It’s Gonna Be May

I’m sure you’ve probably seen variations of this meme going around, but I couldn’t resist sharing because I think it’s hilarious. When I look back on pictures of late 90’s/early 2000’s *NSYNC it makes me shudder, there were just so many terrible hairstyles/outfits. 
Like this
And this
And this
Seriously horrendous slash hilarious. That last link had me cracking up. 
Anyway, I really have nothing important to share today, plus I spent so much time looking through Buzzfeed last night that I ran out of time to write an actual post (wish that were a joke). We had an amazing time in San Francisco this weekend so I’m looking forward to sharing some photos later on this week! It’s such a fun city, I’m already itching to go back and we just got home! I’m also really excited for this new month. Spring has been great so far so I can’t wait to see what May has in store and keep chipping away at my seasonal to-do list
That’s all for me today, hope you’re having a great week everyone! Xoxo