A Weekend Alone

Hello and happy Monday!
I totally meant to share my Carmel pictures last week and ran out of time…then I was going to put them up this weekend, but as I started looking through them I realized just how many I took and wasn’t able to get through them all. I don’t know how I took so many pictures in just a weekend, it’s just such a beautiful place I couldn’t help it I guess! My goal is to get them up this week though, but we’ll see how things go!

In the meantime, I thought I’d talk about my weekend! Cam actually left to go out of town for work on Wednesday of last week and didn’t get back until last night, so I’ve been by myself for the past five days. I could not be happier that he’s home! I really hate when he goes out of town because when you work from home like I do, it gets pretty lonely being by yourself for that long! Plus, being we don’t have any family nearby and don’t really know that many people in Tahoe, it can be a little tough and cause me lots of anxiety when I’m home alone. However, before he left I made a huge list of things I wanted to do while he was gone in order to try and focus on the positives of having some time to myself. I think it really helped to channel my energy towards the great “me” things that I don’t normally have time for along with giving me a chance to just relax. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

+I took Lola on lots of long walks around our house

+I did lots of yoga! Wednesday, I tried out a hot flow class at a new-to-me studio about 25 minutes from our house and the class was incredible! I’ll definitely be going back. Thursday, my friend Brooke and I attended a beach yoga class that was taught right on the shore of Lake Tahoe and it was so much fun. While the class itself was suprisingly hard (seriously, every posture is so much more challenging on the sand!) it was amazing to be able to practice right next to the water. And then Sunday, I went to a flow class at the studio I’ve been attending in South Lake Tahoe with Natasha. It was a really restorative class and great to have a buddy to do yoga with!

+I also started reading a new book that I’m absolutely loving! I’ll be posting a review soon!

+I grabbed lunch with Natasha at a new to me restaurant at the marina in South Lake Tahoe, and although we got rained out halfway through lunch and had to move from the deck by the water to inside, it was still so much fun! There’s nothing better than a glass of wine, an amazing ahi tuna salad, and time with a chatting away with a good friend! Plus, I got to see baby Ethan again and seriously he is just best little guy, so sweet and just slept away through our whole lunch!

+I spent lots of time on the computer catching up on blog/work stuff/returning emails…nice to get caught up on that stuff! (I still have lots more to do though…I had really high ambitions of getting caught up on everything this weekend though and that didn’t quite happen…oh well!)

+I made our meal plan for this week and went grocery shopping to make sure we have lots of nutritious food on hand. I also tried out a few new Paleo-friendly recipes, and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you. I’m working on putting together a page about my experience with Paleo, so if you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to send them to [email protected] as I’d love to add them!

+I picked up a few Redbox movies I had been wanting to see that Cam wasn’t so wild about. I watched Young Adult with Charlize Theron and ended up falling asleep halfway through because it was a little slow for me. I also watched Crazy Stupid Love and loved it, such a great cast!

+I cleaned our apartment like a madwoman! When I’m by myself, I tend to be a little bit messy initially because those first few nights alone I’m not super motivated to load the dishwasher and pick up after myself. But yesterday I went on a cleaning frenzy and changed the sheets, washed the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, and made sure the house was spotlessly clean for Cam’s arrival. #bestwifeaward

+I watched lots and lots of TLC aka Cam’s least favorite channel. I literally just spent my evenings watching all the shows he hates like Say Yes to the Dress and Toddlers and Tiaras. And I watched that trainwreck that is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo…there are no words for that show. It’s honestly so terrible that it’s hard to not watch it…has anyone else seen it?

+I resisted the urge to go to Target/Marshall’s…this was a tough one! I was so tempted to just take Saturday and spend it shopping as I love to browse and take my time around Target and other stores, where as that’s Cam’s idea of torture. However, I knew if I made the 45 minute trek down to Carson City, I’d inevitably end up buying things that I probably didn’t need…and I’d rather save my shopping dollars for our trip to NYC over Labor Day! I know, so mature of me 🙂

+I spent some time at the beach yesterday to just enjoy the beauty of the lake. We only live about 3 miles from it, but often don’t take the time to drive to the beach during the week and this weekend really made me realize we need to do that more often! It was really hot (for Tahoe) yesterday, so I laid on the beach, listened to the waves, read my book, and jumped in the water to cool off…so refreshing!

I had definitely been dreading Cam going out of town, but it ended being ok and I actually had a pretty nice time by myself. However, I’m so glad he’s home, and Lola was beyond thrilled when he came in last night. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get more accomplished while he was gone as there are some tasks/to-dos I didn’t end up having time for, but oh well! Hopefully this new week is ultra productive! 🙂

Finally, I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of a blogging slump lately, and I think that many of my fellow bloggers are in the same boat. I have lots of ideas for posts, it’s just here at the end of summer I’m not feeling all that motivated to actually get around to writing them! However, this week I’ve got some exciting changes coming to the blog that I’m so thrilled to share with you! I think it’s exactly what I need to me regain my blogging mojo and I’m so excited for what’s ahead…stay tuned! Xoxo