blog, travel is something that I’m hugely passionate about and hope to get to do more of in the future. It’s also a perfect segway for me to tell you about my new JOB.

Yes, that’s right, I got a new job. I am working part-time (2 days a week) at a travel store here in Boulder called Changes In Latitude, and I’m actually pretty excited about it. Now this is just a part-time retail job, so I’m really doing it more for the experience more so than the money and am going to continue pursuing some other freelance projects on the side. However, I was just really at a point where if I didn’t find something to get me out of the house so I could meet people and interact with someone besides Lola, I might just go crazy. This opportunity sort of fell into my lap, and I think that it’s going to be a really interesting experience. The store sells everything you could need for traveling all in one place, so they carry everything from high-end suitcases, travel clothing (a little mature for my taste since a lot of their customers who can actually afford these expensive travel clothes are 40+), adapters for every country, packing cubes, European hair straighteners, along with a huge selection of travel guidebooks and maps for every country you can think of. Also, every Tuesday night they host an event where they have a speaker come in and talk about a destination from around the world and show pictures from their travels, so I’m looking forward to going to some of those. Boulder has a really vibrant community filled with interesting people who travel often, so working at a store like this in a city like this is going to be pretty cool I think. I’m sure it won’t be long before I have at least 15 new places that I want to take a vacation to, but hopefully working at the store will help scratch my travel itch, at least for a little bit!