Book Review: The Paris Wife

Bonjour friends! 
I am back from Arizona, and although I had a fabulous time with my friends, it feels great to be home (and reunited with Cam and Lola). I do have lots of photos to share from my trip…once I get around to loading them on my computer that is! Now that I’m back, I’m also really looking forward to making some updates to the blog, as well as sharing some new recipes, photos of our place, and other fun things, so stay tuned over the next few weeks!
But on to today’s topic…my first book review of 2012! 
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more, and I wanted to start the year off with a book that’s been on my list for sometime–The Paris Wife. Written by Paula McLain, it’s a beautifully written piece of historical fiction that grabs you right from the beginning. The story is told from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway’s wife, Hadley, and it takes place in the early years of his career. The 1920’s are such a fascinating time to me, particularly American ex-pat artists living in Europe during that time, and I think that’s a big part of the reason I loved this book. It’s evident McLain (who btw is a University of Michigan alum, GO BLUE!) did a lot of reasearch for this story as the events that take place are based on biographies, historical accounts, and letters and feature many other noteable figures from the day like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, etc. (If you enjoyed Midnight in Paris, you will LOVE this book!) However, she does an amazing job of fleshing out these historical figures and really bringing their love story to life through her detailed writing and well-crafted dialogue. I got so caught up in the story and the characters and their lives, and just really loved the book overall. 
The book also made want to start reading some of Hemingway’s writing, so yesterday I started The Sun Also Rises, which is one of the books he’s writing during The Paris Wife. So curling up with my Kindle to read more of that is on my agenda for tonight…along with catching up on episodes of the Bachelor. 

What can I say, I’m a very complex individual. 
I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to my sweet momma because today is her birthday! 
So glad my bangs grew out…blah
Last year, my family was in South Carolina visiting for her birthday, and I’m so sad I can’t be in Michigan to celebrate with her today. But she’s definitely in my thoughts, and I might even bake something tonight in her honor. I’m so blessed to have the most kind, generous, patient, and loving mom in the whole world and I hope that she has a wonderful day! 🙂