What I’m Thankful For: A Home Away From Home

Today we’ve got a guest poster from the other side of the world–the lovely Jenna from A Home Away From Home! She is such a sweetheart, recently engaged, and I love reading all about her adventures as an expat in South Africa! (I mean she gets to do things like hang out with monkeys, how cool is that?!) I so appreciate her taking the time to share what she’s thankful for this year!


Hello readers of In the Pink and Green!

I was so thrilled when Jane asked me to guest post for her while she and her hubby are off exploring Israel and Turkey.  I can’t wait to see all of her beautiful photos and hear all about her time in the Middle East when she gets back!
My name is Jenna and I blog over at {A Home Away From Home} about my life as an American expat living in South Africa.  South Africa started out as a study abroad experience in 2008, but after I met and fell in love with a local my life was forever changed and I sort of just never left.  It’s amazing what life can throw your way, don’t you think!?  In fact, just a couple months ago Jurgen took the plunge and proposed {!!!} and I can’t wait to delve into the fun and challenge that comes with planning an international and multi-cultural wedding.  Exciting times ahead!
Jane’s only guideline for this post was that it be somehow related to thankfulness and I thought that today it would be fitting to share a few of the things {both big and small} I’m currently thankful for in my life.  

Today I’m thankful for…  
1) Being able to call two beautiful countries home.  There are so many things that I’ll always love and appreciate about California and the United States, and there are also many ways I have been blessed by living in South Africa.  I’m one lucky girl.
2) Freshly popped home-made popcorn.  It’s the best.
3) My fiancé {I bet you knew this one was coming!}.  But really, when life gets hard it’s nice to know that there’s always someone I can turn to for a hug or a shoulder to cry on.  When the going gets tough, for some reason it doesn’t seem so bad when there’s two of you.  And when the tough gets going, it’s even more incredible to have someone so fun, carefree, and adventurous to share life with.
4) Our Namibia road-trip this December/January!  Our plans are really starting to come together… it’s going to be epic!
5) A warm bed, a roof over my head, clean water, and a full tummy.  It’s so difficult not to take these luxuries for granted, but so important to remember that millions go without these things on a daily basis.
6) Travel!  I’m so thankful that every once in awhile I’m able to hop on a plane to somewhere new and learn about different cultures, see incredible sites, and breathe in a fresh perspective.
7) My family.  Even though they’re 1,000’s of miles away I always feel like they’re here when I need them and are willing to offer words of advice and encouragement.
8) That experiences like this + this + this are right in my backyard.  The expat life is good.
9) A good strong skinny cappuccino.  Without these, I don’t know whether my day would ever really start.  The morning version of me without coffee is not a pretty picture 😉
10) Friends.  Real friends and blog friends alike.  And for this community of amazing women {and a few men!} who continue to inspire and uplift me on a daily basis.  Blogging has turned into so much more than I initially anticipated.
Thank you so much for having me Jane!  I hope you and Cam are having an incredible time in Israel and Turkey.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!  Be safe 🙂