Fall Trends: Nailed It

My parents get in to town from Michigan later today
and I’m so looking forward to spending time with them over the next few days! This gorgeous September weather is
the perfect time to visit Tahoe, and I’m really excited for them to get here. While I’ve got lots of outdoor activities in mind, one more low-key activity that I’ll {hopefully} get to do while
they’re in town is go get my nails done. My mom is usually up for a trip
to the nail salon and her treating company is a great
excuse to go get a fresh fall mani. However, when I get my nails done I
tend to get really overwhelmed staring at all the polishes and I never
know which one to pick. So if any of you out there are indecisive like moi, I went ahead and rounded up the hot nail colors for fall.

You’re welcome.

Seriously though, I’m obsessed with all these rich fall shades, I love me a dark mani! (Even though I don’t love how fast dark colors tend to chip…oh well!) This year’s collection of new polish features and assortment of shades from versatile neutrals (love Chanel’s greige, Frenzy!) to a variety of rich jewel tones. These are some of my personal favorites:

Fall Nail Trends

Their fall collection was inspired by Berlin Fashion Week and in typical OPI fashion they have absolutely ridiculous names for their polishes, and the German-inspired puns make me chuckle. My favorite shades are Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! (which they describe as a black olive), German-Icure (burgundy shimmer), and Berlin There Done That (taupe)
I’ve never tried their polishes, but I’m very eager to check them out as they’re touted as being a more eco-friendly nail polish option as they’re free of many of the harsh chemicals of traditional polishes. They’ve got a great fall collection called “Haute Off The Runway” of 6 creamy shades, and they actually sell a sampler pack so you can try them all out!
I love their light grey for fall, Frenzy, and I’m also a fan of their dark vampy shade, Vertigo…but at $26 a pop, I’m probably not going to be buying them any time soon!
I have actually never tried Butter’s polishes either, but I’ve heard great things! My favorite shades from their catwalk-inspired fall collection are Shag (metallic orange burgundy) and Trustafarian (golden sage green)
Essie has two collections this fall, Yogaga, which to me actually looks like more of a spring collection? And then they also have Stylenomics, which features more traditional fall shades. My favorite colors are (from top down) Spinning Again (burnt orange), Don’t Sweater It (tan neutral), Recessionista (deep berry), and Stylenomics (dark green)
China Glaze:
They have an interesting selection of colors this fall but my favorite shades came from their On Safari collection, with standouts being Purr-fect Plum, Exotic Encounters (a dark teal), and Desert Sun (mustard yellow)

{I got a lot of my info for this post here, so check it out for even more great polishes!}

My nail salon here in Tahoe carries a lot OPI shades, so I’m hoping to get a mani in Berlin There Done That…what about you? What nail colors are you loving this season? Let me know! Xoxo