Portland Fall Lovin’

Happy Monday everyone! 
First of all, thanks for your feedback about our trip to Thailand!
We are excited and I really appreciate everyone who has reached out to me to give me information (even if I haven’t emailed you back yet)! I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come!
Anyway, today’s post is going to be fall overload, so I’m just warning you now.
If you don’t like beautiful fall leaves, then just go ahead and come back tomorrow 🙂
I realize every blogger and their dog is currently blowing up the blogosphere/social media with their fall photos, but this time of year is just too fantastic not to. Here in Portland, we’ve been having really wonderful weather this month (so basically after my parents’ visit, the weather cleared up–ha!) and I’ve been trying to soak it up as much as possible. I’ve taken some photos while out and about during the past few weeks, so I figured I’d just go ahead and share them all in one post!
This photo was actually from last weekend at the Farmer’s Market 🙂
This weekend, Cameron and I had a few low-key few days at home, which was great! Friday, we went to go see Warren Miller’s “Ticket To Ride” (a ski movie, for those of you not familiar). Saturday, we slept in and spent the day running errands around Portland. Yesterday the weather was kind of cool and crappy, but we still managed to get out and do some hiking! Cameron and I went out for a hike in Forest Park with Bee (from The Spicy Bee) and her husband and had fun despite the rain. After our hike, we ended up hitting up three different Portland breweries and they were all great–there is seriously so much great beer in this city! I actually didn’t take out my camera at all this weekend, but I did post some photos on Instagram. All in all, a pretty great weekend!
Speaking of Forest Park, Cameron and I actually went out for a hike there on a sunny Sunday earlier this month and I haven’t had a chance to share the photos yet. This was my first trip to Forest Park and it’s a really cool place! It’s basically a giant strip of forest northwest of Portland where there are miles and miles of trails, and it’s only about 15 minutes outside of downtown. It’s the perfect place to go for a hike close to home, and definitely another great benefit to life in Portland!

Pretty spiderweb 🙂
The way the light filters through the trees is so pretty!
Like I said, I love fall 🙂
Lots of crunchy leaves
View of the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge from Forest Park 
After this particular hike, we took Lola to the dog park and walked around the NW 23rd St. area. It was such a gorgeous day, and the vibrant red and yellow leaves were just beautiful.
Even though the leaves are changing, some flowers are still in bloom!
Last week, the beautiful weather continued and so I decided to take a few photos closer to home. The trees around our apartment are really pretty right now and I am just loving it!

Fall leaves out our window
Keller Falls
Walking through the Park Blocks this time of year is so lovely!
There are still a few roses in bloom here in Portland 🙂
PSU’s campus is another great place to go walking this time of year

According to the 10-day forecast, the weather here in Portland is supposed to be sunny for the next few days and then it looks like November will bring in the rain. But rain or shine, I’m planning to enjoy every minute of fall we have left! Have a great week everyone!