My New Blog Design + Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! 
Things have been a little quiet in terms of posts this week…but as you can see there have been some pretty big changes around herel…I’m so excited to finally share my new blog design with you! 
In edition to debuting my new design today, I thought I’d also kill two birds with one stone and join in for the Five on Friday link-up. That way I can tell you all about my blog’s new look along with sharing some other randomness here at the end of the week. Here goes! 

1. New Blog Design/URL/Facebook Page
I have been wanting to give my blog a makeover for awhile now, and our recent move seemed like the perfect time to go for it. In the past, I’ve always been hesitant to make my design tied to where live in any way because I knew that we most likely be moving. But now that we’re living in Portland and hoping to be here long term, I really liked the idea of incorporating something to do with that into my design. I’m also looking forward to posting more things like restaurant reviews (I already have at least five places to share!) in the future, and I wanted to make that content easier to access. I knew I wanted a design that was clean and modern, while still fitting with my personality. I started researching designers and came across Ashley Ella Designs through Etsy and decided to go for it!

Ashley has been amazing to work with and I’ve been very impressed with her throughout the process. I sent her a Pinterest board with the overall aesthetic I was looking for and she captured my vision perfectly! I’m a huge fan of the aesthetic of Rifle Paper Co. and really liked the idea of incorporating some of those modern vintage floral elements into my new design, especially because I decided I wanted to incorporate one of Portland’s nicknames (The City of Roses, in case you didn’t figure that out) into my tagline. Ashley did an excellent job of bringing what I envisioned to life and she was incredibly fast with any changes/revisions I requested. Plus, she somehow managed to put up with my crazy detailed OCD emails and trust me, that’s saying something! I’m so pleased with how the design came out, and I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a new designer!

in addition to the new design I finally decided to make a Facebook page for my blog as well! I know I follow a lot of my favorite blogs on Facebook, and it makes it easier to keep up with their new posts so I figured it might be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon. I would just love it if you could “Like” In the Pink and Green on Facebook for me! {click here} My blog is still somewhat of a work in progress as I am planning on adding some additional content to certain pages on my navigation bar/sidebar, so liking my page on Facebook is a great way to keep up with those updates!

Last but not least, with all these changes I decided it was high time to update my URL as well!
You can now find my blog at:
( will still work too though!)

I truly appreciate each and every one of you that reads my blog, and I’m very excited that I now have such a pretty space to share my words and photos as we settle into our new city!

Now onto some other slightly less exciting, but still fun things I wanted to share…

2. Luna & Larry’s Organic Cafe Latte Coconut Bliss Bars
 I’ve talked about the Dark Chocolate version of these bars on my blog/Instagram before, but I recently discovered a new flavor that is so so good! I snapped up a box at Whole Foods the other day, and I think it must be a newer flavor as it’s not listed on their website. These bars are so creamy and the flavors of coconut and coffee blend surprisingly well together. They’re organic, made with fair trade ingredients, and because they’re non-dairy they are a great Paleo (and vegan) alternative to traditional ice cream. They are seriously the perfect after-dinner sweet indulgence that’s not filled with a bunch of weird chemicals/additives! Definitely check ’em out!

I am just loving this colorful cotton pajama set I picked up at Target a few weeks ago. The bright floral pattern is a little loud, but I think it’s so pretty! Since we’re staying at Cam’s parents’ house right now, I figured a new pair of PJs might be in order instead of constantly coming down for breakfast in my old, mismatched sweats (although who am I kidding, I still do that too). I tend to get cold pretty easily (plus Cam’s parents usually keep their house on the cool side) so love that these PJs have pants/long sleeves to keep me warm, yet they’re lightweight enough that I don’t too hot while I’m sleeping. Plus, as evidenced by my new design I am loving all things floral lately and just think these pajamas are fun!
 (Because the are 100% cotton they will shrink in the dryer…just FYI!)

4. New apartment update
I mentioned last week that we did find an apartment in Portland (yipee)! We are currently living with Cam’s parents but move into our place downtown in two weeks and I’m looking forward to getting settled in! Unlike our rental house in Tahoe, this apartment is very modern and I’m excited not to have to try and decorate around things like 1970’s wood paneling! We aren’t going to have a ton of space though, so I really want to make the most of the room we have by only incorporating pieces that we love. We actually ordered a new couch this past weekend (and it’s made in Oregon, as it says in the Instagram above) and I can’t wait for it to be delivered next month. (It’s not the color/fabric in the photo above though, just FYI) Now I’m on the hunt for a few additional items including a dresser, a rug, a coffee table, pillows, and a headboard. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to complete a few DIY projects to check some of those items off the list, so if you have any DIY ideas you’ve tried and loved let me know!

5. Oregon Brewers Festival
When people think of Portland, they often think of great breweries and it’s definitely a big part of the culture here. July is actually Craft Beer Month in Oregon and this weekend there is a big beer festival down by the waterfront featuring over 80 different craft beers. Apparently the festival is pretty big deal and gets quite busy, but Cameron and I are looking forward to checking it out! Follow me on Instagram (@inthepinkandgreen) to keep up with us as we imbibe and celebrate summer in our new city! 🙂

Be sure to let me know if you’re also joining in the fun for the Five on Friday Linkup today as I always love reading everyone’s list posts! Also, don’t forget to like my Facebook page and grab one of my beautiful new buttons on my sidebar! Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo