Sweet South Carolina

Happy Monday everyone! 
I posted about our trip to Michigan last week, but the fun is not over yet! After spending five days in the mitten, we flew down to Greenville, SC, which was one of the places we used to live for Cam’s job. We lived there from summer 2010 to summer 2011 and really enjoyed life in the South! We figured since we were going to South Carolina for a wedding in Charleston anyway, we might as well take a day to visit our old stomping grounds! 
And of course that meant a quick photo shoot stop at our old apartment in Greenville…because we’re creepers dorks like that.

Just walking down memory lane!
 While in town, I had the opportunity to get together with my friend Stephanie who I met while living in Greenville. How we met is a really random story–Cam and I were hiking one weekend and randomly struck up a conversation with her and her boyfriend at the time (who is now her husband!) because they had a dog that looked really similar to Lola (which was really weird because Lola is a boxer/lab mixer and so was their dog). We ended up talking out on the trail for a long time and realized we have a ton in common! Stephanie and I have kept in touch since then, and it was really fun to get lunch with her and catch up on life, especially her recent wedding and her and her husband’s upcoming move to Maine! We also got to chat about blogging which was really fun because she just started an awesome blog {Newlyweds: North} to document their adventures, definitely check it out!
She took me to a great new place in Greenville that’s opened up since we moved called Grill Marks where we had delicious burgers and fries–I got the “Lowcountry Burger” which featured a fried green tomato, coleslaw and pimento cheese–doesn’t get much more southern than that!
We also got yummy salted caramel milkshakes, which obviously needed to be Instagrammed 🙂
Later that night, we went out for happy hour and dinner with my old co-workers from the recruiting firm that I worked at when we lived in Greenville. They are such a fun group, so it was awesome to hang out with everyone again and catch up! 
So glad I got to see my friend Wendi who’s having a baby girl later this summer!
 We only had a short time in Greenville, but Cam and I still managed to spend some time the next day walking around the adorable downtown area before we left. It was super hot while we were there and I forgot how crazy intense the Southern humidity is!

Obviously the weather warranted a visit to our favorite gelato place!
Seriously the best gelato I’ve had outside of Italy 🙂
Greenville has such a charming downtown that’s been really well developed in recent years. There are tons of great restaurants, tree-lined streets, and it’s a very family-oriented place. One of the highlights of the downtown is Falls Park on the Reedy River; it has a really cool suspension bridge that offers an excellent view of the waterfalls right in the center of town.

 After leaving Greenville, we headed towards the coast to Charleston! On the way, we stopped to visit my college friend Katelynn who lives with her husband on an Airforce base in South Carolina. She recently had identical twin girls and it was so much fun to see them! They are absolutely adorable, and it was so nice to catch up with my old friend!
Her girls are SO cute! Also, South Carolina is really hot and humid so it makes your skin little greasy, LOL! 
It was a little crazy seeing them in their matching outfits because they look so much alike!
 Starting our trip to South Carolina off in Greenville was so much fun, and I’m really glad that we had the chance to go back and visit a place I loved living. I’ve got more pictures to come–our weekend in Charleston, SC is up next! Happy Monday! Xoxo