Cross-Country Christmas

Well two weeks after Christmas, I thought it was high-time to put up the rest of my photos from the holidays! Better late than never, eh? 
There a lot of pictures here…my family takes a lot of photos and I’m not good about editing them down and just putting up a few. Oh well, they make me happy…but if you want to skim over the 2309481 I posted, I won’t be offended 😉

We were in Michigan for a week this visit and every time we go back, it’s always a little hectic trying to see all our family and friends. This trip, we were super excited about meeting Theo, the new little boy born on Thanksgiving to some of our best friends, Jeff and Laura. He is such a tiny little guy, just precious! They came up to my parents’ house to hang out for the evening and it was great to catch up!

Cute little hipster family
Our friend Neil also came over, these three are good guys 🙂
Before Christmas, my cousins all got together at my grandparents’ house to bake some cookies! It was something we’ve done in years past and it’s nice to keep the tradition going.

Girl cousins, minus my sister who wasn’t home for Christmas this year
Frosted sugar cookies are my FAVORITE!
I also made these cinnamon swirl cookies that were really tasty
The boys with Grandpa
 Christmas Eve morning, we got together with some of my friends from high school for a really lovely brunch. We’ve all been getting together each year during the holidays since we left for college, and it’s been fun to keep the tradition going! We had brunch at the Rugby Grille in Birmingham, MI…their Christmas decorations were beautiful!

 Christmas Eve was fairly low-key. I didn’t take any photos, but we made sure to do two of my favorite traditions–go to candlelight church service and watch It’s a Wonderful Life! Christmas morning, we didn’t quite get up at the crack of dawn (I like to sleep in when I can!) but it was nice to have a relaxing start to the day and spend time as a family.

Some prezzies under the tree
Mom & Dad
My mom got us matching PJs and monogrammed robes 🙂
Don’t mind the no makeup…
Wish Melissa could have been with us (instead she was having fun in France!)
Cam modeling his new coat
Red Wings hats…which we can wear once again now that hockey is back!
My dad made some of his homemade bread for dinner, it was delish!
For Christmas Day, we had dinner with my Mom’s side of the family at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. The food was delicious and it was wonderful to spend time with everyone!
For more info about my dress, check out yesterday’s post!
My cousins Kayla and Michael–they’re the same age so we always have to get a picture of them together at every family event…ha!

Even though we have no shortage of snow in Tahoe, it was still fun to get snow while we were in Michigan and have a white Christmas. I snapped some pictures of the snow around my parents’ house…so peaceful!

Cam helped my dad do some shoveling
Overall, a great week in Michigan!
After our week in Michigan, we headed back to Oregon to celebrate Christmas with Cam’s side of the family. It’s always fun for everyone to open their presents together, especially as more babies come into the family!

Uncle Cam and our niece Selah
Our nephew Rylan watching all the action
Our niece Meara was so fun to watch opening her gifts
Cam’s parents got me the Nike Frees I wanted…they’re obnoxiously loud and I LOVE it 🙂
Meara got a little fireman’s outfit for one of her presents, it was so cute!
I brought so many clothes on our trip, but kept wearing these leggings over and over
Lola got little shoes for Christmas…I need to figure out how to upload the video of her wearing them on here because it’s hilarious
Lola is really playful…but our niece Alexa gave her a run for her money!
All the boys got UNO in their stocking this year and the game got lots of use!
Cam’s brothers and his cousin Marissa
Tried to get a picture of our nieces and nephew…not as easy as it looks!
Baby down…ha.
Overall, we had a great Christmas. It was awesome to be able to go to spend time in both Oregon and Michigan, and to see family and friends in both states. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for! 
I hope your holiday was wonderful as well! Xoxo