{Epic} What I’m Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone! The sun is shining here in Lake Tahoe and I love how it’s starting to feel like summer. I haven’t linked up with Jamie for WILW in awhile, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share a bunch of big and small things that are making me happy right now.
 :: Michigan ::
We are leaving for the mitten state at the end of this month and I am seriously counting down the days! I haven’t been back to Michigan since Christmas, so I’m so excited to go home. We’re taking a red-eye from Reno to Detroit and are going to have a jam-packed schedule (all good stuff though!) from the time we hit the ground. We’re going to make a visit to Ann Arbor, we’re heading to the west side of the state for a wedding, my sister is going to be coming in from NYC, and we’re going to be seeing lots of friends and family. Plus, I am going to have 4 days off from work, so it’s going to be such a nice break. Seriously, I cannot wait.

Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

:: Fresh Sugar Lip Butter Coral ::
I’ve mentioned before how I’m totally obsessed with these ultra-moisturizing lip butters from Fresh, and their new Coral color might be the best one yet. My mom got it for me at Sephora when we were in Chicago, and I’m officially obsessed. It’s perfect for a bright summer lip and it’s got SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun. Love it!

:: Fresh produce in my fridge ::

See how I did that, transition from Fresh Lip Butter to fresh produce? I’m sure you are impressed with my cleverness. Ha. Anyway, one of my favorite things about summer is all the colorful produce that’s in season. Since starting to eat more Paleo a few months ago, Cam and I have definitely increased the amount of fresh fruits and veggies we eat on a weekly basis and I’m excited to continue that trend through the summer months. After we get home from the store and put all of our groceries away, it always makes me feel really happy to see our fridge filled up with healthy food; I realize that having nourishing food to eat is truly a blessing that many people go without and it’s something that I don’t want to ever take for granted. This picture just reminds me of how lucky we truly are.

:: Target finds ::
During a recent Target trip, I picked up a few summery pieces to brighten up my closet. Since I don’t get to Target quite as often these days, it’s great to be able to pick up some fun new clothes when I’m there. Here’s what I bought:

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Striped Sleeveless Tank - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Mossimo Tank–I loved the neon, and I’m planning on wearing it with jeans/shorts for casual summer days
Xhila Maxi Dress - Assrtd.Opens in a new window
Exhilaration Maxi Dress–I have been wanting a dress with an asymetrical hem for awhile now and I loved the geometric pattern and colors of this one 
Women's Merona® Esma Sandal - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Merona Sandals: I needed a new pair of white sandals, and these are the perfect, go with anything flats

:: Yoga/Elevated ::
I’ve been being fairly consistent with going to yoga recently, and I am loving it! I feel like my strength and flexibility are improving and I’m excited to see more prgress through the summer. In addition to yoga, a new gym called Elevated just opened here in Tahoe and I’m SO excited about it. Cam and I actually decided to get a membership earlier this week, and we’re going back to take another class tonight. I’m planning on doing a full post about it next week, but I had to include it the things I’m loving this week–yay for working out!



:: Girls ::
I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I’ve recently really started to like HBO’s new show Girls. I’ve only watched a few episodes and at first I was like meh, I do not like this show because the characters are super annoying. But now it’s growing on me. And yes, the characters self-involved and whiny, but I also think the show is pretty realistic. The girls remind me of people I went to U of M with, and from spending time with my sister and her friends in NYC, the lifestyle and the way the characters are portrayed on the show is fairly accurate in my opinion. Now I just need to catch up on the episodes I missed from the beginning of the season!

:: Paleo Sweets ::
Ok, so this one is a little misleading. As I’ve mentioned before, Cam and I have been using the Paleo diet as a framework to change our eating habits and cut out sugar/processed foods, however, we do still indulge in non-Paleo foods here and there. The way I see it is if I want to have a treat, I’m going to have the real thing, as in an actual chocolate chip cookie or ice cream cone or whatever, instead of some knock-off version that won’t really be very satisfying. However, since trying to cut down on the grains/dairy in my diet, I have discovered some delicious options. I wouldn’t exactly say these things are healthy because they do have a fair amount of sugar in them, however, as far as sweet options go, they’re really not too bad for you.


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate–I love dark chocolate and I eat this stuff pretty much every single day. Since the health benefits of dark chocolate are constantly being touted, I figure that it can’t hurt! Buying little bars of dark chocolate can get really expensive, so I’m obsessed with these Pound Plus bars from TJs. The chocolate is actually really good and at $4.99 for a giant bar, it’s a fantastic value. I’ll usually have 1 square after lunch or dinner and it’s honestly the perfect cheap source of chocolate!

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream–I recently tried the dark chocolate flavor of this stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing it was! It’s very rich and creamy and doesn’t contain any dairy, so it’s a great option for people who are trying to cut that out of their diet. I’m pretty picky about ice cream, and I was expecting to hate this stuff, but it’s so so good. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other flavors this summer!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Lara Bars–So I’m not usually a huge fan of bars, because I’d prefer to just eat fruit/actual food that’s not in the shape of a rectangle. However, I’d heard that Lara Bars were Paleo, so I decided to pick up a few for our trip to Yosemite and wound up loving them! They’re the perfect energy boost for hiking or keeping in your purse if you need a snack and I love that the ingredient list is extremely short! My favorite flavor so far has been the chocolate chip cookie dough, it’s seriously delicious!

:: Lake Tahoe ::
Alright, I admit it…I am absolutely loving living in Tahoe! The amazing summer weather has made me enjoy it so much more and I still have to pinch myself some days because I can’t believe we live here! Earlier this week, I was doing a little work at Starbucks and all these people on vacation kept coming in and out, and it’s still so weird to me that this is home for right now. Last night, Cam and I went to run an errand and decided to play tennis and it was really relaxing. I love that it’s nice and sunny here, but not humid and actually cool enough that you can actually do stuff outside without overheating. While we were playing tennis, we were surrounded by pine trees, the smell of nearby campfires, and views of the mountains; I felt like I was on vacation, when really it was just a Tuesday night and we were only 10 minutes from our house! The past few weekends we’ve been able to spend some time by the water, and I thought I’d share a few recent cell phone snaps of the lake!

My drive to my yoga studio 🙂
Emerald Bay
A few weekends ago we took Lola hiking and then down to the lake; she’s usually petrified of water and refuses to go in, but for some reason she finally just realized water can be fun and just decided to dive right in! Cam and I were both shocked and super happy that she now loves the water!
She had so much fun retrieving her floating frisbee!
Cam had rented a kayak from work (his office rents out all kinds of outdoor gear to their employees at no charge–so awesome!) and Lola decided she wanted to go for a ride and had a blast jumping in to the kayak with us.

You can just tell that she thought she was so cool…ha.

Last weekend, my friend Natasha and her husband Ryan were kind enough to take us out on their boat!
We had so much fun just hanging out on the boat, eating lunch, and enjoying the scenery and the company!
Oh ya know, just driving a boat 9 months pregnant…nbd. Ha.

Sure winter/skiing in Tahoe is great, but I totally get why so many people come here in the summer as it’s just such a gorgeous time of the year! And I know I said earlier this week that I’m going to try and stop relying on my cell phone/Instagram for photos for my posts…clearly that’s still a work in progress. My cell phone camera is just so much more handy when we’re out and about, but I am hoping to use my actual camera more and more this summer! (Btw if you do want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is @janemarieg)

So that’s what I’m loving right now! What about you? What’s making you happy this week? Xoxo