What I’m Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I realized it’s
been awhile since I’ve done a “What I’m Loving Wednesday” post, so
that’s what’s happening today! Being a compulsive list maker, these are
actually my favorite types of posts to write, plus it’s fun to share
some of the little things that are currently making me happy. Here’s
the (super) random list of what I’m loving right now: 
 Cadbury Eggs
Basically my favorite candy ever. But they’re in my face every time I go in the grocery store, impossible to resist…good thing Easter only comes once a year! 
I straight up love this show, and find it super addicting. I
realize it’s ridiculous and scripted, but as far as reality TV families
go the Robertsons seem like they have good values. Plus, they’re just hilarious, especially Uncle Si! I’ve been watching it quite a bit lately and I’m looking forward to the premiere of season 3 tonight on A&E.
 Essie Nail Polish

 I love painting my nails and I recently added a few spring-y polishes to my collection. Essie has the best colors and I’m loving all the new ones I picked out–Lilacism (a pretty pale lilac), Chinchilly (the perfect gray), Mod Square (barbie-esque pink) and Turquoise and Caicos (minty aqua). But I’m always on the hunt for new colors, so tell me, what are some of your favorites? What nail colors are going to be “in” for spring?
 addicted to fitness..lol
Silly Dogs and Grumpy Cats on Pinterest
Seriously, pictures like these make my day. You can find these and more here.
 My Kindle
Cam got me the Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, and I’m absolutely loving it. The e-ink screen is easy on the eyes, but the backlight also makes it perfect for reading in bed. I’ll have some book reviews coming soon! (I also love cinnamon bears, but that’s beside the point)
 Sumo Citrus
Have you seen these crazy things? They’re these giant, funky-shaped oranges with wrinkly peels and they are delicious! They’re easy to peel, seedless, and so yummy!
MAKERS: Women Who Make America 
Last night, this documentary premiered on PBS that covered that the strides made for women’s rights over the past decades. I watched the second half of it and I felt like I was right back in one of my Communications Studies classes in college! (nerd alert) Narrated by Meryl Streep, it covered a wide range of different issues that have faced women and the progress that’s been made is inspiring! It’s available to watch here, so definitely check it out!
I know we’re getting ready to take a vacation next week, but the traveler in me is always thinking about our next trip. Thailand has been really high on my list of places to visit for awhile now, but after this week’s episode of the Bachelor I’m pretty sure it’s #1. Beyond the drama, the roses, and staged romance, my favorite part of the Bachelor is always the gorgeous places they travel to. Yes I realize they’re always doing extreme things like helicopter rides and swimming through caves, but the natural beauty of a place like Thailand can’t be denied, and I’d so love to visit soon! And when we do, I so want to go to an island and feed monkeys like Lindsey and Sean did–how cool was that?!
(And yes, I do watch both the Bachelor and feminist documentaries on PBS…I’m an enigma wrapped in a riddle)
 Ghirardelli Sea
Salt Chocolate
I am obsessed with this stuff, it’s delicious. It’s
the perfect combination of sweet and salty with some crunch from the
almonds, and plus it’s dark chocolate so it’s good for you right?
(That’s what I tell myself) Next time we’re in San Francisco (which
will hopefully be soon!), I plan to buy a bulk bag of these squares at the Ghirardelli store…because hopefully if they’re individually wrapped that will help me eat them at a more reasonable pace. Ha.
Jennifer Lawrence
Thanks to Sunday’s Oscars,
the nation is currently having a full-on JLaw lovefest this week and I couldn’t be more excited because I think she’s amazing. My Facebook newsfeed has been blowing up
with people sharing hilariously candid clips of her from the Oscars, and this article
perfectly sums up why we’re all so obsessed with her. This clip is my favorite:
So great. 
Seriously, if I’m having a bad day I’m just going to
google GIFs/YouTube clips of Jennifer Lawrence. Because that’s not weird
or anything. 
 I hope you’re all having a fantastic week friends! Xoxo