So Long Sweet Summer {Monterrey and Big Sur}

Today is the last day of September…crazy huh?

I was looking through some photos earlier this week and I realized that while I posted photos from our weekend trip to Carmel last month, I never shared the photos from Monterrey and Big Sur. I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I thought I’d pop in today to share these photos before October arrives!

After spending the afternoon in Carmel on Saturday of the weekend we were there, we decided to head out to the famous 17 Mile Drive that goes through Pebble Beach. The weather was nice and sunny in Carmel, but it ended up being really foggy once we got out to 17 Mile Drive…but that’s what happens when you’re on the northern California coast I guess! It was still a neat to see even if it was overcast and gray, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.
Ugh, my tan has already faded so much 🙁

After Pebble Beach, we decided to drive over to Monterrey and do some more exploring. We started to drive out of the fog and the weather in Monterrey ended up being sunny and gorgeous! It definitely has a much more family-oriented (and very touristy!) vibe compared to Carmel, but it was still fun to see. We were hoping to go to the famous Monterrey Aquarium, however, when we got there the line was wrapped around the building so we decided to save it for another trip.
Lola watching the seals
We headed back to Carmel for dinner, and stayed in our B&B on Saturday night. Sunday morning we decided to head down the coast to Big Sur. We drove down the famous Highway 1 right by the ocean and the views were beautiful!
Lola wasn’t as big of a fan of all the time in the car…”Guys, this is boringggg!”
“Wait how did that window just roll down?”

Once we got to Big Sur (which by the way there’s not a ton to the town there, I was expecting it to bigger, but it’s actually a pretty sparsely populated area), we stopped for brunch at the Big Sur Bakery. I loved the beautiful setting, rustic vibe, and delicious food! (And of course I got the recommendation from ELR!)

Every time we’d get out of the car, Lola would inevitably hop in the front seat…and she’d look so pitiful when we’d make her move to the back. Silly pup. 
After brunch, we headed to the beach in Big Sur which was completely gorgeous. It was so great to relax and lay by the ocean…I’d love to go back here!
I felt like a California girl 🙂
We’ve had such an amazing summer exploring the beautiful part of the country we now call home. While I am really excited about this new season of fall and what’s in
store, looking back at these photos of sunshine and the ocean make me smile. Enjoy your Sunday everyone! Xoxo