The Golden Globes: Hits & Misses

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? 
Mine was the perfect combination of relaxing and productive–but more on that tomorrow! 
Today I just wanted to pop in to share some of my favorite fashions from last night’s Golden Globes ceremony! One of the nice things about being on the West Coast is that they air the show live…so I was able to watch the awards and then still watch Downton Abbey! Unfortunately I missed the live red-carpet coverage, but I was able to watch the entire ceremony. I thought Tina Fey (whose hair looked amazing btw) and Amy Poehler did a nice job hosting, although overall I found the whole show to be a little bit meh. I actually felt the same way about the fashion last night as well; I thought many of the looks were sort of boring and no one was really a huge stand-out for me. However, there were a few pretty dresses that I did like, and they primarily fell into two color categories: 
{Anne Hathaway in Chanel…very classic and chic, and I think it really works with her hair}
{Amanda Seyfried in Givency…I seriously want her hair, it always looks amazing}
{Kerry Washington in Miu Miu…this dress was definitely trendy with the sheer skirt, but I think it works! Also, I realize this dress is more of a nude than white, but with all the bling, I think it still fits in this category!}
{Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood Couture…I love the sparkles and she looks awesome for having 3 kids!}
{Jennifer Lawerence…this was really glamorous, dramatic, and looked great on stage accepting her award}
{Claire Daines in Versace…the color is stunning and she also looks fantastic for just having a baby!}
As for the missteps on the red carpet last night, there were two that stuck out to me:
{I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan, but I thought she looked terrible in this wrinkled Donna Karan Atelier gown…it looks like a bad prom dress and I don’t care for the color or her hair. I think she was trying to step out of her comfort zone which I can appreciate, but I don’t think it worked unfortunately}
{Emily Blunt in Michael Kors…now I actually don’t hate the dress, but I thought the color washed her out, mainly because her hair is more blonde…she looks much better as a brunette IMO and I just didn’t care for this look on her, which is a shame because I’m normally a fan of hers}
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 Did you watch last night? Who was your favorite?

I personally am hoping that these stars step things up for the SAG Awards and the Oscars! 

Have a great week friends! Xoxo