Pure Michigan

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend seemed way too short if you ask me; Cameron and I started out the weekend with drinks here on Friday, spent some time with family on Saturday and Sunday, and hit up a couple fun events that I’ll have more details on later this week. But for now, I wanted to go ahead and share the rest of my photos from our recent trip to Michigan earlier this month! (You can see Part I of the photos here)

The timing of our trip worked out so that I was able to attend my cousin Olivia’s baby shower while I was home which was awesome! She is having a little boy in November, and her shower was beautiful.

Olivia looks so adorable!
I love my Grandma 🙂
Parents-to-be opening gifts
My cousin Kayla and I
Love my family!
Speaking of babies, our friends Jeff and Laura’s little boy, Theo, is the cutest. We got to hang out with them at their new house one night while we were in Michigan and he is just the happiest little guy!
Cheesin’ for the camera
He is too cute 🙂
On Labor Day, we drove out to Lake Michigan for the day with my parents. Unfortunately it was sort of cool and cloudy, but I was glad that we were able to make it out to the lake and swim for a little bit!
Love my parents 🙂
Downtown Holland, MI
The rest of our week was pretty low-key; Cameron and I were both able to work remotely from my parents’ house during the day, and we spent the rest of the time relaxing and hanging out with the fam!

Love my grandparents!
Getting ice cream with the mama-to-be
Getting Mexican food at my favorite place!
I have to get these fish tacos every time I’m home.
Mom and I

The second weekend of our trip, Cam and I headed to Ann Arbor for the weekend!
Our first stop? Zingerman’s Deli for lunch!
Seriously, it’s amazing.

Loving life…ha! 🙂
They have so many delicious sandwiches
Go Blue!
I actually ended up getting this sandwich which featured salami, goat cheese, and honey
It was so flavorful, I loved it!
It was a gorgeous day on Friday and Zingerman’s has really expanded their outdoor seating
My good friend Lisa recently moved back to Ann Arbor and she was nice enough to let us stay with her
Friday, we spent the afternoon walking around Ann Arbor–the weather was gorgeous!
I love this town 🙂
A few of the trees on campus were even changing which was really pretty!
Yes, we are those nerds who had to go back in the library…ha!
Cameron and I got engaged under this archway on campus six years ago!
They’ve taken some of the ivy off the front from when we were in school 🙁
Of course we had to get a picture in front of the arch..it’s ironic that we happened to be in town for Notre Dame weekend because that’s actually the exact same weekend that Cam proposed in 2008! Time flies!
Walking around campus brings back so many memories
We spent happy hour outside on the upstairs deck at Dominick’s
They have this special frozen drink called Constant Buzz that they serve out of mason jars…oh college!
My friend Kelly came into town for the weekend too, and we had plenty of time to hang out on Saturday since the Notre Dame game wasn’t until 8 at night–so great seeing these girls. I miss them!
Cam was able to find us tickets for the game for face value which was incredible!
Saturday afternoon, we headed out to tailgate so I only have cellphone pics/Instagrams from here on out 🙂
Heading to the Big House!
Watching the team run out on the field–so awesome!
Stephen M. Ross just made a huge donation to Michigan ($200 million!) so he got a big shoutout at the game!
Under the lights in the Big House–so happy! 🙂

And then this happened.

It was amazing. I love Beyonce so much.

It just so happened the game was the largest crowd EVER in Michigan Stadium, which is also the largest attendance record in all of college football history…really cool that we could be a part of that!
Going to a U of M football game is an experience unlike any other–it should be on everyone’s bucket list!
Hail to the Victors baby!

Going to the Notre Dame game under the lights was such an amazing experience and the perfect way to end a great trip to Michigan! Can’t wait to come back and visit again soon! Xoxo