What I’m Watching Wednesday

Happy humpday friends, we’re halfway through the week! 
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our camera is being kind of wonky right now so I’m trying to find other things to post about that don’t require photos. Blergh. 
Anyway, today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite TV shows! Cameron and I don’t really watch a ton of TV; we don’t get any premium channels and we don’t even have DVR. We watch shows on Hulu pretty frequently though, and then we’ll watch stuff when it airs on TV here and there. Our cable has actually been out for the past few weeks (long story) but we finally had a tech come out yesterday to get it re-installed (which ended up being a nightmare, another long story I don’t need to go into) and now we have cable once again, yay! So in celebration of this fact, I thought that TV would be a fitting topic for today’s post. It seems like right now most shows have either aired or are getting ready to air their season finales, but if you’re looking for some shows to catch up on this summer, here are my top picks: 

New Girl 
I watched this show sporadically the first season, but I feel like in the second season it’s really hit its stride and I’ve been watching it regularly. I’m so enjoying watching Jess and Nick’s relationship unfold, plus I just love Schmidt, he cracks me up. I can’t wait for next week’s season finale, mainly because my girl T.Swift is the guest star so you know it’s gonna be good! 

Cam and I are obsessed with this show, it’s SO funny but totally under-appreciated. It doesn’t help that ABC has been moving it around from time slot to time slot all year, and it seems like there’s a pretty good chance that it’s not going to be renewed for a fourth season which is a shame. The season three finale aired last week and the good news is that the show seems to have a very loyal following, so even if ABC does give it the ax hopefully it will either get picked up by another network (a la Cougartown) or picked back up mid-season (like what happened with Community). The characters on this show are super quirky and neurotic and I love all the pop culture references. If you’re looking for a laugh, you should check this show out!

This is a video of “Just the Jokes” from an episode earlier this season, and then here are a few more reasons why it’s awesome if you still need convincing 🙂

This was a new show on FX this year, and I’m surprised how much I’ve gotten into it because I’ve never been a huge fan of these types hour-long drama shows. The show centers around a couple of Russian spies living undercover in the US during the 1980’s, and it’s been interesting watching the characters/storylines develop. The show is a definitely a little racy (I feel like FX is trying to compete with Showtime/HBO) but I love all the plot twists and turns. I’m also a big fan of Keri Russell and although I’m not sure her Russian is super realistic, I feel like she does a pretty good job playing this character.

The Voice
I love this show, it was one of the main things I was missing while our cable was out! Unlike American Idol where I feel like they show all these auditions in the beginning of the season just to poke fun at people, everyone on The Voice is so good and it’s really about celebrating their talent. The coaches are what make the show, and I’m actually really enjoying newbies Shakira and Usher this season (although I do miss Ceelo!) and Adam and Blake are so funny together. The blind auditions are great, and then I really enjoy the battle rounds as well because I’m a big fan of duets. I’ve missed a fair chunk of this season with our cable being out, but I’m trying to catch up now that we’re in the live rounds. I think there a lot of talented people on this season but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d definitely choose Danielle Bradbury from Team Blake. She is cute as a button, her voice is incredible, and I thought that Blake’s song choice for her last night (Maybe It Was Memphis by Pam Tillis) was absolutely perfect. She’s unbelievably talented (especially for only being 16!) and I’m excited to see how she does moving forward in the competition! Plus, it’s nice that The Voice is going to keep going into the summer once other shows go into reruns.

And speaking of shows that are going to be on into the summer, I’m so excited for…

The Bachelorette! 
I really liked Desiree on Sean’s season, so I’m looking forward to watching her season unfold. I don’t really like the Bachelorette as much as the Bachelor, but there isn’t really much good TV on in the summer so this is one show I’ll definitely be tuning in for.

{Other shows I watch here and there but didn’t list are re-runs of the Big Bang Theory (I watch these all the time on TBS actually), Community, Parks & Rec, Modern Family (although I feel like this is one show that isn’t as funny anymore?), Grimm (this is one Cam likes that I don’t particularly care for, but I will watch it with him sometimes), The Colbert Report, Family Guy, and random shows on HGTV/Food Network…we actually haven’t gotten Bravo since moving to Tahoe (idk why) so I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives anymore, which is probably a good thing if I’m being honest because all the yelling kind of stresses me out!}

So there you have it, the short list of shows I watch! Now I want to hear from you–what shows are your favorites? Any that I should check out on Hulu/Netflix/DVD to watch over the summer? I’d love any recommendations! Xoxo