Snow Bunny Staycation Weekend

Monday, Monday…how are you here again already? The weekends always seem to go by too fast, and this one in particular flew by, mainly because I spent most of it on the slopes!
Cam and I decided to forgo our original plans of going to San Fran for the weekend in favor of staying in town and skiing both Saturday and Sunday as we finally got some snow here in Tahoe. In the end, I’m so glad we stayed home this weekend because we had two really great days of skiing!
The views of the lake from the top of Heavenly are incredible!
Saturday, we got up bright and early to be at Heavenly right when it opened. Heavenly is the ski resort that’s super close to our house, and the chair lifts on the Nevada side of the mountain are less than five minutes from our front door. When we got to Heavenly at 8:30, it was already completely packed. We knew it was going to be a busy weekend with the sunny forcast and the new snow, and boy was it ever!
We started out the morning skiing some runs on the Nevada side, and I was super excited to wear my new pink and gray helmet!
Old school chairlifts on the Nevada side of the mountain
Since we have Epic season passes, the photographers all over the mountain will take your picture if you want, scan your pass, and then it uploads to an app on your phone and your Facebook account. On one of the runs we did Saturday they were taking action shots, and I couldn’t resist.

I look a little really stiff and nervous in this photos, which is a pretty accurate representation of how I feel a good 50% of the time I’m skiing. Oh well.
We ended up meeting up with a few of Cam’s coworkers for lunch, which was a lot of fun. Since we live so close, we usually just ski for a few hours and then go home and eat, but since it was such a gorgeous day it was nice to sit outside, eat, and socialize. 
We ate at the Sky Deck burger bar and they had some pretty interesting meat options…
Cam and I split an elk burger and it was delish!
After lunch we did a few runs as a group. I got some photos taken with Niyati, one of Cam’s coworkers I had hung out with a few times before, on the mountain. She’s super sweet, but (to use one of my favorite Southern expressions) bless her heart, she is so tiny! I just cracked up after seeing this pictures because I legit look like a giant compared to her, probably because I am a little bit.

 All and all, Saturday was a great day of skiing. The weather was perfect and although I almost sweated to death in my heavy ski coat, the scenery was absolutely incredible. I know I’ve said it before, but I still cannot believe this is where I live!

All 3 of these photos are taken from the exact same spot, but it was so pretty I just couldn’t resist! 🙂
Yesterday, Cam and I decided to head up to the opposite side of the lake from where we live to ski one of the other resorts our passes get us access to, Northstar. It’s about an hour from our house, but for most of the way you’re right next to the lake so it’s really a great drive. Northstar was also really busy when we arrived, but they have the cutest village at the base of the mountain and it reminded me a smaller version of Vail, Colorado.
You had to take the gondola from the center of the village up to the lifts, and then once we got up to the lifts we had a great time exploring the different runs.

Cam on the gondola deep in thought getting ready to ski 🙂
Northstar is a little bit smaller than Heavenly, but I feel like it still has a really good mix of terrain and overall it’s just a really nice place to ski.

You don’t really get views of the lake like you do at Heavenly, but you still get beautiful views of the mountains.

One thing that I thought was cool was at the top of one of the lifts there was this metal cross in the snow and apparently they do an outdoor church service at that spot every Sunday. It would have been really awesome to go to, but unfortunately it took place after we were already off the mountain…but maybe we’ll come back for it sometime in the future! The weather yesterday was even warmer than Saturday (55 degrees!) so the snow started to get really slushy in the early afternoon. (Thankfully we wore our more lightweight jackets yesterday which helped keep us much cooler!)

I got pretty tired after a few hours since my legs were still sore from Saturday, so I decided to head down and check out the village while Cam did a little more skiing on his own.
The village at Northstar had tons of cute shops and restaurants, and there was even a skating rink in the middle (which was closed since it was so warm!). There were lots of places to sit outside, and it seems like it would be a great place to stay for a vacation.

There were cute fireplaces everywhere

The village had a candy store/fro-yo shop…love it.
When Cam got done skiing, we at lunch at an adorable restaurant called The Chocolate Bar. The name pretty much swayed me, but I loved the whole aesthetic of the restaurant.

You could literally ski right up to the restaurant…so neat!
We had a great lunch, and it was so nice to sit outside and relax. I had a chicken pesto sandwhich with brie (amazing!) and snagged some of Cam’s sweet potato fries (mmmm).

The restaurant looked like it had some incredible desserts (I mean it is called The Chocolate Bar after all!), but we were still pretty hot after skiing so we decided to get some gelato instead which ended up being delicious.

After that it was time to head home!
All in all, it was a great weekend. Skiing is a lot of fun and I’m so glad we’re getting to take advantage of it while we live here. I’m definitely still sore today, but it was totally worth it! I’m hoping this week is super productive work-wise as I’m already counting down the minutes until we head out to San Francisco on Friday! xoxo
PS: Speaking of work, here are the positions/cities I’m working on this week:
Outside Sales-Looking for someone with 0-4 years of experience (ideally, if someone is a recent college grad, they’ll have had some experience doing sales in an internship or summer job)
Bay Area:
same outside sales position as above
Hartford, CT:
same outside sales position as above
Senior-level Outside Sales Postition-Looking for someone with 4-10 years of outside sales experience, preferably someone who’s called on major accounts/C-level execs
All these positions are with a Fortune 500 company and feature base + commission + full benefits 🙂
If you or anyone you know lives in any of these cities, is looking for a job, and meets these criteria then please email your resume to [email protected] for more information!
And if you’re wondering why I’m posting job openings on my blog, read this 🙂