You need to make this recipe this weekend.

Seriously. No, SERIOUSLY you need to make this cake. Like now.

This past week, I wanted to bake something because our friends Jeff and Laura are in town. I love baking for company because a) I like trying to make people feel welcome when they’re staying with us and b) it gives me an excuse to try delicious baked good recipes that I’d feel guilty making for just Cam and I because I know full well that I’d end up eating the entire thing. I was looking for a recipe to use the bundt pan I got from my grandma like 2 years ago that’s just been sitting in my cupboard, and boy oh boy did I stumble on to a gem of a recipe. This Snickerdoodle Cake (via My Baking Addiction) is perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast, a yummy afternoon snack, or a sweet after dinner dessert. Basically it’s so good you’re just going to want to eat it all day long until it’s gone. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The recipe reminds me a lot of Zingerman’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake (and if you’ve never heard of Zingerman’s, you are missing out on a seriously foodie mecca, so go look at their website ASAP!) except this recipe doesn’t have any nuts, which is what I love about it because whenever I’d get a Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Zingerman’s Bakehouse when we lived in Ann Arbor, I’d always pick out the nuts which just seemed kind of wasteful. What can I say, I just really don’t like nuts in my baked goods. So no nuts in this recipe which is a win in my book. The cake has a rich yet fluffy batter and then there’s a swirl of cinnamon sugar running through the middle of it that gives it a sweet crunch. Another great thing about this magical cake is that after you grease the pan (and I’d highly suggest using the Pam with Flour as suggested in the recipe!) you sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar, which makes the outside of the cake taste like a cinnamon sugar donut that you’d get from the cider mill in the fall. And if you don’t know what a cider mill is, then you are missing out and are probably thinking WTF about the fact that I made two Michigan references in one paragraph.

The recipe itself is pretty straightforward, but definitely follow the directions exactly, especially where it talks about beating in all the ingredients. You don’t want to skimp on time for this one because all that beating really gives this cake its delicious texture. I was kind in a rush the day I made this cake, so I didn’t get any pictures of it in process, but honestly just follow the recipe, and you should be fine. The cinnamon makes this the perfect cake for fall, and I foresee it becoming my go to recipe from now through the holidays whenever we have out of town guests…who am I kidding, I’d make this cake for myself on a Tuesday afternoon for no reason at all, it’s really that good. Even Lola agrees.

Always trying to steal the spotlight.

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous weekend–we’re still enjoying our out of town guests, and I look forward to sharing some fun times from their visit next week! So au revoir for now and let me know if you try this recipe, I’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂