Oregon Update

Hello, hello! Long time no talk!

I was not intending to take over a week off from blogging, but things have been busy busy busy lately and blogging has had to take a backseat to life. But I thought giving y’all an update on what I’ve been up to would be a good way to finish off the week!

I was in Michigan all last week and it was great to be able to spend so much time with friends and family. One of the highlights was attending my friend Kelly’s beautiful wedding last Saturday, and I’m looking forward to sharing some photos with you next week! On Sunday, I flew from Detroit to Portland and I think it finally hit me that I’m really not going back to Tahoe and that we’re going to be living in Oregon. It is always hard saying goodbye to my family when I leave Michigan, and so Sunday was definitely an emotional day for me. I am genuinely happy about our move, but at the same time change can be a little overwhelming too. I think after my long day of traveling from Michigan to Oregon, all these emotions that had been building up just hit me harder than I expected…but thankfully Cam’s parents were super nice when I got to their house on Sunday night and was a bit of a hot mess–ha!

Sometimes what you need is just to have a good cry, and I feel much better now 🙂

On Monday, Cameron started his new job and he’s excited to be working downtown. I met up with him after his first day of work and we had a great time just walking around downtown. I got to see his office, we checked out some apartments, and (of course) went out to eat!

The view from one of the windows in Cam’s office
We got dinner at a place in the Pearl District that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile called Oven & Shaker. We started our our meal by splitting a salad that came with the most delicious goat cheese crostini–yum!
The weather in Oregon is beautiful right now, so it was great to be able to eat outside!
Oven & Shaker is known for their pizza and it did not disappoint! The stuff you see drizzled on the crust is actually honey, which sounds kind of weird but ended up tasting really good! 
I love how green things everything always is in Oregon
There were tons of gorgeous hydrangeas all over the place–so pretty! 
For dessert, we went to Salt & Straw for ice cream. Cameron and I actually tried out their other location on the Eastside of Portland last year and loved it, so this time we decided to try out their other spot on 23rd (such a fun part of town!). It was really busy, but their ice cream is definitely worth the wait!  
They have very unique flavors and I love that they are generous with their samples so you can try things out before making a decision–I went with Sea Salt w/ Caramel and Stumptown Coffee & Bourbon in a waffle cone! 

Until we move into an apartment, we are staying with Cam’s parents outside of the city and it’s nice to be able to relax here while we figure things out. Plus, Lola loves hanging out with their dog Cody all day long! (Cody is older and thankfully very sweet to tolerate her as Lola’s incessant need to play can get annoying!) They looked so cute hanging out together the other day that I had to get a few pictures…they really just crack me up!

Literally, she is the goofiest looking dog ever.
Sweet Cody face
The thought bubble over Cody’s head is “When is this little Gremlin going to be out of my house?” Ha! 
Tuesday night, we toured a few more apartments and ate some more delicious food…

Oh you know, just Cameron modeling some of his new work clothes down by the river #bloggerhusbandproblems

For dinner, we tried out a restaurant called Lardo (they’ve got two locations–we went to the one on the Westside) that had really delicious sandwiches. I loved the whole vibe of the place and everything on the menu sounded so good–I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a vegetarian though! 
We split the Dirty Fries, which had peppers and pork scraps on them–amazeballs is an accurate description. 
I got a Griddled Mortadella sandwich with provolone, along with a Moscow Mule–yum! 
Obviously after a nice healthy meal like that, we needed dessert (sick joke) so we went across the street to Ruby Jewel Scoops for some ice cream. Because ice cream two nights in a row is necessary, obviously
I just loved the decor–it was very feminine and Pinterest-y (because that’s a word now). I thought the Edison light bulbs in the mason jars and the pink poms were especially adorable!
They have really high-quality ice cream and much more traditional flavors than Salt & Straw. I got mint chip in a cup and it was so good. Is there anything better than mint chip ice cream on a hot day? I think not. 
Cameron is so happy to be in Portland that he’ll even humor my incessant photo taking…plus there are so many blogger/photographers/artists/hipsters with giant cameras all over downtown that I don’t ever feel self-conscious busting out my DSLR, which is really nice!
We are both laughing because this weirdo guy offered to take our picture together–I think we’re both praying that he’s not about to run off with our camera in this picture–ha! 

The other great news from this week is that we have already found an apartment–woo! 
We actually turned in our application yesterday, and will be stopping by later today to drop off a check to reserve the unit. I’m really happy we were able to find an apartment building we liked so quickly and I think it really fits what we wanted in a place. Just in the short time we’ve been looking, we’ve realized that apartments seriously go like hotcakes downtown (especially this time of the year) so we knew that we had to act fast once we found a place we liked. We won’t actually be moving into our new apartment until the second weekend in August, but I’m excited that we’ve made a decision and can’t wait get settled!

Just spending two nights in downtown Portland this week has been so much fun. I really can’t believe that this is where we are going to be living, it seems surreal but really awesome! There’s such a great energy in the summer with everyone out walking around downtown, and I’m so excited to get to know the city better! I know that we’ll be trying lots more restaurants in the coming months as well, so I’m actually brainstorming how I might want to redesign my blog to showcase that information–if anyone has any recommendations for blog designers, I’d love to hear them as I’d like to give my blog a little makeover 🙂

Cameron actually had to go out of town for work on Wednesday but he gets back tonight, so I am really looking forward to picking him up from the airport later today! I’ll definitely have more details to share about our new place in the weeks to come, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this little taste of what we’ve been up to our first week in Oregon!

Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo