InstaValentines // Off to Vegas

TGIF everyone!

I hope your Valentine’s Day was fabulous. Mine was pretty low-key, but lovely. I know some people think it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I personally love it! Mainly because I enjoy candy, pink/red, flowers, and hearts and it’s a day that celebrates love, what’s not to like! However, Cam and I show each that love each other every day, and we don’t need a holiday just to show each other we care. At the same time, we do like to celebrate and typically exchange cards and go out for a nice dinner. But this year we opted to have dinner at home instead because we’re leaving for Las Vegas later today!

 We’re driving to Vegas today after work, and will be staying for a long weekend. Neither one of us have ever been before, and so I’m excited to check it out! We’re staying on the Strip, temps are supposed to be in the high 60’s, and we have tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil. We want to have a nice belated Valentine’s Day dinner while we’re there, but we’re still trying to figure out where we want to eat (there are so many choices!). If you have any recommendations for can’t-miss restaurants/things to do, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email {[email protected]} as I’d greatly appreciate the advice!

Although our Valentine’s Day was pretty relaxed this year, we still had a fun…and what kind of holiday would it be if I didn’t snap a few Instagram photos? Here’s a look…

Of course I had to show my sweet little Lola some love yesterday. I got her some cute little treats and a new toy (I know mustaches are a little cliché around the blog world but I couldn’t resist!) and she proceeded to rip it up in about 20 minutes. Silly dog. She loved her treats though! (Clearly…ha)
Cam and I don’t always do presents for Valentines, but this year we ended up getting each other a little something. Gifts are definitely my love language 🙂
I had no idea what Cam got me, and when I asked him for a hint earlier this week he said “it’s very blogger-y.” Huh? But when I opened up my present, it all made sense! He got me a pillow printed with all my favorite Instagram photos!! It was so sweet and I was super surprised! Plus, he hates throw pillows but knows I love them (and am obsessed with Instagram obviously) so he thought I would like it…and he was right! So thoughtful and I love the photos he picked out! He’s like “well you better Instagram this/put it on your blog because it just seems like the type of thing bloggers would love”…he’s learned so much about our world, ha!
As for my gift to him, I wasn’t quite as creative but I did put together a bag of some of his favorite things. Along with this coupon book, I gave him a bunch of treats including Reese’s hearts (big and small) and Oreos. But not just any Oreos, Mega Stuf Oreos. These things are INSANE. They’re more filled than Double Stuffed Oreos, but the cream is softer somehow? It’s tough to explain, but they are delicious! Mind blown. 
Cam and I didn’t get any pictures together yesterday (mainly because I didn’t change out of yoga pants all day…sexy, I know), but I did post this one from our first Valentine’s together back in 2008. We were headed out to a date party for Cam’s fraternity at U of M and we had only been dating for like two weeks at this point. Also, because it was college, I used to actually put effort into doing my hair and I was a little too obsessed with going to the tanning bed. Glad I grew out of that phase! I feel like we look so different in this picture, but in a way it feels like was just yesterday. We’ve been together for five years now, but this was our sixth Valentine’s Day together. We’ve managed to pack a lot into that time frame and it’s been so much fun…but I’m so excited to see what the next five have in store. I’m thankful to have my sweet husband for my Valentine!

Last but not least, we made some pretty exciting plans yesterday and I’m seriously pumped…but I’ll be sharing more about that next week! (Had to leave you with a cliffhanger…muahaha) Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo