Spring Cleaning

Now that it’s April, it’s really starting to feel like spring…and you know what means! Spring cleaning! It’s finally time to open the windows, shake off the dust of winter, and get the house in order. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cleaning (is anyone? If you are feel free to come over…ha!) but I do like a clean, clutter-free house…I just don’t like all the time it takes to get there. However thanks to Pinterest, I’ve collected quite a few ideas for cleaning and organizing, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites today…
Spring cleaning guide
Cleaning schedule
Natural cleaning recipes
Plastic shoehanger inside the bathroom cabinet for extra space
Cleaning burnt pans with baking soda & vinegar
Keep one of these in the shower with dishsoap & vinegar to keep it sparkling clean
Spring cleaning list
Cleaning schedule
The best tub cleaner
Cleaning a stainless steel sink
Cleaning musty towels
Cleaning shower curtain liner
Scarf organization with shower curtain rings
Lemon to remove hard water stains
How to clean pillows
Magnetic strip inside medicine cabinet for bobby pins (I actually did this one!)
Cleaning schedule
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Seriously, there are so many clever ideas out there. Now the trick is to stop pinning, step away from the computer, and actually do them! I’m hoping to try out some of the tricks above over the coming weeks, along with cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some winter items that I didn’t wear this year. Feels so great to start fresh this time of year! 
Have a happy Wednesday everyone! Xoxo
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