Friday’s Letters

TGIF friends! Today, I thought I’d link up with Ashley for Friday’s Letters…
Dear Friday, How are you here already?! It feels like it was just the weekend, but it’s been so busy with work and family visiting this week, I can’t believe it’s over already…but I’m not complaining! Dear Husband, I am so so SO excited to spend this weekend with you in Yosemite National Park. I love taking weekend trips with you, and I can’t wait for beautiful scenery and doing lots of hiking over the next two days. Dear Yosemite, Please don’t be too cold this weekend because I’d really like to get some sun, k? Dear Half Dome, We are not going to hike you this weekend, but don’t worry, we’ll be back to tackle you later this summer (hopefully). Dear Lola, I’m sorry that the National Park Service has a rule that doesn’t allow doggies in the park, that makes me sad. Dear Healthy Food that’s currently packed up in the fridge, We are going to attempt to eat you all this weekend instead of going out to restaurants for the next two days aka what we usually do when we take these little weekend getaways. We want to feel good for our hikes and not come home feeling gross from eating fast food, so hopefully we can stay disciplined and actually eat you. Dear new apartment, I love you. Sleeping up in our loft where I can lay in bed and look up at the stars out my window and see the sunrise in the morning is such a blessing. I promise we’ll clean you next week, but this weekend we’ve got more of California to explore. Dear Mountain Yoga, I am so happy I found you. I’m excited for the 10 class punch card I just bought, and I’m looking forward to more challenging classes in the weeks ahead! Dear Chicago, We’re coming to you next weekend! I can’t wait to be back in the Midwest, see family and friends, celebrate this girl’s wedding, and do some shopping (of course). Dear Husband, You get two letters because I’m that excited to go to Yosemite later today, and I’m looking forward to many more trips with you this summer.
Happy Weekend everyone! Xoxo