Friday’s Letters + A Mini Vacation

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been a little crazy because Cam and I actually were out of town Monday-Wednesday…but more about that in a minute. First, it’s time for some Friday’s Letters! It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up for it, but I love how it’s a fun way to share some random thoughts at the end of the week. Here we go!

 Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you, as always! Dear Winter Sunsets, Even though this is our second winter in Tahoe, it still blows me away just how beautiful you are. While summer sunsets are lovely, the sunsets this time of year are so vibrant and colorful. I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos from our deck the other night, and I still have to pinch myself sometimes that this is our view. Dear Cameron, Thanks for always doing the driving when we go places so I can get work done in the car…or read blogs on my phone.  Dear Valentine’s Day,
I love that you’re a day devoted to love…but I also really like the fact that everything to celebrate you involves pink, red, candy, glitter, flowers, and all things girly. I’ve been seeing tons of
Valentine’s Day gift guides all around the blogging world this week and I
plan on putting up my own next week, stay tuned! Dear New York,
I miss you. Like crazy. Fashion week started yesterday and hearing all
the buzz has me itching to plan a trip. It’s been almost 6 months since
my last visit and that’s way way too long. I love the West Coast, but
hate how far long it takes to get to my favorite city. I’ll be coming
back soon though, mark my words. Dear Lola,
You are such a great little traveler and just go with the flow no matter
what we’re doing. You absolutely love staying in hotels and I’m so
happy that you’re so easy and we can just bring you everywhere we go. Dear Sugar, I just can’t seem to
quit you. After trying to break things off with my 21-Day Detox last
month, it seems you are just bound and determined that I consume you at
every turn. I don’t like it and I think you need to take a hike. You
make me bloated and you make my skin break out, so if you could stop
being so freaking tempting all the time, I’d appreciate it. Dear Tahoe Winter,
Either hurry up and start dumping snow so we can get in some good
skiing or just let it be spring already. Just being cold with no snow on
the ground is not ok. And I’m not talking about that little dusting we got last night, I’m talking about feet of snow. I want to ski some powder! Dear Barre Class I took earlier this week, It’s been days and I’m still sore! Even though the class wasn’t a super intense cardio workout, those little pulsing moves with the light weights are killer. I definitely need to start doing my Pure Barre DVD once again. Dear Las Vegas, We’re coming for a visit a week from today! I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to seeing what all
the fuss is about. I’m excited for warmer temps, excellent food,
and awesome people watching! Dear Blog Readers, Sorry for my
typos in my posts. Sometimes, I’ll go back and read
past posts that I’ve published and I’ll notice errors where I
clearly started to type one thing and then midway through the sentence
I’ll start typing something different so sentences will be missing
words/have verbs that are the wrong tense/the sentence just doesn’t make
sense. Don’t judge me. Dear Gone Girl, I finally started you this week after having you on my Kindle for months, and I’m hoping that you’re as good as everyone says! Dear Husband, I love that we can travel so frequently, it’s such a blessing! And I love how we can talk and laugh for hours about the most random, idiotic things and truly enjoy each other’s company. This is such a fun season of our lives and I love that we can have random date nights on a Tuesday just because. I am really enjoying all these memories we’re making while it’s just the two of us.

Earlier this week, Cam and I headed out of Tahoe to the Bay Area because he had a work meeting to go to. Because I have a job where I work remotely, I’m blessed to have the flexibility to work from anywhere so that means I can go with Cam when he travels instead of staying home by myself (and because the hotel we stayed in was dog-friendly, we got to bring Lola too). Granted it’s not super glamorous because while he’s at his meetings I’m holed up in our hotel room working, but it’s just fun to have a change of scenery. Plus, being we’re a little deprived of suburban conveniences here in Tahoe it’s always nice to spend a few days back in civilization!
Temps got into the 60’s while we were there, felt like spring!
Ultra-swanky fitness studio where I took my barre class, this place was super nice
I heart Target…ha.
Someone buy me this bike. Pretty please.
 In addition, we discovered a few new restaurants while in California that we absolutely loved. I tend to be super annoying on Instagram when it comes to posting pictures of what I eat, but hey, sorry I’m not sorry. I truly appreciate great restaurants and delicious food, and I see Instagram as the perfect medium to document that (and if you don’t like it, don’t follow me!). I already posted about all these restaurants on IG earlier this week, but I wanted to post them again here in case anyone is in Northern California and looking for recommendations!
 We went here for breakfast, and I loved the atmosphere. I guess they have a couple other locations in San Francisco, and they seemed to have a emphasis on organic ingredients on their menu. The breakfast menu was pretty traditional (eggs, pancakes, etc.) but the ambience was definitely a step above your average breakfast joint!
Tuesday night, we were debating whether or not to head into downtown San Francisco for dinner. Because we were staying in the East Bay (Danville/San Ramon area) we opted to check out Oakland for dinner instead of driving all the way into the city. I was really surprised because the area of the city where we ate dinner (Jack London Square) was actually really cute and there seemed to be a lot of new developments/interesting restaurants. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend here in Tahoe we ate at Bocanova, a Pan-American grill, and OH MY GOSH was it good. I loved the trendy vibe and the menu was very creative, pulling inspiration from different Latin American cuisines. Everything we ordered was amazing, but two of my favorite things were my drink (I ordered a spicy cocktail called the Cesar that had tequila, cilantro, and jalepeno–the combination of flavors was perfect!) and my dessert (a croissant bread pudding with lots of vanilla bean, topped with a homemade super dark chocolate ice cream that melted into the bread pudding to create one of the most decadent desserts I’ve ever had!)
On our way home from the Bay Area, we stopped for a bite in Sacramento. I’ve got to admit, Sacramento is growing on me. Granted it’s not as cool as SF or NYC, but it’s kind of quirky and has some really charming areas downtown. (Plus I feel like compared to Tahoe, any “city” looks amazing…ha!) Almost a year ago, we ate a trendy new place called Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar in Midtown and had been dying to go back ever since. We ate there earlier this week and it was even better than I remembered! The menu is extremely creative, all the food is beautifully presented, and it tastes even better than it looks. For my entrée, I ordered a dish called “The Healer” and it was as if they had created it especially for me because it had all my favorite ingredients–homemade pasta, pesto, bacon, roasted brussels sprouts, shaved parmesan, and topped with a poached egg. Delicious.
Also located in Midtown Sacramento, we actually discovered this gem on Monday night when we ate a a restaurant called the Golden Bear (which was good but not nearly as good as Red Rabbit) because it was right next door. It’s a 1950’s style diner that has the most insane selection of desserts, and we decided to just stop in and check it out. Best/worst decision ever. They have an incredible selection of baked goods, pies, tortes, and outrageous cakes that you can buy by the slice. Seriously, I was in heaven. Cam and I couldn’t agree on one dessert to share, so we each got our own…naturally. And to show you how much of an impact this place made on us, when we were passing back through Sacramento two days later we went again. Seriously, we were sitting at the Red Rabbit and just looked at each other and basically said in unison “Sooo what do you think about going back to that cake place?” Ha. And we did. And it was amazing. And also a lot little of disgusting because one piece of cake could literally feed a family of four and we got two. Plus a brownie.
Like I said above, sugar you need to get OUT of my lifeeeeee.
But I guess it’s a good thing we’re going to Vegas next weekend because I’m sure that will be a weekend filled with healthy food. 
Said no one ever.
Anywayyyy, that’s all for me today friends! We don’t have much on the agenda for this weekend; Cam is getting over a cold, so we’ll probably take fairly easy…but hopefully we can get in at least a little skiing! Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo

PS: Happy 23rd Birthday {tomorrow} to my beautiful sister Melissa! I wish I could be in NYC to celebrate with her, but I had to giving her a shout-out on the blog is the next best thing (even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read it…ha!) She is my authority on what’s cool, a major world traveler (if you think Cam and I travel a lot, we look like homebodies compared to her!) and my best friend. Love you Meliss! 🙂