Recent Closet Additions

The weekend is almost here, yay!
One of the things I’ve lamented a little bit about living in Lake Tahoe is the lack of shopping. But despite not being close to much shopping, I’ve still managed to aquire a few new things over the past month or so and I thought I’d share them here for three reasons:

1. Although I love seeing fashion wish list posts, I also like seeing what other bloggers actually end up buying so I figured share my recent purchases… because as much as I love looking at high-end fashions, bargains are much more likely to actually make it in to my closet!
2. It’s rare that I get dressed up in actual clothes these days, so when I do, I feel like it’s a reason to take a picture!
3. When I do get dressed up, usually no one sees me besides Cam…and not that he doesn’t appreciate when I try to look nice (well, sometimes he doesn’t actually…see below), I figured I may as share them with y’all too!

Warning: Some bloggers can take outfit pictures that don’t look super-posed or awkward. I’m not one of them

Shirt: Lush Clothing Tank: Ann Taylor Loft Belt: NY&Co. 
Black jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Toms

This first look features a top I picked up on my trip to Arizona at a great local boutique in downtown Tempe. I’ve noticed some celebs sporting this cut-out shoulder look, and I think it’s a fun way to show a little skin. I loved the bright color of this top, and I paired it with some black skinnies that I picked up at Forever 21 in Scottsdale, AZ for only $10! Plus I wore it the day I got my mani, and so I got my nails done to match!

(Sidenote: Cam hates this top, like just absolutely can’t stand it. The first time I wore it he’s like “Umm the 90’s called, they want that shirt back”…ha. We’re super honest with each other, and while most of the time he’s very complimentary about my fashion choices, sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye. So sorry Cam, I love this top and you’re gonna have to deal with it!)

Shirt: Old Navy Belt: Hollister Jeans: Uniqlo
Flats: Target Purse: Old Navy Headband: J.Crew

This second look is fairly representative of how I dress most of the time. I picked up this top at Old Navy in Reno, NV and while it’s a little mom-ish (no offense moms!), I love navy and white striped boat neck tees like this because they always feel a little like I should be walking down a street in Paris carrying a baguette and wearing a beret. And I love it.

I paired it with some red accents that I recently picked up; I love how red adds a certain pop to an otherwise casual look.

 Top: Pitaya Belt: Old Navy Leggings: Target Boots: Target

My third look is a colorful tunic I found at a boutique called Pitaya in Tempe, AZ. Bright blue and polka dots are two eye-catching trends that I’m a huge fan of, and I love how this top goes perfectly with leggings and boots. It was a little shapeless on it’s own, so I belted it using this bright green skinny belt I picked up at Old Navy in Reno. I love how it’s bright and fun, yet still appropriate for Tahoe’s cold temps!

Three other little items have recently made their way into my closet are…
(these are all cell phone pics btw, so excuse the not so great lighting/quality!)

This gorgeous purple scarf that my sister picked up for me on her trip to Italy…thanks Meliss! (Lola is such a creeper fyi)

This peacock blue long sleeve tee from J.Crew in Reno…when it comes to basics like tees, I love the fit and quality of J.Crew and so I was happy to find this one in one of my absolute favorite shades marked down to $15!

And last by not least…this trapper hat from Forever 21. I seriously wear it around the house all the time when I’m cold because I think it’s just the coziest thing. I wore it out for the first time on our snowshoeing adventure, and that’s when I discovered this…


I swear I bought this hat in the women’s section, but I should have picked up on the fact when it was the only one that actually fit my giant head. Oh well.

So there you have it, what I’ve been wearing when I’m not in sweats! Tomorrow, we’re flying out to Oregon to visit Cam’s family for a long weekend, and I’m really hoping to sneak in a little shopping as well since Portland has great shopping and Oregon has no sales tax! (Seriously, it’s so great) I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! Xoxo